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You Tell Me: What Device Are You Reading on Right Now?

Inspired by the exceptional response to last Sunday’s discussion about what we’re reading, today I would like to ask you about what you are reading on.

Every so often I like to ask what devices – print or digital – people are reading. So, readers – what are you reading on right now? Magazine, hardback, or paperback? Kindle, smartphone, or tablet?

I’ll go first.

Right now I should be reading on the Kobo Forma so I can finish a review.  I do like the device (a lot), but last week there was a sale in the Kindle Store on Robert Charles Wilson books. There were a bunch of titles that I hadn’t read in years (it was so long ago – 2011 – that they were actually only available in paper) and I couldn’t pass up the chance to  buy them and read them again on my Fire tablet.

So what are you reading on?

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Thelonius October 21, 2018 um 9:58 am

I read „Thomas Melle, the world at your back“ on my Sony DPT-rp1 and I love it! The device and the book.

Michael Anderson October 21, 2018 um 9:59 am

For me the split is magazines vs. books. All of it is digital … for some reason I am getting both print and digital versions of Electronic Musician, fortunately I can give the print ones to my son when he visits from college 🙂

I read magazines using the ZINIO app on my iPad (Pro 10.5 until whatever they announce next week arrives!).

Books? Still on the 3rd gen Kindle Paperwhite … love it but really have not found a need (or justification, which is hilarious based on my other gadget consumption) to buy the new one or anything else.

Mike Hall October 21, 2018 um 10:11 am

Well right now an ASUS Zen Pad 10 tablet as this is what I use to surf the web when I’m sitting in my armchair going through my Feedly updates. The SF book I’m currently reading is on my 7th generation Paperwhite but I’m about to switch to my generation 2 Oasis as I need to strip a few hundred MB off the Paperwhite to give enough free memory to apply the latest software update. Given that I keep buying books the switch may be permanent even though I love the Paperwhite.

aus October 21, 2018 um 10:50 am

Currently reading on a FIre 7 with some of the Amazon apps disabled. I use Yalp store to install reading related apps from the Play store – FBReader, Calibre Companion and Safari Queue.

All books are loaded via Calibre Companion with the library on Box and read on FBReader. Rather than use Instapaper or Pocket, I use 'Push to Kindle' which delivers web pages directly to the Fire; again FBReader is used for reading.

Tanya Weiman October 21, 2018 um 10:52 am

Google Nexus 5X!

Fabrizio Venerandi October 21, 2018 um 11:13 am

Onyx Boox M96

Chuck Dee October 21, 2018 um 11:19 am

2 Galaxy S2 Nook Editions

The Rodent October 21, 2018 um 11:26 am

Most (novel) reading: EPUBs using Bookari on a little Schok tablet. Also started using Lithium occasionally on an older small Moto phone.

Karen October 21, 2018 um 11:35 am

Android phone — Samsung Edge7. I have a Kindle Paperwhite that I use for most of my ebooks, but also recently started using the Kobo app for Android and PC.

Patrick Cassidy October 21, 2018 um 11:46 am

I mostly read books on a Kobo Mini and/or a Kobo Aura HD, but magazines and such on a Samsung Galaxy S2 8″ tablet. The tablet occasionally doubles as an ereader using Pocketbook’s app, and the same goes for my phone. I think Pocketbook is the best ereading app for Android. I prefer Eink for serious reading, but I 'll read the same book spread across all 4 devices depending upon convenience. I’ll most likely have a Kobo Forma, soon…

The Mini gets the heaviest usage, probably; as it goes EVERYWHERE with me. I wish they’d make a new one the same size with a 300PPI screen!

Harmon October 21, 2018 um 11:50 am

iPad Pro 10.5. It’s what I use for non-book reading – blogs, magazine articles, etc. Right now, I am using Feedly to go through today’s items, which I either read immediately (as with your blog) or send off to Instapaper or Pocket to read this evening.

(But this response to you is from my iMac, where I can use a physical keyboard more easily.)

Penelope October 21, 2018 um 12:07 pm

Kobo Aura ONE for books.

I have a Kindle Oasis 2, but only pick it up to read free Kindle books. Even after a fall that has left me with a sprained right arm and sprained left thumb, I find the Aura ONE easier to manage.

What I’m reading your blog with is an iPad Pro 10.5.

djazz October 21, 2018 um 12:08 pm

I am reading on a Kobo Aura One 🙂

Steven Spatz October 21, 2018 um 12:56 pm

I’m reading on my ancient iPad Air – my constant travel companion since 2014!

Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks down here in Philly for our conference.

Susan October 21, 2018 um 1:34 pm

Kobo Aura One and IPad Pro 10.5 (Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Google books) but my Aura One gets the most usage.

Bill Smith October 21, 2018 um 1:53 pm

I read mostly on my Chromebook and when I am away from home, on my cheapo Android phone (can’t even remember what make and model it is — Walmart $30 special).

I use the Amazon Web Reader on the Chromebook, as well as read in browser on Google Play Books. I download a lot of ebooks from Kobo, Smashwords and the various bundle sites and read in Readium Chrome app.

On my Android phone, I sideloaded the "Kindle Lite" app (because the regular Kindle app just devours memory in my limited spec phone) — I am quite please with the Kindle Lite app experience. I use FB Reader for my sideloaded ebooks.

When I boot into my Linux desktop (which is not very much at all these days), I use the Amazon Web Reader in Firefox browser and FB Reader for epubs or just use PDFs.

Anthony October 21, 2018 um 1:57 pm

My usual Internet browsing (including Feedly/social media) is split between my aging Moto G smartphone (when away from home) and my laptop/Chromebook (at home).

For reading comics (especially during last week’s cross-country trip), I use my 2017 Fire HD8 tablet. Comics themselves are split between Hoopla, Marvel Unlimited, and Comixology (all much cheaper vs paying $4 apiece for single issues at a physical comic shop).

John B October 21, 2018 um 2:26 pm

iPad Pro 12.9” for comics and PDFs, Kindle Paperwhite for books. I find the Kindle too small and not much of a step up from my phone, so I am eyeing the Forma. The lack of syncing sideloaded books may be a dealbreaker. I also sometimes read from a Lenovo Tab 4 8” which is a good size and can read PDFs well with an app that crops white space margins but I generally find using a third mobile device in addition to my big iPad and phone instead of a dedicated ereader to be a bit annoying. That said reading-wise I prefer the FBReader and Google Play Books experience on my phone over the Kindle iOS app, almost to the extent that I’m willing to give up on the Kindle. (I buy all my books from Google but convert them so I can use any app I choose.)

LS October 21, 2018 um 3:06 pm

I pretty much only read on my iPad Air now, usually with the night setting on in the apps. It’s easier on the eyes, and because of the larger screen I don’t have to turn the pages constantly to keep up with my reading speed.

Steve H. October 21, 2018 um 3:40 pm

For serious reading I use a Kindle Oasis with 32 gigs to hold a very large library, all on device. Holding my breath for a larger Kindle. For things like Smartnews and other apps I use a Samsung S2.

John Wilker October 21, 2018 um 5:34 pm

Kindle Paperwhite. Ordered the new one, first new kindle ina few years.

James October 21, 2018 um 6:17 pm

I read books on an original 6″ Kobo Aura. I really like its compact size while still having a 6″ screen.

For comics, I use a Surface Pro 5. The big screen makes comics look wonderful, though it is a bit heavier than my old 10″ Lenovo Tab2 Plus.

Thomas Porcello October 21, 2018 um 7:12 pm

Ipad Air 2 for the two column landscape mode. Play Books, Nook app, Libby and Hoopla app.

DaveMich October 21, 2018 um 8:26 pm

Non-book reading is a macbook.

Book reading is primarily my Kindle Voyage. Away from home it’s my phone.

The results so far are interesting, for books it’s an almost even split between kindle and non-kindle e-ink, with plenty of Kobo use. Ipads and other tablets outpace kindle tablets. (I have a Kindle Fire that I could used to read on, but the Voyage has superseded it.) Nobody listed a phone as their primary ereader.

After some time has passed I would like to see an open thread asking about ebook sources, ie, what ebook ecosystems do readers typically use? Kindle/Kobo/Apple/Google, or a mishmash?

Steve H. October 22, 2018 um 7:35 am

Agree on e-book sources.

Geese1 October 21, 2018 um 8:40 pm

Kindle Oasis 2 mostly, but also reading fansubbed manga on my PC, and some licensed manga series through Comixology on my 10.5″ iPad Pro.

george zunic October 21, 2018 um 10:37 pm

am reading a hardcover novel in english, a novel in portugues on a kindle paperwhite and smartphone and news on a 10″ amazon fire tablet.

Sean October 21, 2018 um 11:35 pm

I read ebooks on my Kobo Aura One.

