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The Xelio 10.1″ Android Tablet is Just as Bad as You Would Expect for a $70 Tablet

Android tablets are getting cheaper every year, and even the good tablets such as the Hisense Sero 7 are getting ridiculously cheap for the quality.

xelio 10.1 p1001A 1

But even though prices are dropping fast, there is still a limit to how cheap a tablet can get and still be worth buying. Xelio crossed that limit with their 10″ tablet, the P1001A. This tablet is so cheap that it firmly belongs in the "not set aside lightly" category.

Given that I cannot find any redeeming value in this tablet, this will be a rather brief review.


Tell me, is there someone that you secretly hate? Then you might want to give them this tablet. Or if you feel obliged to buy a gadget for a disliked in-law’s rugrat then this is the tablet for you.

Under no circumstances would I suggest that you buy this tablet for yourself; it is actually unpleasant to use for any length of time. I have had it for just over a week and I have found that the screen, touchscreen, speed, and stability are all serious issues which justify avoiding this tablet.

I bought it at Walmart more out of a sense of curiosity than because I expected to get a decent tablet. It only cost $70, and the user experience reflects that. And now that it is selling for $100 I can’t help but strongly urge you to choose another tablet.


The P1001A is your basic black tablet with a slightly rubberized back, plastic edges, and a glossy front. The speaker is on the back, and all the ports and card slots are on the right edge. The camera is in the upper right corner of the tablet’s face, and on the upper edge of the tablet are a pair of volume buttons and a back button.

As soon as you pick it up you’ll note that the general build quality is okay for a budget tablet. There aren’t any obvious issues and it’s not coming apart at the seams (this has happened to me before, I kid you not). The front does pick up fingerprints quickly – more so than on other tablets.


But once you turn it on you will notice the first disappointing feature: the screen. The resolution is 1024×600, which is nothing to complain about given this tablet’s price tag, but this is still a poor quality screen.

xelio 10.1 p1001A 5

At its best the color quality is poor, with Youtube videos looking washed out. The viewing angle is rather narrow; if you try to turn the tablet more than 10 degrees in any direction the screen quality drops like the space shuttle. The screen will take on a milky white overtone and act as an excellent reflector.

xelio 10.1 p1001A 4

The backlight on this screen is rather dim; while a lot of tablets could double as a flashlight in a pinch, this Xelio tablet is not nearly as bright. Unlike a lot of more expensive tablets, this is definitely not a tablet that can be used outside.


I am unable to describe how responsive the touchscreen is on this tablet. Unfortunately, it was so inconsistent in speed, touch recognition, and accuracy that I cannot state an opinion. Sometimes the tablet responded fast, sometimes slow. Sometimes more pressure was required.


Moving on to the camera, I found it to be less than useless. It’s not just that the VGA resolution was too low to be useful, but also that the sensor was too low quality to take a decent photo. I experimented with the camera and took over a dozen shots, but I was unable to find one that was worth sharing.

But that could be a good thing. If you perhaps are engaged in a criminal enterprise and wish to disguise your appearance when video-chatting then this tablet could be the one for you.

Audio & Video

The sound quality on the built-in speaker was both quiet and poor, but that’s not unusual for budget tablets. But I also noted that the audio quality over my decent quality earbuds was also poor, and that is unusual. And while this tablet was able to play a video at full screen resolution without dropping too many frames, the screen quality is so low that I do not believe you will want to do so very often.


This tablet ships with a minimum of software. It doesn’t have Google Play, but it does have a basic email client, ES File Explorer, Google Maps, Google Voice Search, and Google Latitude. There’s no Chrome, but there is the basic Android web browser. There’s also a basic camera app, voice recorder, and media players.

How to Install Google Play

Speaking of Google Play, I was able to install it with minimal effort. I used the "JB_Play_Store" file found in this ZIP file. I was able to install it and log in to my Google account. I then installed several apps, including Kindle, Aldiko, and Moon+ Reader.

The install time ran rather long, and that brings me to performance.


