How to Stream Amazon Instant Video on Android Tablets

One of Kindle Fire HDX Landscape Anglethe stronger selling point for the Kindle Fire Android tablets is that they can stream Amazon Instant Video. While you can stream the videos on the iPad or iPhone no other Android tablet has the integrated app found on the Kindle Fire.

Update 12 September 2014: Amazon has released a new version of their shopping app for Android. It now supports Prime Video, so there are now two ways to access Amazon instant video on your Android device.

There is the official way which is only intended for Android smartphones, and then there is the workaround (which works on almost everything but KitKat, and doesn’t work in Germany or the UK.)

For the sake of giving you multiple options, this post now details both ways to access Amazon Instant Video. I would suggest that you try both and use the one which works better for you.

The Official Way

This is pretty simple. All you need to do is download and install the two following apps (which I found via Android Police). Be sure to install the shopping app first:

Once you have the apps installed, log in to your Amazon account. Navigate through the menu on the left and find the Instant video option. Select it.

If you can stream video, great. If you cannot, or if the app crashes, you should try the unofficial solution.

The unOfficial Way

If you spend a little time installing and configuring a couple files, you can stream Amazon Instant Video on just about any of the newer Android tablets. This is a pretty simple trick which should be in the reach of most Android users. (If you can do the software maintenance on your PC then you can do this.)

Note: This trick won’t work on the Nook HD or HD+, but there is a possible alternate solution. Scroll down to troubleshooting section at the end of the post for more details.

Note: This trick has been demonstrated as not working on Android 4.4, at least according to one user who left a comment over on TeleRead (where I learned of this trick).  If your Android device runs 4.4 Kitkat, scroll down to the bottom of the page for an alternate set of instructions. It’s also failed to work properly on some devices, so caveat emptor.

Note: This trick won’t work for accounts on or Those streaming video platforms don’t support Flash.

This trick has been documented as working on:

  • Nexus 7
  • Hisense Sero 7 Pro
  • Nexus 10
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2
  • Galaxy S3

What you’re going to do is install Adobe Flash and a web browser that includes the option of changing the user agent. Chrome won’t work for this (not for me, anyway).

Step One

The first thing you need is Dolphin Browser (or another web browser that lets you change the user agent). You can find it in Google Play.

Next, download the file attached to the first post in this XDA Forms discussion and install it:

There are a number of ways to install the file. You can email the link to yourself and then open the email on your Android device and download it direct. You can copy the file over USB, or you can copy the file to and from Dropbox. It doesn’t matter how you get the file on your device, just install it. (This step won’t work on the Nook HD, so just skip it.)

Step Two

Once you have both Adobe Flash and Dolphin Browser installed, open Dolphin Browser and I’ll walk you through the steps needed to stream Amazon Instant Video.

  1. Go to the Amazon Instant Video webpage. (Bookmark so it’s easy to find again.)
  2. Log in to your Amazon account, and tell Dolphin to save the password.

Step Three

At this point your tablet is set up to stream video but Amazon won’t let you because they don’t support Android devices. Here’s how you get around that.

  1. Press the dolphin icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen (see image one below).
  2. Select the settings icon (see image two below).
  3. Choose the customize option (see image three below).
  4. Select the user agent option (see image four below).
  5. Set the user agent to desktop, and then press the back button. (Don’t leave the settings menu)

Step Four

Now that you changed the user agent, it’s time to enable Flash support. Dolphin defaults to having Adobe Flash disabled, and you need to change this option in the settings menu.

  1. Scroll down and select the Web Content option (see image six below).
  2. Find the Flash option and select it (see image seven below).
  3. Change it from off to either Always On or On Demand (see image eight below).

At this point you should be able to go back to the Amazon website, reload it, and start streaming videos. Or at least, I can do it. Here’s a screenshot from my Hisense Sero 7 Pro:


It works, yes, but not very well. My Sero 7 Pro has trouble keeping the audio and video in sync when I play SD resolution video (I won’t even try HD video). Let me tell you, this gives me greater appreciation for the work that Amazon put into the Kindle Fire HD.

But this still works immensely better than it did before. Out of sync audio is better than none at all, IMO.


Firefox – If the above instructions don’t work for you, there are reports that you can do a similar trick with the Firefox Android browser. I haven’t tried it, but I think it’s worth a shot.

Android 4.4 – If you are using an Android device which runs 4.4 KitKat, you’ll need to add a couple extra steps. The instructions above won’t quite work for you, so you should instead follow this set of instructions on XDA Forums.

Microsoft Silverlight – If you try to stream a video and get an error message which says something about MS Silverlight, zoom in on that message. Do you see how the next line mentions Flash? Click it.

Nook HD – The above instructions kinda sorta work on the Nook HD+; you just have to go through a different step to install Adobe Flash. (You could also hack the tablet and install CyanogenMod, but I am too lazy for that.)

Ignore the steps above which tell you to install Adobe Flash; they won’t work for you. Instead, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Using your PC’s web browser, go to the B&N website and buy this free app: browser plugin.
  2. Turn on your Nook HD, and open the app menu.
  3. Find and install the browser plugin.

Okay, you just installed Adobe Flash, so now scroll up to the top of this post and follow the instructions for installing and configuring Dolphin Browser.

In case you are wondering, they worked for me:

nook hd streaming Amazon instant video


243 thoughts on “How to Stream Amazon Instant Video on Android Tablets

    1. I have an Android Tablet Galaxy Tab 3 8.o inches.
      I did as was instructed here for playing Amazon instant video.
      It worked just fine.
      Thank you.

        1. Thanks for the instructions, but I’m having the same issue where I can’t get passed the Silverlight option. There is no flash option here either. Unlike Pako, I’m in the States. Any ideas?

          1. You have to change the Amazon video settings to Flash — Silverlight is their default. Do it on their website. You might have to change back to Silverlight for the best viewing experience on an actual computer.

