FREE Website Critique

Need help with your website? Are you worried it’s not performing at its best?

People expect clean, clear interfaces that put the content first. They expect intuitive navigation that doesn’t make them work hard to find your content. They expect seamless social media integration, whether they use it to contact you or to like, or share, your content.

Above all, they expect your site to be reliable.

But websites can quickly look dated. Obsolete software can have trouble connecting to your social media accounts, and worse! It can leave you vulnerable to security threats that can bring your site down.

We can help.

You can have access to a decade of our hard-won experience and expertise in the publishing industry, in platform design, and in social media and community management. FREE.

We’ll tell you whether your site is secure, what your website does well, and where there is room for improvement. We’ll review how user-friendly your layout is, we’ll analyze your site navigation, and we’ll test your social media integration.

If your site is good, we’ll tell you it’s good.

We won’t whistle through our teeth and shake our heads, then tell you something’s wrong just so we can sell you something to fix it!

But if there are any issues, we’ll explain them and recommend solutions. And yes, we can also do the work for you.

Why are we doing this? We like to build relationships, and we’re curious: we want to see what’s out there, what people like you are doing with their websites and how it’s going. So, if you’re interested in sharing your success, or getting advice on how to avoid failure, let us know!

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