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Yahoo Kills Livestand

Did you ever try Yahoo’s news aggregator? No? That could be why they killed it.

Yahoo announced on Friday that they’re shutting down support for Livestand, their 6 month old news aggragator app. No reason is given, but Yahoo’s blog post suggests that they’ve decided to focus attention elsewhere. They plan to take whay they’ve learned here and hopefully integrate it into other services.

This is their first step to discontinue or consolidate a number of services and products across Yahoo!’s technology platforms over the course of 2012. It follows an announcement from last month, where Yahoo  told analysts they intended to close or combine about 50 services that haven’t been performing up to expectations.

Livestand had a 4 star rating in iTunes but its success was likely hampered by the fact that it launched over a year and in some cases 2 years after its competition.

Like its competition, Livestand was built around a service  that featured software which could be customized for the individual user.It could pull content from Yahoo’s own website as well as other blogs and news sites to cater to each user’s tastes. There was little to differentiate the app aside from a pleasant design, and that gave readers little reason to switch from apps they were already using.

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