            I’ve successfully used the B&N Flash app plus Dolphin browser to get this to work on my unrooted Nook HD+. Video/audio sync is slightly off but not too bad. Thanks for the guidance, Nate!

          2. The pictures in the article weren’t accurate for me and I had to do a bit of sleuthing to find everything mentioned (namely the setting for the user agent), but following the directions given her and changing the settings at Amazon from Silverlight to Flash is working for me so far on my Nook HD+. The experience is slightly rough with mini pauses every now and then, but it is working. And it’s better than nothing.

        2. My silverlight message had a link to what to do if you were having trouble. That link gave you a way to change the amazon setting s so they default
          to flash instead of silverlight

      1. I just tried this on my Galaxy Tab 3 8.0. I got it to work but apparently the Dolphin browser has been updated since these instructions were written. The pages no longer appear exactly as they do above, but the steps are still generally the same. Also the link in Step 1 above for downloading and installing Adobe Flash Player no longer works. Here is a link that does work.
        Click “install Flash Player” (the attached file) in the first post.

      2. have new TAB 3 (SM-T310), android 4.2.2
        cannot even get adobe flash via any browser to download on it, including the Dolphin browser, which downloaded fine.

    2. I just did this on my Asus x-former TF700T running Android 4.2.1. Perfecto! So far audio is synced.


    1. I tried to set it up on the Firefox for android (tablet) and there was no user agent option in settings. How did you get it to work with Firefox? Thanks

  1. Yet another selling point for windows 8 tablets!

    This was such a pain to do when I used to do it on my SG2 phone and I imagine the same for a tablet. It worked but with little annoying idiosyncracies.

      1. So Nate, if I offered you the option of using Windows 8 or a bullet in the head, you would choose the bullet? My, my! :)

      2. Windows 8 on a tablet isn’t all that bad. It’s Windows 8 with a keyboard and mouse that’s a fate worse than death. (Not really, that’s an exaggeration, but Microsoft can and should have done better.)

        1. Love Windows 8. Yes there is a bit of a learning curve but when you have it set up properly it looks just like Windows 7 with some added perks. I have a regular desktop so I can get to everything I am able get to on Win 7. Give it a chance.

      3. Yeah…got a Lenovo Lynx that keeps crashing. Looked it up and it’s a MS Windows 8/8.1 problem. Waiting for a hot fix. It was working ok before the updates. Sucks because the Lynx gets great reviews otherwise.

  2. Thank you for this info. It works for the Nook HD!!!

    Really appreciate your time showing this.

    My kids thank you, as well

  3. Thanks a lot for giving such detailed instructions and adding screen shots! This worked with my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. I was streaming in less than 10 minutes.

      1. Ahhh….no. I just downloaded it from google play, went to, opened up my account, went to Amazon prime and watched movies. Nothing to pay for.

  4. Thanks. Worked Perfectly on my Nook HD 8.9.

    Two Notes.
    1. Flash was already set to “Always On” when I installed the latest version of Dolphin.
    2. You have to initially orient the tablet vertically so that you can see the buttons for “full screen”, etc

    But in general, worked as advertised.

  5. Yes, this method works, on my “ex-Kindle-Fire” which was hacked to be Nexus running Jellybean 4.2.2.

    Everything works, full screen, sound, etc.

    More clicks to do to pick a movie than Kindle Fire, but once the movie starts, it feels the same.

  6. Dolphin is one of the true “Nook Apps” that keeps getting updated. Definitely worth having around if you haven’t gone full metal Google Play on your NookHD or HD+. My understanding was that flash support was built in to Dolphin up through KitKat, and post-Kitkat, you have to download the “Dolphin Jetpack”, because sideloading Adobe .APKs stopped working. (Not that any non-modded Nook has KitKat on it…)

    Also, the B&N “browser plugin” has gone through some changes of its own. Originally, there was a version which enabled Flash on the pre-Google Play NookHD stock browser.

    Streamed BloombergTV all the time. Awesome.

      1. I set it up on my tab 3 7.0. streamed HD perfectly, no hanging or freezing. Thanks for the tutorial. Tried this with other browsers with no success.

    1. Hello. On galaxy tab 10 with 4.2 the issue is the Flash is installed for the Android but when in Desktop mode it shows not installed. Amazon wont stream to Android and no flash is installed when in Desktop mode for me at least. Dolphin Flash works with youtube though on Android mode.

      1. I have a note that shows below yours, though it was earlier, and right now I’ve misplaced my Samsung Tab 10.1 with a 4.x.x Android system but I can’t confirm which one it is.
        On my other tablets I do have to stipulate that in web content, the javascript should be enabled and Flash always on (with Desktop mode on all my tablets).

        However, there’s the Amazon Instant Video Player Web Player Preferences that was mentioned before too, and that’s at — Is that set for you for Flash?

        1. I believe I am having the same problem. I’ve downloaded adobe many times, but when I go to stream it says I need to download it again.? I’m not sure if I saving it in the wrong spot or how to get it to run.

    2. Just sent the following to an above user of a Tab 3–waiting for reply

      have new TAB 3 (SM-T310), android 4.2.2
      cannot even get adobe flash via any browser to download on it, including the Dolphin browser, which downloaded fine.

  7. It’s always worked for me on the Samsung. Using my longtime instructions at for Flash video via broadcasting networks for Kindle Fire HD/HDX tablets, where I recommend User Agent ‘Desktop’ — it works w/o glitches on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 with latest OS update.

    But I’m on Comcast Cable which is very fast and the DSL hookups seem more problematical for others who are on the default tier that barely gives enough speed for this.
    I don’t use the 10.1 Galaxy much except to test Android things with it, since it does not have the amazing HD quality of either the Kindle Fires or the Nexus tablets, but Instant Prime works beautifully on it thanks to that Dolphin user agent feature. At first it tried to get me to download Silverlight but then said I could use Adobe Flash instead, which has been on the tablet just to get good Flash Video from other websites, since Android was targeted by Adobe for non-support.

