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WordPerfect 2020 Adds Epub Export

Don your jacket with puffy shoulders, because WordPerfect is back. The latest version of this office suite now supports Epub export. (Side note: I’ve added it to my post on ebook creation tools.)

In just a few clicks, save WordPerfect documents in the popular EPUB eBook format for easy publishing to popular devices. Improved file format compatibility enables users to save WordPerfect files in OpenDocument Text (ODT) format, while updates to PDF functionality give control over the resolution of linked and embedded content. When it comes time to print, take advantage of improved support for labels, table headers, and more.

WordPerfect Office Standard 2020 includes:

  • WordPerfect® word processor
  • Quattro Pro™ spreadsheet program
  • Presentations™ slideshow creator
  • WordPerfect® Lightning™ digital notebook
  • WordPerfect®? eBook Publisher
  • AfterShot™ 3 photo-editing and management
  • 900+ TrueType fonts; 10,000+ clipart images; 300+ templates; 175+ digital photos; BrainStorm training videos; The Pocket Oxford English Dictionary; the WordPerfect Address Book; and much more.

This app costs $250 for an annual a lifetime license, making it much less attractive than free alternatives like Google Docs and Libre Office, but it still has its advocates.


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Scott G. Lewis May 10, 2020 um 10:16 am

Ok… what?! I used WordPerfect way back in the MS-DOS days. I’m both shocked that it’s still made, but more importantly bewildered by the price. $250 a year for an office suite and photo editor?

Forget free alternatives. This is an also ran suite of programs that costs MORE than an Office 365 and Adobe PhotoShop CC subscription? Why? What am I missing?

Robert Dybas May 11, 2020 um 1:41 pm

Home and Student is $99 – this is NOT a yearly fee.
I do not see on the website that any of the prices are yearly fees.

Nate Hoffelder May 11, 2020 um 1:43 pm

I screwed up, yes

Xavier Basora May 11, 2020 um 10:21 pm

This is nothing new. This feature has been available since WP 15/16 when it was a separate add on. By 17 onward it’s been integrated.
I have 18 and can export in kindle and epub.

What’s new in 20, is the the ability to create an ebook from a already created file.

In the older versions you have activate the macro before starting your ebook

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