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What Kind of a Kindle Do You Think Amazon Will Release This Year?

If Amazon stays true to form, they will release at least one new Kindle in 2019. It will have a screen and Wifi, and will be black. That is about all we can say about it with any certainty (and I may be going out on a limb when predicting the color), and that leaves a lot of room for speculation.

So tell me, what do you think the new Kindle will be like?

My guess is that Amazon will launch either a new basic Kindle or a new premium model (or both). It’s been three years since the last basic Kindle shipped, so it could be time for Amazon’s cheapest ereader to be refreshed. And speaking of product cycles, two years have passed since the second Kindle Oasis was released, and five years since the Kindle Voyage were launched, while last year we got a new Paperwhite. One could say it’s time for a new premium model as well.

What do you think it will be like? Will it be larger than the 7″ Kindle Oasis? Could it have a folding screen? Do you suppose Amazon will finally add a color-changing frontlight?

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Harmon January 23, 2019 um 11:49 am

I think a 9 inch Paperwhite would make sense.

My reasoning is that a 9 inch kindle would appeal to current 6 inch owners as a second kindle. Small kindle for pocket, purse or bedtime. Large one for the easy chair.

I have both Oasis versions (& love them) but would add a 9 inch PW in a flash.

Javi January 24, 2019 um 3:53 am

10.3″… hopefully.

Martha February 22, 2019 um 9:15 pm

Yes,I have both Kindle Oasis,would love a larger screen,but I would still want the page turn buttons

Simon Konecnik January 23, 2019 um 4:02 pm

I think it would be a time to get a large-screen Kindle reader, but unfortunately I’m afraid that in 2019 we will get the latest version of the "low budget" Kindle touch 6.If it will be available in black and white version we will need to be satisfied :/

Disgusting Dude January 23, 2019 um 4:59 pm

Front lit Kindle Basic.

Nate Hoffelder January 23, 2019 um 7:37 pm

That would be a sensible update – easy to do and an obvious improvement.

tired January 24, 2019 um 10:43 am

I think so too. And they will probably bump the resolution to 212 ppi to compete with the Kobo Aura Edition 2.

Tom S January 24, 2019 um 10:35 pm

No just update screen to Carta. The best thing about basic is there’s no front light layer to refract and diffuse text. Higher pixel density would be a bonus. Put in 8GB.

Don’t care about comfort light. In dark conditions I prefer my OLED screen phone.

Steve H. January 23, 2019 um 10:01 pm

Amazon will finally go big…probably the last manufacturer, not bothering to count Barnes and Noble, to do so. They are aware that there is a real desire for a larger unit but are overly pushing sku unit volume-why we got a new Paperwhite. I have emailed Jeff Bezos and the Kindle Team requesting something larger of Oasis quality. My thoughts…if you want something…ask directly.
The A team will probably also update the basic Kindle slightly.

Beverly Klotzkin January 24, 2019 um 10:05 am

I’d like to see a ComfortLight-like adaptation (from the Kobo) to a premium Kindle–an upgrade to the Kindle Voyage. I love the Kindle Voyage and I’d like to see it improved upon.

A front-lit Kindle Basic would also be a good idea, though that might be too close to the Paperwhite. Then again, they don’t have to give it water resistant capabilities.

Disgusting Dude January 24, 2019 um 10:30 am

Lower resolution, less memory.
Enough to justify a $30 gap right there, and the front light enough excuse to justify a $10-20 boost in list price.

Steve H. January 24, 2019 um 11:15 am

Probably going to get Comfort lighting…almost every other company has this feature on at least one model.

Nate Hoffelder January 24, 2019 um 11:41 am

The premium model, sure, but not the basic Kindle

Steve H. January 24, 2019 um 3:17 pm


DaveMich January 24, 2019 um 11:48 am

Whatever doesn’t have audible will get audible.

BB January 24, 2019 um 6:43 pm

I’m hoping for a waterproof Paperwhite in White.

James Seger January 24, 2019 um 11:41 pm

Kindle basic with 212 ppi, Carta screen and front light is my guess. Those pretty much match the specs of the Aura Edition 2, but aren’t high-end enough to bite into Paperwhite sales.

Kitaboo January 25, 2019 um 5:00 am

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is on sale for its lowest price ever

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