  8. Say, Nate, I sprang for the Samsung bluetooth keyboard cover for it in 2012 and it has a nicely flexible kickstand :-) Maybe nothing to breakdance over. Definitely lighter altogether than my Surface Pro 2 with typepad cover, but it doesn’t run full Windows Photoshop CC nor full MS Ofc etc. I did like it a lot when I used it more that year, since it has add-on USB and SD add-ons.

  9. On Galaxy Note 8.0 you must use a dolphin browser, and of course flash following all the set up listed above. I got the silverlight request and clicking adobe flash was only half the process. I also had to click the ‘play now’ button and then click the ‘down arrow’ that is usually looking like a download icon. This will seem obvious after you do it, but it is a little discouraging that once you hit “Watch with Adobe Flash” button it reverts back to the “play now” splash screen. And more discouraging that once you hit play again it doesn’t start playing yet.

  10. Works great on a Samsung Galaxy S4 4.4, no audio issues or stuttering when streaming through my wifi. It won’t go full screen which is a bummer, but, it’s better than nothing, which is all Amazon has given us in two years time.

    I’ve been a Prime member since they unrolled the program and I feel really short changed they don’t have an Android App for their movies by now.

    Edit: Pressing the Fullscreen button repeatedly changed it to the Amazon full screen, so, workaround works great! Thanks!

    1. I have a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab and a Samsung phone and on both — press the screen while watching, and at bottom right of the Instant video there’ll be an icon for Full Screen and if I press it once, it works. Don’t know why you’d need to press it several times but you have a later Android OS than mine.

      I use Dolphin with Flash Player. Maybe you’re pressing Dolphin browser’s Full Screen instead?

  11. I’ve downloaded both the Dolphin Browser and the Adobe flash as instructed. I changed the flash settings as well. Amazon is still telling me I need to install a flash player. Any help on where I’m going wrong would be appreciated. I have a Galaxy 10.1 tab.

  12. I mentioned earlier that using my longtime instructions at for Flash video via broadcasting networks for Kindle Fire HD/HDX tablets, for which I recommend User Agent ‘Desktop’ setting also — works w/o glitches on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 with latest OS update. I tested it with Amazon Prime Instant Videos recommended on the Amazon Prime video page.

    But I’m on Comcast Cable which is very fast and the DSL hookups seem more problematical for others who are on the default tier that barely gives enough speed for this. BUT I also use slightly different files, so you might want to try it.

    I miss the HD when using the Galaxy 10.1 Tab though but it’s still not bad.

  13. Followed the guide to the letter on my Nexus 5 and Nexus 10 (very easy to follow) and I get the message about installing Silverlight, however, I do not get an option to select Flash. Am I missing something?

      1. Same problem for me … says “Install Silverlight”

        I have checked all my setting .. Flash (Always On) and User Agent is Desktop

        From the Amazon website …

        Microsoft Silverlight is a browser plugin that lets you play video content through the Internet, and is the standard player for Amazon Instant Video.

          1. There is only Silverlight install option …thats all.
            it looks like amazon stream only support silverlight for now on.

  14. You are brilliant!! I am a Amazon prime member and was looking into buying a Kindle just for the video streaming. I have a Galaxy Tab2 running Android 4.1.1 your walkthrough works perfectly! I streamed in HD, no audio issues. I only use wifi, so not sure how it performs other ways.

    I also got the install Silver Light, but underneath mine it said “Continue with Adobe Flash” in small print. I clicked on that, and I was through.

    Happy girl!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  15. Have checked all settings and they are definitely correct. There is only an option to select Silver Light and no option to select Flash Player. Just tried it on my wife’s Nexus 4 tonight and still no luck. Is it a Nexus or a KitKat problem? Anyone have it working on later Nexus models or anything at all running KitKat?

  16. @malle (and all other “only silverlight option showing in Amazon player frame”): there’s a setting you have to set in your Amazon account to get the “use Flash” option to show again:

    click on the Person’s
    then search for “All Account Options” and select link
    then search for “Amazon Instant Video Settings” and select link
    then search for “Web Player Preferences” and select Adobe Flash Player and save

    All future sessions in your Amazon account will then use Flash, so make sure you’re ok with that before performing the switch. You can always undo this later on, but if you have a bunch of Android devices and want to continue using them to view Instant Video you should give this a try (until someone puts together a Amazon Instant Video app for Android…)

    1. Thanks Derrick, the mystery is now solved. I can see the option, but only on doesn’t offer the switch, and sadly even setting up an account on the same email on the .com website didn’t help. I can’t watch from Instant Video as obviously I don’t have Prime there, and on the UK one there is no way to force Flash. How annoying!

      1. The reason would be that Amazon UK is set up to use lovefilm (which they bought) for streaming UK video and they have that for their Prime-type plan there.
        If anyone living in UK does HAVE an official Amazon-US account because they are in the US most of the time, I wonder if works. However, it may be something that could cost Amazon too much (I’ve no idea) so it might be a real no-no.

  17. If you go the “video issues on web” help page on it says you can use flash as an alternative to silver light. On the equivalent page on it just says only silver light is supported …. So we’re snookered ….

  18. Can’t believe this doesn’t work in the UK. Why are we forced to use Silverlight?
    When I saw this I was so happy that I could finally uninstall Silverlight from my desktop, as well as watch on my mobile, but it’s only available in the US.
    How is that even possible… that’s not how computers/Interwebs work… :(

    1. I suspect that when Amazon built the Instant Video platform for the UK site, Flash had already been discarded as a standard. Amazon might not even have had the option of trying to include it as a supported streaming format.

      1. I can’t believe Flash would be discarded in favour of Silverlight. A HTML5 solution I would accept, but I’ve not come across a decent silverlight player yet. LoveFilm’s (the UK version of Prime video until today) would constantly trip over itself; leaving it paused for 5 minutes would result in the video crashing or opening a game on a second screen would also result in it crashing.

