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Weird Al’s ebook app is a fun read

Did you know that the satirical singer Weird Al Yankovic wrote a children’s book? I didn’t, at least not until the app came out last week.

The book is titled When I Grow Up. It’s a collection of visual jokes based on absurd professions (milking giraffes, for example).  A lot of the scenes are written on the same level of absurdity as his songs, so if you’re a fan you might want to get the app. It’s $3 in iTunes.

Even though it’s based on a children’s book, this a pretty fun app. It’s based on the book, but the app also adds narration (by Al himself), games, and other extras.

This app is half a step away from being the kind of product someone could develop just to sell to fans.  It’s easy to pirate a song, but hard to pirate this app. Tweak it a little and I think it would appeal to them.

What do you think?

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Meena June 21, 2011 um 3:59 pm

Its intresting and very funny 🙂

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