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World’s Smallest B&N Store Opens Tomorrow in Fairfax, VA

When I read last fall that Barnes & Noble was opening a small bookstore in Fairfax, VA, I figured we would have to wait a year before it launched. I was mistaken.

B&N’s new store is opening tomorrow in the Mosaic District development in Fairfax, VA. Located just outside the beltway, the Mosaic District is a mixed-use development consisting of retail, office space, and residential. The new B&N store occupies the corner location at located at 2921 District Ave. in a 6-story building (Google Maps).

This is the third prototype B&N store in this area in the past six years, each smaller than the last.  Many years ago they opened a store in Fredericksburg, VA. That store was planned before the collapse of B&N’s ebook ambitions, and a significant amount of the 25,000 square foot space was given over to a Nook dept. Then, in 2017, B&N opened a 17,000 square foot restaurant/bookstore in Ashburn, VA.

And now B&N has opened a bookstore that is half the size of the one in Asbhburn.  The 8,300 square foot store is the smallest of the 12 smaller-footprint prototypes B&N has opened, Frank Morabito, VP of Stores at B&N, said. It carries 24,000 books as well as Legos, games, and toys. It also has a cafe with indoor and outdoor seating.

I haven’t had a chance to visit the store yet, but I plan to do so tomorrow. Until then, here are a couple photos courtesy of WBJ.


via Washington Business Journal

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