          1. The first Kindle Fire (which I still have, for testing differences) had/has support for Flash as Adobe had not killed it on Android-based devices yet.
            I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, a Samsung S2 Android phone (now used as a tiny tablet on WiFi) and a Windows phone (Nokia Lumia 1020 for the camera). The first two Android devices play Flash fine, and Amazon Instant Video, with the workarounds similar to what’s described here. But Amazon went a step further and can play some large website videos that my Android devices can’t, at times, even with Dolphin, because of what they’re doing with their experimental streaming viewer.

            Yes, the Flash and Javascript settings in the Web browsers shoujld always be On for stuff like this.

          2. Silverlight isn’t any more supported by MS than Flash is by Adobe. Both technologies have equally been announced as end-of-line, and I honestly can’t see how anybody in their right might would choose to go for Silverlight over Flash… If I remember correctly (although might be wrong here) Silverlight was announced dead by MS even before Adobe did so with Flash.
            In any case, does anybody know if Lovefilm streaming ever supported Flash? Could be used as a pressure point by existing subscribers to put it back if so.
            With my (lack of) usage at home I never felt the need to subscribe to this so don’t know and now I just thought “well, for the next year I have it for free so might just as well watch some series at the gym” – but I sure as hell will not be paying a penny more for this abysmal service when it’s time for Prime renewal.

          3. Replying to Lili, but it won’t let me directly reply there…

            I don’t believe LoveFilm ever had flash support, at least I never saw it and I’d be annoyed that I lived with silverlight for the past year if I could’ve avoided it :P

  19. Sorry to rant on this great blog page, but it seems there’s a bit of a war going on for the hearts/minds of content/media users. I’ve been on Amazon for quite a while with a prime account, and was able to watch all the instant video I wanted on whatever device I had available at the time (Nexus One, desktop, iPad Mini, Lenovo Q180/Visio) with no fuss, but now it seems that they are trying to reduce the number of their viewers and factionize their user base, where Android users are concerned, in favor of their own devices. Apple started this game, and now it seems more players are joining.

    I hate to pick sides since I just want to watch stuff in my limited spare time, but I think with how things are going, I’m likely going to switch to Google Play for all future purchased content/media, it’s already where I purchase all my epub content. I’ll probably continue to watch stuff on Prime as long as its quality remains high, but I don’t want to be limited on the way I view things. Google just uses their stock YouTube style player when using a browser, and I’m hoping I can set it to the html5 player (maybe test that tonight.) At least their Movie Player seems to work on ALL Android devices that aren’t rooted (first mistake, but let’s see if that restriction gets removed as it should.) It works fine on my old N1 with 2.3.6. The streaming is good even on 3g. I hope all of you other Android users out there find a good way to go. I was hoping to stay centralized with Amazon, but maybe going rogue for a while will help the players come to their senses again (ahh, hope springs eternal…)

  20. You can also do what I did. I downloaded and installed Photon Browser from Play. It natively supports flash, but has to be enabled per session. They give you a button for that in the Browser bar next to the address bar. The browser and flash support is free, but limited. For $10.00 for a year, you get unlimited, ad free flash. And I have run Amazon video.

  21. I contacted Amazon and they say UK users should be access Flash Player by adding removing everything after the ASIN (the 10-digit amazon code) in the URL and placing ?player=flash

    This doesn’t work for me in any browser so I have sent them another email. Maybe that will help someone though.

      1. Well, I installed Firefox (just to be clear, I tried it on my PC in Chrome and IE, I wasn’t on mobile) and got Flash Player installed. Still no luck :(

        I tried, for example, Vikings:

        Any chance you could confirm if either of those are the correct style and/or work on your end?

        Just to show it’s still Silverlight:

          1. I can’t view the video at link due to no prime subscription in the US, but that appears to be the exact same format that I’ve been trying on

            On desktop I just get silverlight, on mobile (Dolphin) I just get a message telling me to install Silverlight (there’s no small flash button or anything, I’ve checked).

            I’ll have to wait and see what amazon say in their reply.

            Thanks for your help so far :)

  22. I have a Matricom Gbox MX2 (I believe the OS is Jellybean), and have successfully run Amazon video with Dolphin and Flash. The only thing (but important) that I am not getting is the “control bar”, which means I have no means to stop video, fast forward, volume control, full screen.. Anybody have any ideas??

  23. On my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab, I need to lightly tap on the area where that would be, before it shows up, especially if I’ve chosen the option at bottom right to watch it in ull screen mode.

    1. On my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab, I need to lightly tap on the area where that would be, before it shows up, especially if I’d chosen the option at bottom right to watch it in full-screen mode.

  24. HILFE!!!!!!!
    Ich habe alles auf meinem Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 soweit eingerichtet. Bekomme nun auch nicht mehr die Meldung, dass ich kein passendes Device habe. Kann also den Film auswählen und erhalte dann wie auf meinem Laptop die Aufforderung Silverlight zu installieren, was auf meinem Windows-Laptop auch kein Problem ist. Aber wie kann ich Silverlight auf mein Android-Tablet installieren? Ich kann lediglich die silverlight.dmg runterladen, aber das hilft mir nicht weiter. Kann mir einer einen Tipp geben?

      1. Is there confirmation that the German site doesn’t support it?

        In the UK I have customer service correspondence saying I can use Flash Player. I still haven’t got it working after several back and forths though. They have told me I must continue the discussion via the phone, which I will try to do soon and provide feedback here.

        1. Their customer service seems to be telling a different thing depending whom you speak to. I’ve been told Flash is not supported. Please let us know if you do actually manage to get it working somehow. It’s not impossible, after all I bet 90% of their platform is shared between US and UK – it might be just a matter of finding the switch…

          1. I will definitely post back here if I do manage it. I likely won’t proceed with the issue until at least Monday though.

