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World’s most expensive ebook now on sale – $1600 off

There’s a book that I’ve been trying to buy for the last decade. It’s called Selected Nuclear Materials and Engineering Systems, and it has a retail price of just over an arm, a leg, a eye, and a kidney. Fortunately for me the Kindle edition is now on sale for a measly $6400. It’s almost within my  grasp, and this way I get to keep my eye.

The reviews really make me want to buy this thing.

Satisfying conclusion to a thrilling series, November 5, 2009

I had to sell my car and take out an equity loan on my house to buy this book, but it was worth every penny. The previous volumes built to almost unbearable tension, leaving many questions unanswered. Would breeder reactors survive competition from newer technology? Would the nuclear waste problem be solved in our lifetime? Would Iran’s nuclear program be stopped before it could endanger the free world? Could Diablo Canyon ever be made safe from earthquakes? Would the beautiful but annoying anti-nuclear activist (played by Jane Fonda in the TV miniseries adaptation) come around to seeing the joys and wonders of nuclear power?

These questions and many others are resolved in a denouement that is both ingenious and satisfying. I won’t give away the ending, but I can say with assurance that you won’t be disappointed. Highly recommended!

Transcending Stereotypes, December 19, 2009

I know what you’re thinking : crystallographic and thermodynamic data of ternary alloy systems is a such a hackneyed plot device. But Landolt-Börnstein work their magic in such a subtle and layered way that at 3am when you are reading just one more page, you suddenly realise how they have completely turned everything on its head and produced the most breathtakingly original work. Not to mention the most spellbinding.

It is a little lightweight on the intellectual side and perhaps should be included in the tweens section, but overall well worth 5 stars. I got it before the 20% discount became available and am delighted. So it really is an absolute steal right now.

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