Mobile Site Development

Why do you need a site that looks good on a smart phone or tablet?

Because your readers are going mobile

Many readers browse for new books and content online. If your site doesn’t look good on a smart phone or tablet, they’ll click away to one that does.

This means your site and your content must adapt seamlessly to a vertical screen layout while still looking good on the traditional horizontal screen of a desktop or laptop.

This is what it looks like, by the numbers.

  • 80% – The percentage of internet users who own a smartphone.
  • 3 Hours – How long the average smartphone user spends on their mobile device.
  • 60% – The share of shopping and browsing (for things like books!) that is done on mobile phones.
  • 41% – The percentage of people who read books on their tablets.
  • 67% – The percentage of online shoppers who buy from a mobile-friendly website.
  • 54% – The percentage of smartphone owners who read their ebooks on their device.
  • 74% – The percentage of users who say that if a site works well on their phone, they’re more likely to visit it again.

And year on year, these numbers are rising. Don’t be left behind.

Let us help you get your website going mobile!