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Xiaomi’s Bendable Concept Phone Caught on Video?

xiaomi-bendable-phoneSamsung’s rumored bendable smartphone is still exactly that, a rumor, but Xiaomi’s product is a little more substantial.

GizmoChina has found a video which appears to show Xiaomi’s new smartphone in action. The 35-second video doesn’t show any bending activity; instead it shows a curved smartphone screen cupped in someone’s hand. The device is running Xiaomi’s latest MIUI 8 while it is being manipulated by the user, who takes the phone through several menus before ultimately loading apps.

I don’t know about you but I find the video suspicious.

I would expect a first video to be set in a lab or office, and show some of the physical properties of the screen. This video doesn’t show anything other than what may be a bendable screen in someone’s hand, and that suggests it was shot illicitly, but it also suggests that the video is fake.

Do you think it’s real?

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