This tablet runs Android 4.1 on a single core 1GHz CPU, and its performance reflects that.  Even though a benchmark test identified a graphics chip, I found that this tablet was still laggy and generally slow to respond. It was also unstable, with several of the apps I tested crashing at one point or another.

Speaking of a benchmark, I ran the AnTutu test and this tablet scored 5876. In comparison, a decent smartphone (like the Samsung Galaxy S2) scores over 10,000. The Nexus 10 (2012) scored close to 20,000 and the Nexus 7 (2013) scored 20,438.

This 10.1″ Xelio tablet is literally a third as fast as the Nexus 10 across the board: RAM, CPU, graphics, storage, everything.

That lack of speed was reflected in everything from the time to open an app, the responsiveness of the touchscreen, and even the time it took to download content and install apps.  This tablet actually has a slower download speed than any other Android device on my network. Then again, this was also cheaper than any other device on my network. This is not a defense but more of a reminder that one should avoid tablets this cheap.


  • Android 4.1
  • 1GHz CPU
  • Mali-400 MP GPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • 10.1″ 1024×600 Screen
  • 4GB of storage
  • microSD card slot
  • VGA webcam
  • USB Host
  • speaker, mike
  • 3.8Ah battery
  • weight: 1.32 pounds
  • dimensions: 10.35″ x 6.5″ x .45″
  • battery life: an estimated 5 hours (untested)

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Caleb October 5, 2013 um 4:33 pm

I’ve been looking for a budget 10″ tablet to read comics on while traveling. I came this close to picking this one up at walmart. Thanks for the review.

Nate Hoffelder October 5, 2013 um 7:34 pm

If you think this one is bad, wait until I review the 9′ Xelio tablet Walmart was selling for $60. It’s bound to be worse, LOL.

Edit: And you’re welcome.

MizzBee October 5, 2013 um 8:13 pm

Mr. Nate, this is why I read your blog, FOR THE TABLET/EREADER REVIEWS. While I had no intention of buying this tablet I do enjoy reading your reviews of tablets and ereaders.They assist in the "what to look for or beware of" category. Thank you.

Nate Hoffelder October 6, 2013 um 11:04 pm

Sorry for the dry spell.

I should be back to posting one review each week.

Chuck October 6, 2013 um 2:05 pm

Nate, sixty-four percent of your fellow Wal-Mart shoppers and Xelio owners would recommend this tablet to a friend:

However based on some of their reviews, their technological savvy might not be all that advanced. Although some of the ones who liked it also commented that the company fudged on the amount of internal storage, more like 2GB than the 4GB as claimed.

Nate Hoffelder October 6, 2013 um 3:12 pm

Shoot. I forgot to confirm the actual amount of storage.

This is one area that most device makers (including Apple) aren’t completely honest. It would have been useful to note the actual amount of storage.

Chuck October 6, 2013 um 3:30 pm

What’s a couple of GBs among friend?!?

Either way, 4GB or 2GB, is a pitiful amount of internal storage.

Thomas October 6, 2013 um 4:34 pm

Most Android tablets have their storage split between the space that you see and space reserved for apps. A 4GB tablet usually has 2GB for data storage and a bit over 1 GB for apps. The rest is used for the OS.

It’s not as restrictive as it sounds in most cases. Remember, these tablets usually have a MicroSD slot for up to 32GB extra storage.

Chris Meadows October 6, 2013 um 5:50 pm

Would be curious to see how you’d rate this one:

mo davey November 1, 2013 um 10:25 am

This is on sale for $49 during the online holiday sales just announced. Looking at reviews here and on other sites, it doesn’t sound like it is worth that price either.
Glad I looked before I purchased it.

Greg November 1, 2013 um 12:35 pm

I’m looking for cheap tablets to put in the conference rooms of my company to act as world clocks. Given that I will be using these for little else, would you recommend for that?

Nate Hoffelder November 1, 2013 um 12:53 pm

The viewing angle is terrible, so no.

