B&N Nook HD, Nook HD+ Now in Stock at Target

Still waiting on your Nook HD or HD+? You're not alone, and lucky for you a solution is in sight.

Barnes & Noble is having a minor Sandy related distribution snafu, with many stores having limited supplies and some stores having none at all. Even B&N.com is so short that they won't be shipping any more orders for another week. This was truly unfortunate for me because I had been wanting to buy the HD+, and I hate waiting.

But today my wait was over. My local Target store in Woodbridge VA has both the 7" and the 9" models in stock. They also have some cases.

This is rather curious because the website said that my store only had the Nook HD+ on hand. Obviously the website was wrong, and I would not trust it to accurately describe the stock situation at any other Target store. You'll need to check in person.

But I have my 9" tablet in hand, and I'm looking forward to playing with it. I had little interest in trying yet another 7" tablet, but the differences inherent in a 9" screen size could be interesting.

11 thoughts on “B&N Nook HD, Nook HD+ Now in Stock at Target

  1. “Even B&N.com is so short that they won’t be shipping for another week.”

    Maybe for new orders? My HD+ from B&N.com came yesterday.

      1. Or the same thing as with the Nook Glow. They may just be trickling in. Even if target has them, they probably don’t have a wall of them in the backroom. They probably just have a few in the display case.

          1. Do you think they are shipping these straight from Barnes and Noble to Target? No they ship them to Target’s Distribution Centers. Then they go to Target. So we do not know if they got to Target before the storm and if they are not located in the North East.

            Also when you say more, how many? What are the counts that went to a Target store and what went to Barnes and Noble.

          2. I don’t have exact counts but I do have access to a Facebook group for store level B&N folks. There are stores which still have not received any, and everyone else who has commented on the issue only has a limited supply.

          3. I gave you a plausible explanation as to why Target stores would have them where Barnes and Noble do not. That is all.

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