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Xiaomi to Launch 5.5″, Octa-Core Redmi Note Phablet

This xiaomi redmi noteChinese smartphone maker’s first tablet is still a ways off but their next phablet is due to arrive shortly.

The Redmi Note, which I am sure in no way refers to the Galaxy Notes, was teased by Xiaomi this past week in a leaked flyer. It’s going to sport a 5.5″ screen and run Miui, Xiaomi’s custom version of Android, on an 8-core Mediatek CPU when it goes up for pre-order next week in China.

Xiaomi hasn’t released all of the details yet, but the flyer does say that this smartphone has 720p resolution. Engadget is also saying that it will have a 13MP camera. They’re estimated that the Redmi Note will probably be priced somewhere between the 699 yuan ($113 USD) price tag of the original Redmi and the MI2a’s 1,499 yuan ($243 USD).Redmi-Note[1]

The original “Redmi” phone has a 4.7″ screen. It too runs Miui, only on a quad-core CPU with 1GB of RAM. It was only launched a couple months ago, in Singapore no less, where it is selling for about $130 USD. It looks like the Chinese company is going to be turning Redmi into a family of smartphones, but there’s no word on where the Redmi phones will be available.

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