Adam Cunningham November 1, 2013 um 7:59 pm

I was wondering the same I’m visiting wife’s family and they have someone watching the house so no relation to is however I don’t want to spend a lot especially on non relatives but they have kids and was wondering if it is ok for zoodles ?

Erika December 26, 2013 um 9:24 am

How Do i get play store on it??

Nate Hoffelder December 26, 2013 um 10:33 am

Follow the steps laid out in this post:

The only file that has to be installed is the one labeled "JB_Play_Store". You can skip the rest.

Lola January 5, 2014 um 4:32 pm

Recently i purchased a Xelio 10.1 tablet, and let me tell this I LOVE THIS TABLET fortunately i bought this from a different seller i dont know what Walmart is with stuff working wrong but this tablets good. I think you need to try to purchase it from a different seller then review it because actually i like this tablet.

Matthew January 18, 2014 um 12:06 pm

I think this tablet is decent for the price of $60 during the holidays. The real reason why it sucks is due to the low RAM. But I’ve been able to use it for daily things like surfing the web, watching Netflix and playing my final fantasy game or my assassins creed companion app without lag or anything. The only thing I need to do is have a task killer widget on my home screen to tap on when the memory seems to be 100<. Plus rooting it and zipaligning apps help greatly with the memory running out. I think you should add it's only bad "for end users only"

Ray H. March 18, 2014 um 1:09 pm

I totally agree with your review.
I bought the 9″ tablet as a gift in December and it died in January.
The person that was given this tablet has not had the use of it for two months!
Their "Support" is very poor and slow to respond.
After a month, I was offered a replacement 10″ tablet for $15 additional.
I have already spent $14 to return it for warranty repair and countless hours on email and the phone. At $70, you don’t get what you paid for.

Sharon April 11, 2014 um 3:41 pm

How did you find a number for them? Will you share the number? I need to have warranty work on mine.

Sheri W. April 8, 2014 um 1:46 am

Hi, Mr. Nate H.,
My neighbors both have the 9″ Xelio tablet which I am constantly "checking out" due to it "dying" or having "problems". I have a A.A.S Degree and Certificate in Computer Information Systems (CIS). Not that I am "tooting my own horn " , I am just a "glorified Computer Tech" simply, but I am capable of "fixing the problems "( with laptops or PC’s software or hardware, ) here’s what I found, I have opened these devices and found two things, one the Power button falls off..not broken, which I have put back on and it powers on and then spools and never "kicks over" to start and two the two "tiny" screws that hold the "shell on" strip easily, easily replaceable thou, eyeglass screw work well. I own a Nook HD+ and it has worked well for me and I love it. I was just wondering should I tell them to get a better tablet? I ,personally, am seriously considering the Apple Ipad 2 32 GB wifi only from Gamestop. But now, Verizon has lower the cost of the Ipad 4 to $399, what is your opinion on that? My first choice was the Samsung Galaxy 10.1, of which I didn’t buy, instead I have had every Nook ever made..which I go with" if it ain’t broke don’t fix it" and I have had no problems with ever..and yes, I have friends that have "hacked" them and showed me how to too, but I choose not to do that. Thank you in advance for your input…Sincerely SheriW.

Nate Hoffelder April 8, 2014 um 7:08 am

I would tell them to get a better tablet. For tablets 9″ and larger, the least I would pay is $99.

Crystal June 11, 2014 um 4:02 am

This tablet makes me violent. I can’t believe someone approved it to sell to the public! The first problem is the slideme market. SHIT. Nothing good on it and probably 6/10 times I try to download something it will say that slideme stopped working. OOPS! After I finally get it open and start using the app,it suddenly goes back to the homescreen at random times. I also have about a 50/50 chance of watching something on youtube. Half the time it works fine but the other half….about 30-40mins into a movie it will buffer and buffer and buffer and NEVER come back on! One time I got mad and just let it set there for hrs after I forgot about it,came back…it was STILL buffering(and it was plugged in,that’s why it didn’t die,but it doesn’t charge when it’s plugged in and you’re using it,it just charges when it’s plugged in and closed). When I am surfing the web and I press on something,I either have to wait a super long time or press a zillion times before it responds to my touch. I hate this tablet so much. I am seriously offended by it. I feel bamboozled,I feel like the blind kid on dumb and dumber who gets suckered into buying the dead parakeet.I not only want my money back,I want an apology. Unfortunately it was bought on black friday so I can’t return it but the next time I get a tablet I will NOT be cheap about it and if any of you are thinking about buying a cheap tablet,DO NOT! It’s better to spend more and it actually work.