          1. But the german-language note indicated the person had not really read your column, as she was trying to get Silverlight to work on her Android.

            Again, Amazon-US does not officially support Flash but it tries to work around it. They do have reps who know about Dolphin and the older-Adobe-Flashplayer file(s) that can work together on the Kindle Fires but they recommend them more as individual users and not as reps of Amazon. Amazon allows its “Forum Pros” (knowledgeable reps that get an Amazon-“certified” label and backstgage benefits to tell others how to get Dolphin and some flashplayer files to work together but I’ve seen it done less in the last few months.

            I’ve also found that the workaround does not work on some network broadcasting sites that no longer allow full-episode viewing even when you stipulate ‘desktop’ user-agent on Dolphin rather than ‘Android.’
            In some of those cases, the Kindle Fire HDX web browser is able to handle it via Amazon’s new experimental streaming viewer.

  25. Nate, Neither does Amazon US support it on its Yr2012-2014 tablets, although Amazon programmers play the usual HTML5 tricks in its Web Silk processes when encountering Flash on a website, to good effect on many large sites, now.

    On Amazon tablets, nevertheless, people from outside the U.S. have used the Dolphin and Adobe old-Flashplayer-file workaround to do Flash … from what I’ve heard.

    Birgit, did you use‘ to read this full website-page? No one here is saying to use Silverlight on an Android tablet, as it’s not possible…

  26. Yes, we can. I was saying that Amazon US does not “support” Flash — it can’t, officially, as it would need Adobe licensing.
    It does, however, allow the settings that let us choose to install files from other stores or sites that make it possible for us to use Dolphin and older Adobe flashplayer files together to run Flash.

    My own article on this for Kindle Fire users (with comments to it) is at (written in 2012 but updated Nov-Dec 2013 as circumstances changed).

  27. Well, tried it on a new Tab 3 8″, no real luck. Dolphin choked on changing the Flash setting off of ‘Off’. Rather than a pop-up with options for ‘Always On’ or ‘On Demand’, the box contained text that said Flash was not supported on 4.1, with no option to bypass that message.

    I tried Puffin, which comes up with 0 days remaining on Flash trial (even though this is a fresh install). I paid the $2.17 annual fee for Flash. The movie plays, but I can not make it full screen, and after pressing the full screen icon, subsequent attempts to bring up the play bar for the movie launch the bar under the movie’s frame in the webpage (so no more pause, no way to get to full screen…

    I also tried Firefox, but just did not see any settings that reference the changes made above.

    I’ll keep hoping. The reason I left iPad was because of Apple’s insistence on a closed ecosystem. Amazon seems hell bent on following in their shoes.

  28. Amazingly there’s an app for the Wii. HUH? And for the X box, except then you have to pay again for the Gold membership. Please Amazon, show some consistency.

  29. Dang. Ain’t working on my system. I have a nexus 7, Android 4.4.2, Dolphin 10.0.1, Jetpack 6.0.1, Flash player always on, flash player enabled in amazon video settings, dolphin User agent set to desktop,
    When I login to Amazon instant videos I get “Webpage not available”.. “Content not available” “No content provider”
    Does this mean flash is available as an app, but not loaded? When I click on the flash app I go into flash settings which gives me options foR controlling how applications run In flash player (As local storage or as peer assisted networking. If I click on either of these, I get another screen confirming my choice with a check box. There is no save option. I’ve tried clicking on both and neither. I downloaded the hacked flash link above. I’ve done this several times in each case uninstalling flash.

    1. Paloma,
      On the newer Android or Android-based systems, I found I do better with an older Dolphin browser so have returned to recommending an older one plus a slightly different old Flashplayer file. You might want to try them, at to see if that helps.

      1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Not only does the older dolphin work, but on install it prompts you for the desktop and flash always on settings. Go straight to amazon, and everything is working!

        1. Glad it did work for you, Scott. Since I have two Android devices, both updated, I was pretty sure it would. The big barrier was the need to return to an older version of Dolphin and a slightly different Flashplayer, I found.
          I had tried a number of them.

          Amazon is not really a closed system. No mods or rooting needed, but they leave it up to the more independent to look for solutions, since they’re in business to sell their own versions of everything.

          Mainly, they just want people to buy from them, and this helps them keep an audience around to see their ads surrounding everything.

      2. I tried this on my nexus 7 and after running into a couple roadblocks I was able to watch my favorite show on amazon…once. After that every time I try it just keeps ‘loading’ forever. I’ve tried restarting and playing around with the settings and nothing works. It worked perfectly the first time, and amazon still works on my desktop and on my Wii with no issues. Any ideas? It’s really frustrating because I keep trying hoping that THIS time it will work :-(

  30. WOW!!!! Works great on my Galaxy 10.1! But after rebooting the device. So give that a try if it doesn’t work on yours. THANKS!

  31. Works well on my Xperia Z Ultra with 4.3 Jelly Bean – the current version of Android for that phablet, KitKat hasn’t been released yet. Full screen and HD both work. Admittedly this is a beast of a device – quad core 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800.

  32. Running 4.2.2 on my samsung galaxy tab 3, cant get this to work. :( tried uninstalling and reinstalling, rebooting tab after reinstalling, and tried with Firefox. Any thoughts? Got it to work on G4 phone though.

  33. Hi. I followed your instructions, and I could get there, but the streaming was breaking up, even though I have a great connection. I have to ask if anyone was told that they need silverlight to run the content? It asked me, but I am not sure how to install silverlight on Android 4.0.4.

    Thank you.

  34. Hi. I installed an app called ‘Splashtop’ on my ASUS transformer. Just connect over wifi to your desktop and hey presto, whatever is on your desktop is now on your android device. I then just HDMI it to the TV. Works great for me.

