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You Can(not) Carpet Brazil in Harry Potter Books (Infographic)

Harry Potter is a publishing phenomenon which has no equal, but have you ever wondered just how big it is?

How about, the final installment sold 11 million copies in its first day. Or, this series was the first children’s books on the NY Times bestseller’s list since E.B White’s Charlotte’s Web (1952). And over 16 thousand kids tried out for the role of Harry Potter.

This infographic should give you some idea.

Update: At least one of the stats on this infographic is wrong, so I’d be careful about trusting the rest.


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Jon Jermey May 24, 2012 um 5:44 pm

Someone has been having a lend of you, as we say in Oz.

Area of Brazil: roughly 8.5 trillion square metres
Area of a book: around 250 square centimetres = one-fortieth of a square metre.

It would take about 320 trillion Harry Potter books to cover Brazil, — that’s 40,000 books for every human inhabitant of planet Earth.

Nate Hoffelder May 24, 2012 um 7:06 pm


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