I listen to Audible books on my iPhone 8+. (I’ve not tried Kobo’s audio books yet)


Jacob October 22, 2018 um 12:17 am

Kindle Oasis 2. I have away my Kobo Aura One a few days ago as it wasn’t getting any use any more. So, so tempted to buy the Forma but worried it won’t have the premium feel of the Oasis. Would love to try one in store but I don’t think that will be an option for a long time…

Tim October 22, 2018 um 12:30 am

When I read digital books, I am using a Kindle 3G (with keyboard) that I may or may not upgrade to a Paperwhite soon. I read blogs and websites on the monitor on my desk, generally.

Panoramix October 22, 2018 um 4:42 am

Right now a Kobo Aura One, while waiting for the Onyx Nova and Poke Pro to become available.

Joe October 22, 2018 um 7:38 am

Kindle Paperwhite (last gen) Kindle Fire (2016 model think it was the second cheapest on Black Friday), and iPhone depending on which one I have available.

Josh Gunderson October 22, 2018 um 11:04 am

RSS/webcomics: Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 (2014 / Saturn)
Books: Kindle Paperwhite (2015 / 3rd-gen)

Josh Gunderson October 22, 2018 um 11:08 am

Oh, and I still have my NOOK Simple Touch BNRV300 for when I’m too lazy to strip the DRM and convert for the Paperwhite. 🙂

Robert Dybas October 22, 2018 um 11:19 am

Ebooks on Kobo Aura HD.

Kurt October 22, 2018 um 11:31 am

Fire HD 10 with white text on a black background – found this the most comfortable for my one eyeball than even my Aura One
Recently tried to transfer all my epubs over to the fire – uh, that’s a no go – i’m sure there must a side-load trick out there, just haven’t put in the time yet

Dan October 22, 2018 um 11:41 am

Currently reading a paperback novel and non fiction.

Kobo/ipad/iPhone for a non fiction book depends what I am closest to.

If I really like a non fiction e-book and want to keep referencing it I will often buy the paper/hardback.

I find e-books a bit awkward to read so I only do it if I have too.

Orlando October 22, 2018 um 11:54 am

Kindle DX is being used… aging gracefully. (Both of us!)

Anne October 22, 2018 um 12:33 pm

Three books going right now:

fiction- Kindle Voyage
non-fiction- Fire
short story collection- phone

Quoi Lire October 22, 2018 um 12:52 pm

I am reading on Kobo H20 1st Gerenation, but also on a old Nook Simple Touch.

Ulyn October 22, 2018 um 1:35 pm

On my (retired) Samsung Note 8 as I want full access (not restricted by kobo or kindle) to my library’s overdrive and hoopla collections

Harmon October 22, 2018 um 11:43 pm

I initially read your query to be about what we were reading at that instant, but in rereading, I saw that your question was more general.

My reading devices:

iPad for blogs, graphics, magazines & the occasional non-political newspaper article. I don’t read books on the iPad because I have 70 year old eyes which were not designed for sustained backlight reading.

Oasis 1 and Oasis 2 for ebooks

Hardback & Trade Paperbacks (as opposed to pocket sized paperbacks) I still have a large print library, which grows. I find that a lot that I want to read is not available in ebook format, or if it is, can be had much more cheaply in used print form. If something is available in electronic form at more or less the same price as the print version, I buy the electronic version unless I want to add the print version to my permanent library.

I am dropping strategic gift hints about how old eyes would benefit from the increased screen size of an e-ink based device like, oh, say, a Kobo Forma…

SheLuvs2Read October 23, 2018 um 6:38 pm

Samsung Tablet

Kit October 24, 2018 um 12:39 pm

The Kindle app on my iPad Air 2. I loaned my Kindle Paperwhite to a friend.

Brian October 25, 2018 um 9:52 pm

Oasis 2017 and Kindle App on iPad Air.

sj foxglove November 6, 2018 um 5:56 pm

Aura One

stats November 19, 2018 um 9:38 pm

For books, I use a Kobo H2O. For blogs and news, I use a Samsung S2 tablet, either my T713 or the T810.


up2echo December 20, 2018 um 2:29 pm

I read books primarily on my Kobo Aura One and take it nearly everywhere with me in case I find a few spare minutes to read (it really adds up!). My Sony PRS-T2 is still "in circulation" through my husband who I passed it on to 🙂

I also use Hoopla (for loans through my public library) on my phone to listen to audio books during my commute.

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