  35. Thanks so much. It works. I now have Amazon Prime on all my Galaxy devices: 10.1/note 8.
    Haven’t tried it for s4 yet, but I will. Thanks!!! You rock!

  36. Perfect! I had the Dolphin browser working with Amazon for a while, but it had stopped working for me, so I switched to Puffin browser (paid for flash upgrade too, luckily it was only $2). Puffin was SO laggy it was almost unwatchable, and then that stopped working too! Your walkthrough has Dolphin up and running for me again, and no lag. Thank you!

  37. Android 4.2.1 on a Nexus 7 is able to install Flash and Dolphin but not able to get past asking to install Silverlight….appears Silverlight is not available for Android. So appears will not work with Amazon Prime Instant Video now.

  38. aw man… fuck it.. it doesn’t work in germany… thousands of devices are supported, but not android. And the flash trick is not working either… what works is you can download some mp4 illegaly from some warez site and put it on android and watch it. -.-

  39. It worked! thank you very much for the detailed steps. I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – 7″ with 4.2.2 installed and couldn’t watch my Amazon Prime TV shows. But now I can – and in HD to boot. no sound lag with my picture either. Note – I also received the Silverlight install prompt but ignored it and selected the ‘continue using Adobe Flash’ (in small print) just below it.

    1. Where is the “small print” with the option to use Flash instead? I’m using a Note 2, installed Dolphin, and Flash, but it only let me install Silverlight and no option to use Flash instead. Disappointed thus far…

  40. Wanted to let you know…I’ve got a Toshiba Thrive AT105 with Android 4.0.? and my husband has an Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 with Android 4.0.3 installed…your workaround does beautifully on both! I watched the first 15 minutes of a movie on the Thrive with no lag in either video or sound, but did not watch it all the way thru as I have a different, newer tablet I use now. I used the Thrive as a guinea pig for the Asus, as the Asus is my husband’s tablet that he uses all the time. He hasn’t picked out a movie to watch, yet, but we did randomly watch the first minute of one to make sure it worked, and it does. It looked to me like it might lag a little, but not sure. Will update when he’s used it more.

    As you did not have these 2 tablets listed, and they are older models, I thought I’d pass along the good news! I followed the directions exactly as outlined.

    Thanks a ton for this! I hate the TV on 24/7 and as I just had surgery on a broken foot and am stuck in the bed for at least another 4 weeks and my poor husband broke his leg in 3 places 2 days after my surgery and will be in the bed for a lot longer…(he would watch TV 24/7) this fix will give him more movie options and help me stay sane! Thanks, again!

  41. Thanks! I use Boat and it stopped working after an update. Changing the user agent worked. It also works with Silverlight instead of Flash. Much appreciate the tip.

  42. For those claiming to be able to watch in HD on an android tablet, how exactly are you doing that? Every time I try to stream anything in HD with this hack setup it displays a message that I can’t stream in HD on my desktop. I’ve tried changing the user agent, it doesn’t seem to help or I can’t even stream in SD when I try another user agent.

    Is anyone really using this method to stream HD to an android Tablet running 4.2.2, or are people just lying about it?

  43. Thank you so very much for the detailed instructions, pictures, and web site address that enabled me to set up my Samsung Note 10.1 2014 tablet so that I can watch Amazon Prime movies!!! It works great!!! You are wonderful and marvelous!!!

    1. What did you do. I followed the directions above, but can’t seem to get my tablet to recognize, keep, or find adobe flash….it’s so frustrating!

  44. After almost an hour, I’ve finally gotten past the silverlight request. Now, it is telling me to install adobe flash. I’ve done so twice, but keep getting the message. What next?

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. I did all that, but am still getting the message. I also can’t seem to locate the actual download for flash on my tablet.

  45. Thank you! This was wonderful!! I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 running 4.3. It worked perfectly for me.

  46. Thank you for this information. I installed the Dolphin browser and followed the instructions for Android 4.2. I didnt have to install Flash because my tablet already had it. The tablet I’m using is a Contixo LR102. Sound isn’t good, but headphones work! Now I can see my Amazon instant movies on my tablet.

  47. hi,
    tried the way with my samsung galaxy tab3 10.1. but it didnt work.
    also read the introduction Andrys said. but maybe my english isnt good enough
    to unterstand that (i’m german)
    installt adobe flash player and dolphin.
    changed all the settings.
    now, if i open a movie on amazon prime instant, they dont tell me anylonger, that my device is not working.
    but if i wanne start the movie, they told me, i need Microsoft Silverlight.
    dont find anything to click on … so what can i do ? ;((


    1. minder, I didn’t try it on a Tab3 …
      But, did you make sure to download the older Dolphin that I link to rather than the other one?
      And then, did you change the User Agent setting in Dolphin, to ‘Desktop’ ? Normally, with the older Samsung Tab 10.1, it then asks you about Silverlight but also gives an option (in a different color underneath it) to use Flash.
      The Dolphin setting under “Web Content” needs to indicate Flash and Javascript enabled. I put “Flash Player” as “Always On.” I don’t know if it matters but I block pop-up windows and still got the option for ‘Flash’ but I enabled Flash first.

      And if you downloaded another Dolphin at first, you’d have to de-install it before installing the older one… Hope that helps.

    2. minder, the german Prime Instant Video seems to work only with Microsoft Silverlight!
      ——-GERMAN VERSION——-
      Hi Minder, ja, das deutsche Instant-Video klappt nur mit Silverlight – daher auch kein Support auf dem Tablet.

  48. Thx for the fast help.

    uninstalled dolphin and adobe Flash

    installed the old dolphin u linked
    installed adobe flashplayer 11
    changed settings to desktop and flash always on

    and it still didnt work ; (

    Another thing is, that i cant open the flash-setting site he wants
    to open after installing flash, its just a black site

    my tab3 is 4 days old and amazone instant was one of the
    reasons i bought it.

    any other sollutions or do i have to wait for android-app? ; (

    1. minder,
      Sorry to ask because you probably did download the right one, but you mentioned only Adobe Flash Player 11, so I’m just trying to make sure that you did download the different Adobe Flash Player that I linked to, as there are several version ’11’ players.

