Kobo Wifi, B&N Nook now available at Walmart

I took a few minutes out of my schedule this morning to visit Walmart and check out their new ereader display.  I was hopig they would expand the section, but instead Walmart merely replaced the Sony display with the 2 Nooks and the Kobo Wifi.

I wouldn't want to be Sony right now; in pulling the Sony ereaders Walmart were saying that Sony aren't important enough to have in stores anymore. Ouch.

Kobo ereaders aren't showing up on Walmart's website, but as you can see the Kobo Wifi is in stock and selling for $129. I didn't see any boxes for the original Kobo, though.

And yes, both Nooks are on display - in a locked case. I think the big "Try Me" screen saver is a particularly nice touch.

3 thoughts on “Kobo Wifi, B&N Nook now available at Walmart

  1. I don’t think anybody in the ebook business wants to be Sony right now. They zigged when the market zagged and then they doubled-down with extra gold-plating when the market clearly wanted competitive pricing.
    It’s never a good thing when your market holds a price war and you don’t show up.
    Walmart’s move clearly signals that, yes, Kobo *is* the number 3 player in the US market.

  2. Target also ditched Sony for the Kindle and the iPad. I want a Nook, but was planning on getting a Sony for my son, till I saw the prices. I was expecting Sony to be competitive (aka the “cheap” one).

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