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Why Play Half-Life on Your Smartwatch When You Can Play Doom?

There’s a story going around today about a new hack for Android Wear smartwatches, but it has me less than impressed.

Kotaku reported earlier today that an industrious hacker had gotten Half-life, that venerable almost-twenty-year-old game, to run on the LG G Watch.

It’s not very playable, but it does work:

That’s cool, but as an old school gamer I think it would be better to use the old standby to judge the hacking of a platform: Will it run Doom?

And as a hacker showed us last October, yes, you can run Doom on a Samsung Gear Live:

Now tell me that’s not cooler than Half-life, I dare you.

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Frank July 24, 2015 um 3:47 pm

While Doom is a more important game overall, I think having a smartwatch run Half-Life is cooler because is a more modern game than Doom.

Nate Hoffelder July 24, 2015 um 5:04 pm

yes. But I’m a traditionalist.

jjj July 24, 2015 um 7:20 pm

Aren’t watches great? It’s the dumbphone experience all over again.

Eula July 25, 2015 um 6:38 pm

Good job

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