      Also make sure that Javascript is also on. That’s needed for Flash to even be asked about.

  49. Doesn’t really work for Asus Transformer :( It acts like it’s going to and the picture goes all crazy. Oh well, worth a shot! Thanks for the tips!

  50. These directions work like a charm on my Samsung Note i717 and on my Asus Memo 173X and the audio is synced too with the video. Thanks!

  51. I have a galaxy tab3 10.1 and followed all the steps. No luck. It keeps telling me to install flash but I already have!! Any ideas?

  52. tab3 10.1, android 4.2.2. followed all the instructions carefully, twice. using links provided. i see no way to “download old version of dolphin”. always loads version 10.3.0. after taking all the steps, amazon says i need to install adobe flash. i check… yep its still there. tried the latest flash and everything in between too. no joy on either dolphin or firefox. yes i changed the user agent. been trying to get this to work for 3 months now. beginning to think its a myth.

    1. John, if you still want it to work on your Tab 3 10.1, try the workaround I have posted, to get the older files that work with many tablets where the normal workarounds don’t.

      Do a Ctrl-F or Cmd-F (apple) on the page for my name to see earlier notes on stubborn ones (no guarantees) but essentially if you first completely UNinstall your current Dolphin and then try the steps and sources at using those files, there’s a chance it might work.

      1. installed dolphin v8.5.1, installed flash, changed dolphin settings, still no joy. amazon says i need to install adobe flash. what am i missing?

        1. John, You have Dolphin settings at “Desktop” + Flash Player “Always On” and “Enable JavaScript”=On ?

          I’d reboot it and try again. Also, if that still doesn’t work, try the Flash player recommended in this blog entry by Nate with that older Dolphin you’re using.

          1. looking for nate’s flash version. don’t see it. which version of flash do i want to download and try now?

          1. Not on the tab3 10.0. I have a note2 phone and it DOES work on that one. But I want the kid to watch the tablet, I need my phone. Dissapointing.

    2. So bizarre, John re the various methods that don’t work. Steve on March 27 here said his worked with Tab 3, v4.2.2 but his is a 7″ — but that shouldn’t matter. Maybe try to contact him to see what settings might be different from yours somewhere?

  53. Worked for me on my Galaxy S4 with Android 4.3.

    Thanks for this walkthrough. I was unaware that Dolphin had a user emulation capability.

  54. Excellent info!!! I currently have Samsung Galaxy products…Note 2 phone & Note 8.0 tablet. The only complaint I had was I couldn’t stream the Amazon Prime Video’s, etc. was even considering a cheap Kindle Fire so I could when away from Roku @ home. THANK YOU!!!! Have tried 2 or 3 times before but never got it to work…this time it did on both!

  55. Hello and thanks for this great information. I went through the steps and everything now works perfectly on my LG G-Slate tablet when streaming from Amazon Instant Video, if you want to add another tablet on which this works, at least it did in my case.

  56. Hey – this works flawlessly on My Samsung Tab 2 10.1. Thanks so much for the info and for the work that went into posting this valuable info!

  57. OMG, thank you so much! That worked like a charm… now if Dolphin would just work with Chromecast. Do you happen to have a work around for that too?

  58. I have never purchased an Amazon Instant Video until two days ago…and discovered with dismay it wouldn’t play on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.1 GT-N5110. I followed all of your instructions and I got to watch my video this morning! No delays, I could watch it in full screen, no out-of-sync video/audio! I just wanted to thank you for posting your information! It was really a hugely appreciated help!

  59. Works fine on my Note 3, but on my S4 I only get audio. Video doesn’t show.

    Both are Tmobile devices and I’ve got Android 4.2.2 on my S4.

    Any ideas?

  60. Thank you!! This worked for my old ass droid razr lol. I had to go into files to the adobe player and then tap on it to download it there. Working like a charm!

  61. It worked on a nextbook 8hd running android 4.1.1 with the dolphin browser set to desktop and flash set to on demand. when i tried to install flash it said my system already had it so i didn’t reinstall it. i am able to play hd videos on amazon instant video. thanks for the information.

  62. Works on the Asus MeMo HD7, though I did have to search around dolphin a bit until I found the user agent setting.

  63. Took some doing, but I got this to work on my Nook HD+, thanks!

    You might want to update this… All the menus in Dolphin have changed, methinks. But thanks again!

  64. Was getting ready to cancel Amazon Prime and send them nastygrams until I found these instructions and hacked Flashplayer from surviveland. So excited to be taking advantage of my prime benefits on my Samsung Galaxy 2014.1 Bus Edition tablet. Now I can thoroughly expunge all thoughts of going back to the dreaded iPad… THANK YOU

  65. Thanks for the hint, I was abe to stream Prime videos some months ago in a limited way on my Asus Infinity tablet but recent updates ruined that. I spent some time last night installing Flash and the Dolphin browser, configured it as detailed and it worked great!

    The only suggestion I might have would be to revisit the Dolphin settings, they look completely different from your screenshots…I suspect updates have changed its look. I still puzzled it out, but more literal-minded folks might have some difficulty.

    Posted this on my Facebook page today for any of my friends who may be having woes with Prime on their Androids, muchos gracias!

  66. Need to switch your Amazon Instant Video setup from Silverlight to Flashplayer:
    Log into Amazon Instant Video. Click on settings. Scroll down to Web Preferences. Select Adobe Flash Player rather than Silverlight.

  67. I got it to work on my Transformer Prime using Dolphin. For those of you having trouble, log into your prime account and change the web player settings to Flash.

  68. does anyone know if these instructions will work on the google nexus 7 2013 on android 4.4.4??

    i have an amazon prime account and know i can watch videos on there so please could someone help me to be able to put to use the membership i have purchased from amazon please.


