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XinXii Adds More Author Tools to Their eBook Distribution Service

With 25,000 85511c32824dd1ff3530fd8af64899e6_g[1]titles from 15,000 authors, XinXii is by no means the largest indie ebook distributor out there, so they have decided to start working on being the best. They’ve put out a press release with news about several new features, including a new author community, style guide, and more.

XinXii is now promising daily sales info from Apple and Amazon, as well as up to the minute sales details from XinXii’s own ebookstore. The sales figures are shown not only on a per ebookstore basis but also per country (where available).

And not only can you get daily sales info, you can also get a free ISBN. XinXii has updated one of their distribution options, XinXii Power, with the inclusion of a free ISBN for your ebook. That’s not so amazing, given that Smashwords already offers free ISBNs, but XinXii goes one step better by also including a free professional ebook conversion as part of the XinXii Power option. Also, ISBNs in Germany, Xinxii’s home market, are not normally sold but are rented by the year. This effectively makes the free ISBN an annual freebie for participating authors.

XinXii Power has no initial cost for novels, but it will cost $13 to distribute a nonfiction title. If you’re interested in the service, you might also want to check out the new XinXii Style Guide. XinXii’s Katja Nauck has compiled the knowledge and experience of the XinXii team and crafted a guide. The German edition is available now, for free, and the style guide will shortly be available in English, Portuguese, and Russian.

In other news, XinXii has launched a new forum where authors and publishers can discuss important matters. XinXii Community is the new meeting point for XinXii users and those interested in XinXii. It gathers questions about eBook creation, distribution and marketing, facilitates discussion as well as public answers to detailed question by users.

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