Beverly Markley April 5, 2015 um 12:51 pm

I also have had some of the similar problems you mentioned and I too feel angry. People who live on a budget rely on these companies for their products. Reviews were great at first, but have since found others to the contrary!

Beverly Markley April 5, 2015 um 12:45 pm

have had my Xelio for almost a year now, it is basically used for games for myself. I was pleased with it at first. you can only use camera to take selfies, however! the volume is rather low all the time unless I use my headphones. I am not a technology geek and was raised during a time they were never heard of in school and never had to use them for a job. lately the screen has flutters in it, refuses to run my program basics, doesn’t charge well and when it does, it only lasts for a half hour at best. the screen flitters from main screen to white screen and won’t allow me to access any contingency. programs shut off on me. It has never been dropped or misused. I am on disability and live on a very limited income with a strict budget. I am almost sorry I bought this now. I looked this tablet up and all the reviews I saw were fine and it even was given 3 1/2 – 4 stars, the clerk (I realize his job is to sell the product) was very helpful. He did tell me if all I was using it for was games it should be fine. Next time I will take someone who knows!

teckyone July 28, 2015 um 10:52 pm

Please answer my request. This Xelio10.1 is my first and only tablet. It boots slowly but works Great for the money! Feels hot on the back after awhile but don’t know if all tablets do. My battery life only lasts about 1.5 hours! The shiny glass doesn’t bother me at all and I have bad sight ,I just zoom in if I really need to research. Sound is low sometimes so u may need an external speaker. I downloaded Google Play and Amazon Play store and download apps, no prob even from my PC from my Google account, no cord needed! I had to root it to actually allow it to transfer my apps from the internal storage to the external SD card. (32 GB I believe -still not enough! LOL! ) Before it was saying it did it but it didn’t, it was just going to the NAND Flash and the "Move to SD card" button was Never highlighted before. NOW it is after rooting and it works. One time I took the SD card out correctly and it Still wiped out all my external apps, so I leave it in and any additional syncing I may need to do, I do it with the mini USB cord only. I can’t take any pics right with the front only facing camera (stupid!) except for blurry selfies- not into selfies so I don’t use it. Runs big graphic apps like Minecraft pocket and My singing Monsters OK to me, but not Talking Tom- Laggy! Now my child REALLY wants to put Scratch Jr that requires 4.4 Kit Kat. PLEASE recommend someway I can update the firmware. As you know there is hardly NO support and zero updates on the site. Shouldn’t it just depend on the Rockchip? Please try it on your TEST tablet (ha!) and tell me if it worked before I render mine as a Brick. I have no money to upgrade to a better tablet. One great thing about KitKat , it will support low CPUs and 512 MB RAM. Has anyone been able to upgrade? Thanks!

Gigi Oliver April 18, 2016 um 4:57 pm

Sweet Mother of God! I wished I’d read this before buying this POS! You can’t update the security, you cant update the software, you cant download the apps you need (and more specifically, the app I planned to use on it), and the sound is atrocious. The screen quality makes me think I’m going blind, and the touch screen has a psychological disorder of NOT wanting to be touched and will completely pitch a fit or go into a mind-bending period of unresponsiveness!

SERIOUSLY?! What were they thinking when they thought this up, other than, 'Hey! We can sucker a lot of people to buy a nicely wrapped POS!" o.O

Don’t buy, don’t look at it, don’t even walk down the same aisle it’s on!

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