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You Tell Me: What Are Your Favorite Newsletters?

Newsletters have always been important, and with more people cutting back on social media, newsletters have gotten more important than ever. They are a great way of connecting with your readers and with creators.

I have been looking for new ways to stay on top of things since I curtailed my FB and Twitter use just over a month ago, and it recently occurred to me that I should be reading more newsletters.

What are some of your favorites? Who’s got the best newsletter?

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harry June 7, 2020 um 7:23 pm

NYT, Deutschwelle and RFI all provide newsletters in Chinese on current affairs, which are convinient if you happen to have limited internet access in China.

Paolo Amoroso June 10, 2020 um 5:56 am

On my blog I maintain an up to date list of the tech and creator newsletters I subscribe to. If you’re interested I can share the link.

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