Author WordPress Themes

When it comes to WordPress themes, authors can find a million and one theme options if they want to blog about their work. They just have to browse the repository at and they’ll find more great blog themes than they could ever use.

But if authors want to use their site to promote their work rather than blog about it – if they want to put their books first – they have far fewer options.

Author-friendly themes are rather thin on the ground, so I have pulled together a list of themes which can be used for author and book-focused websites.

First, here’s a selection of eight themes culled from various sources. Some of the following themes are free, but others are paid. One is designed to be just a landing page, but many are designed so an author can promote their books.

Edit: Here’s another five themes.

Those eight thirteen themes are a good place to start, but if you don’t see anything you like then you should visit ThemeForest.

That is a marketplace where developers can sell their themes, and if you search for “author” you’ll find over 250 themes. Not all of those themes are intended for book authors, but I found a few dozen like Preface, TheNovelist, etc which I think will work.

If you see one you like and want help setting it up, let me know. I can set up the site and tweak the design so it looks its best.

You can reach me through the contact form at right.