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Writing Community Book Country Hits New Milestone – 10 Thousand Members

book_country_logo[1]Random Penguin Solutions announced today that their 3-year-old online writing community, Book Country, had just reached 10 thousand members.

This site enables authors to collaboratively workshop their unpublished manuscript. Book Country supports writes of over 60 genres and sixty literary categories, including science fiction, romance, literary fiction, and more.

Book Country Director Brandi Larsen noted that today’s news meant the Book Country membership has doubled in just nine months.  “It’s so exciting to welcome new members to Book Country,” Larsen said. “Book Country is the place for writers from all over the world to connect with each other, create better books, and discover the first audience for their work.”

Book Country has gone through a number of revamps and reorganizations in the past 3 years, with the last adding closer integration with Book Country’s sister company, Author Solutions. This vanity press services firm was tapped to provide self-pub services and support authors who wanted to overpay to publish their own work via Book Country.

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