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World’s Largest Paper Airplane Takes to the Air

The next time you get bored in a meeting, why don’t you try building this:

That is the Desert Eagle. It’s a 45 foot long paper airplane weighing 800 pounds. It had to be launched by a helicopter:

It flew earlier this week by the Pima Air & Space Museum. It hit 98 mph and reached an altitude of 2,703 feet during its maiden flight. What’s even more fascinating about this story is that the Desert Eagle is only their latest 1:1 scale paper airplane. The museum also flew a number of 15′ models while working their way up to the Desert Eagle.

Okay, do you know how Howard Hugh’s Spruce Goose is supposed to be one of the craziest ideas ever for a flying machine? I think it just got replaced.

Pima Air & Space Museum

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Steph March 24, 2012 um 7:08 am

This is amazing. My youngest son loves making paper planes. I’m not sure if I should show this article or not! He might get ideas …

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