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Here is a selection of the more useful parts of this blog. I'm hoping this will help you find the information you need.


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  1. Hi Nate

    I wonder whether you’d be interested in adding my ebook search site to your resources page?

    We’re currently searching all the major stores in the USA, the UK and Canada, with Australia, France, Germany coming soon; new stores added all the time.

    Also, the site offers a watchlist feature, so if you’re waiting for a book’s price to drop, then just add it to your watchlist and we’ll send you an email when the price changes.


  2. Please help me someone out there. I want to get a new pen for my pocket edge ..please please help. Me??

  3. It’s actually a Wacom stylus, and from what I can recall it is just a generic one.

    I’m sure you want one that also fits in the slot. This one probably will:

  4. I just bought a Mobo tablet in mexico because I broke my kobo here. Mobo has Aldiko reader installed. Is there any way to get my kobo ebooks on the new tablet? It won’t let me install the kobo app, adobe reader ect. Thanks!

  5. Aldiko supports Adobe DE DRM, so you should be able to download ebooks from the Kobo website and transfer them to your tablet. I would check the Aldiko help pages for more info.

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