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Winkfeed Brings a New Feed Reader for Google Glass

Don’t lookheader_paper-540x270[1] now but Google Glass got its third  (at least) news  reader app. Winkfeed joins Glassfeeds and in their goal of keeping well-to-do news junkies informed while on the go.

This service, like most Glass apps, works via the paired Glass app running on your smartphone or tablet to bring you news at a glance. Users can sign up for an account and get news updates from a pre-selected catalog of feeds, or they can add their own sources. I can’t find an option to import an OPML catalog of feeds, which is probably a good thing.

When a user is wearing it, it looks something like this:


According to Aaron Kasten, the CEO of Winkfeed, this service is also planning to monitor social networks for popular stories that might interest a user and make them a priority. This feature is in beta, but it should roll out to more users soon. "We monitor trending Twitter topics and top Reddit posts," Aaron Kasten, chief operating officer of Winklogic, the firm behind Winkfeed, told Mashable. "If something shows up in either, we compare it to the Associated Press feed. If there is a match, we send the matching article to the trend’s subscribers.”

The new content can be set to arrive as they are published, but if users don’t want to be bothered at certain times they can schedule updates to arrive in Winkfeed at a convenient time. And if a user is suffering from eyelid fatigue from all the blinking, they can also save an article to Pocket.

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