  69. hello everyone i did everything on the list and running android 4.4.4 and everything went well until i went to watch a video and it stated i need to install sliverlight flash player on my google nexus 7 (2013)

    any suggestions please or should i just factory reset everything to out the box and lower version of android pls help.


  70. Worked on my Galaxy S5. All I did was download the Dolphin browser, downloaded the jetpack, changed the use agent settings on it per instructions above, flash player settings were defaulted to on demand, set Amazon to full (desktop) version from the site itself (one of the last options towards the end of the mobile version page), clicked on buy free hd for some video, it asked me yo install flash, flash installer asked me yo change security settings (read EVERYTHING in instructions that follow), changed Amazon prime settings (from the website itself) to flash player instead of silverlight, refreshed/reloaded the page, clicked on buy HD once more, it went through verifying everything and it works! I got fullscreen capabilities, sound control within the player, it’s great! THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!! WOOO

  71. Just wanted to say thank you for posting. It worked on my son’s Kurio 7s. I also had to change to flash player in amazon’s settings. Thanks again! Very much appreciated.

  72. Wow! Worked like a charm on my Lenovo tablet, first time. Did have to change the Amazon settings to flash and off it went. Thanks much.

  73. changed the settings on my amazon account to flash instead of silverlight and still getting the same message unfortunately this is hopeless :(
    should of never updated the tablet to 4.4.4 now

  74. Thank you so much for this article! I was able to follow the steps. I hadto do an extra step, due to one of my tablet settings, but it works great! :) Thanks for taking the time to share this post and your knowledge.

  75. Works on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
    had to change Amazon settings to Flash. Seemed like I was not getting the full movie screen. I was not seeing any controls, pause, time line……
    Just simply amazing. You guys are my new heroes!

  76. any solution yet for the google nexus 7 2013 tablet edition to use amazon prime video to watch or should i just give up and sell the tablet already??

  77. Using galaxy tab 4 7inch. Android 4.4.2. Works perfect.

    -Used dolphin browser in jet pack mode.
    -Switch agent to desktop in dolphin.
    -Switch flash player to always on in dolphin.
    -Change amazon instant video settings to use flash player instead of silverlight. In account settings.
    -Download and install dolphins hacked flash player 11.1 apk file for 4.4 users.

    -Works perfectly on my tablet streaming true blood in HD with perfect av sync.

  78. Thank you! It is so great when a really smart person takes time to figure this stuff out and then takes the time to document and share!!!

  79. Worked flawlessly after disabling flash player on Amazon setting.
    Worked on my Levono A7600-F 10″ android, KitKat 4.4
    Thanks very much for the instructions. Simple and very easy to read.

  80. SOLUTION: Anyone who has tried this and is NOT SEEING THE ‘USE FLASH OPTION’, can try this…

    Instead of choosing “Desktop” under Settings > Customize, choose “Custom”. Then type in “Kindle”.

    I have a LG G3, and I can now stream Amazon Instant Video without issue.

    NOTE: I have a US account, but I use it in Asia.

  81. Sadly the photos don’t match up to the current dolphin browser so I have no idea how to move forward on getting this to work. :(

    1. Unless Dolphin was updated in the past few weeks the photo are current. Tell me, do you have an icon in the lower left corner of the Dolphin browser window?

      That is a sign that you have the older app. Let me know of that’s what you have and I’ll go dig out the earlier set of screenshots.

      Edit: Tell me if this is what you see:

      If you look on that page you should see a next button. Click it and you can cycle through the original set of images. They don’t quite match up with the instructions anymore but it is better than nothing.

  82. Thanks for this info. I just got hooked up on my cheap RCA RCT6272W23 running on Android 4.2.2 Jellybean. No problems once I made a few other clicks and adjustments. Was able to catch up on the last 2 episodes of Under the Dome perfectly. Thanks again for these instructions. Makes my Amazon Prime subscription even more worth the money!!!

  83. I have followed the directions perfectly done this also with my Galaxy s3 and my Dell Venue 8 (android) and it works perfectly. The only problem is that it only works once. After every episode, or if I quit half way through and episode, I have to uninstall Dolphin and download again, sign in again, and make sure that when I start it up it is at the episode I want, otherwise I’ll have to do it all over again. Anyone else having these issues? Anything I can do about that? If I have to do it, I’ll do it, but it’s super time consuming. Thanks.


  84. Whoa. This worked. I am as pleased right now as I was upset after purchasing a show I couldn’t watch. Plus, I get the bonus feeling of actually realizing I can do these self fixes on actual modern technology; I’ve come a long way, haha. Thank you!! But, Amazon. .. Come on, it’s time. .. Really… Android devices are part of the world.

  85. I finally got it to work on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8″ after downloading Flash directly from Adobe’s web site (the directions above seemed to have worked right away though on my Galaxy S5). My only question is… how do i make the movie full screen on either device? Right now it’s playing within the Dolphin browser.

  86. I installed per the Kit Kat instructions for version 4.4.2 and the latest Dolphin Browser on a Samsung Tab 4 (SM-T337V). Gladly I read through the comments where you have to change Dolphin into “Desktop” mode and it works perfectly (under Customize tab)

  87. Work around for those who can’t watch on a tablet or install the mobile version of the Amazon app through Google play.
    1. Download Amazon App Store from the amazon website (
    You will have to give permission to install from unknown sources
    2. Open amazon app store and download the “Amazon” app (not the one for tablets)
    3. Open the Amazon app and log in
    4. Go back to Amazon App Store and download “Prime Instant Video”.

    You can now watch videos in the mobile app.

    1. Kathleen and others,
      With the new Amazon app for Android Phone (apparently updated yesterday besides) , the first time you choose a Prime Instant video to play, the app will install (just once) Amazon’s Prime instant video viewer app. After that, it’ll always use that secondary app to play these.

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