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Weird Al’s Latest Parody Music Video Gives Voice to Grammar Nerds Everywhere

weirld al word crimesMusical genius and master satirist Weird Al Yankovic is releasing a new album right now and he’s kicking it off with a bang.

Starting on Monday, he is releasing a new music video each day for each of the 8 songs on the album. Yesterday’s video is of particular interest to grammar nazis as well as anyone frustrated by  spelling and grammar errors online.

#WordCrimes is a parody of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, and like Weird Al’s best work the satire is in many ways better than the original.

Don’t know the difference between less and fewer? Literally clueless about when to use literally? Are you a commenter on You Tube? Whether you’re guilty of dangling participles or errant apostrophes, “Weird Al” has had enough of your #wordcrimes.

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