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You Tell Me: Who or What Are You Reading Right Now? (October 2018)

I should be writing about the new Amazon announcement this afternoon, but thanks to Amazon PR I have some free time that I would like to use to start a conversation.

Every so often I like to ask what people are reading. This kind of discussion breaks us out of our bubbles and introduces us to new ideas, and that is almost always a good thing.

I’ll go first.

I just finished four books in Wen Spencer’s Tinker series. This is a fantasy-SF crossover series set in a future Pittsburgh. Due to a malfunctioning space portal, the city spends 29 days a month in an alternate version of Earth where magic and elves exist.

So, readers – what are you reading right now? Fiction, non-fiction?

featured image by ZapTheDingbat via Flickr

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Saradevil October 14, 2018 um 5:31 pm

Currently Eye of the Cat, by Deleny. He has to be one of the more challenging SciFi writers to read, in my opinion.

I have a friend that keeps trying to get me into Tinker, but the time has not yet come.

Nate Hoffelder October 14, 2018 um 5:47 pm

I think I have read one book by Delany – well, half a book. He makes most SF authors look like they write fluff.

Ed Bear October 14, 2018 um 5:54 pm

Currently reading "House of Assassins" by Larry Correia and "Russian’s Ruthless Demand" by Michelle Conder. I flip from one to the other.

José Joaquín October 14, 2018 um 5:59 pm

Hi, I am José from Guatemala.I am reading "The hihg Windows" by Raymond Chandler, spanish version. Just read 2666 by Roberto Bolaño.

Bill Peschel October 14, 2018 um 6:35 pm

Currently "Raising Steam," the last Discworld novel. Finished "Unseen Academicals," where he was slightly preachy about accepting all races.

James October 14, 2018 um 7:15 pm

It’s October, so I’m reading Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury.

Kamen October 14, 2018 um 7:31 pm

Right now, I seem to be having my annual Douglas Adams bash. Having completed the Dirk Gently novels last year, I finally feel brave enough to get into "Mostly Harmless". I might even try "Starship Titanic" next. Unfortunately, from there on, most of what I have left is mainly fanfic and derivative work (The Dr. Who novelizarions, "And Another Thing", etc. Still, I never fail to enjoy Adams.

Steve H. October 14, 2018 um 10:46 pm

A few books at a time..Winners Take All by Anand Giridharadas, AI Superpowers by Kai-fu Lee and King of Ashes by Raymond E Feist.

DaveMich October 15, 2018 um 12:08 am

"Time and Again" by Jack Finney, which was so-so, and "The Death and Life of the Great Lakes", which was better than I expected.

Some "Tinker" reviews say it’s unnecessarily violent. What’s your take on that, Nate?

Geese1 October 15, 2018 um 12:27 am

Currently finishing up "Curse of the Poppy", the fifth in the Penny Green series by Emily Organ. Only have maybe another 1/2 hour or so left in the book, and then I’ll be starting "The Strange Case of the Alchemists Daughter" by Theodora Goss in honor of the Halloween season.

Elaine October 15, 2018 um 5:32 am

I’m reading two books: (1) Audible: November Road by Lou Berney (crime/noir/hard-boiled) and (2) Kindle book: The Outsider by Anthony Franze (legal thriller)

Will Entrekin October 15, 2018 um 8:48 am

I was trying to slog through "Neuromancer." I could appreciate how groundbreaking it must have been thirty years ago, but now it feels like those cars of the future/"World of Tomorrow!" kinds of things you see, where someone from the 50s imagines 40 years from then.

I went back to John Gardner’s books on writing, for some motivation to finish a novel I’m working on.

Richard Hershberger October 15, 2018 um 9:16 am

The Diary of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell. A delightful work by a somewhat misanthropic bookstore owner.

Jan October 15, 2018 um 9:39 am

Reading two books: Jubal Sackett, book 4 in the Sackett saga by Louis L’Amour, and (don’t laugh please) The Mahboob Chaudri Mystery Megapack. Both are very enjoyable.

Juli Monroe October 15, 2018 um 9:47 am

Not fun at all, but Fear by Bob Woodward. The fun thing is a very long Good Omens fanfic series, which is a needed break from Fear.

Frank October 15, 2018 um 11:09 am

Murderbot Stories

moom October 15, 2018 um 11:15 am

A Really Good Day: HOW MICRODOSING MADE A MEGA DIFFERENCE IN MY MOOD, MY MARRIAGE, AND MY LIFE By AYELET WALDMAN — thoughtful, interesting, well-written book.

gregoire October 15, 2018 um 2:21 pm

stendhal’s the red and the black.
very nice so far.

george zunic October 15, 2018 um 10:14 pm

red sparrow by jason matthews. had no interest in seeing the film.

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