BlogTrottr Fills a Need That No Other News Reader Service Can Touch – Translation

blogtrottr-transThe Readerpocalypse is only 6 days away and I have finally found a replacement for the one feature that I cannot live without: auto-translation.

BlogTrottr does exactly one thing, and it is a feature that few other news reader services offer. It gathers up the articles in the RSS feeds you follow and sends them to you as an email.

That itself is pretty useful, but when you combine it with Gmail the usefulness doubles. Gmail, as you probably know, offers a translation option.

By redirecting RSS feeds to my inbox I now have a slightly less convenient (but still functional) way to keep up on news in other languages.

This might not matter to most people, but one of the reasons that Google Reader was my favorite news reader was that it was tied into Google Translate. That integration gave Google Reader the ability to automatically show a translated version of the feeds I follow, whether they were written in German, Russian, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, or Portuguese.

None of the news reader services I looked at offer a similar auto-translation feature (unless I missed something) but luckily for me a friend suggested a work around. Hat tip to Gary Price of InfoDocket for pointing me in the right direction.

Click here for more Google Reader alternatives.

P.S. If someone knows of another service that can fill this need, please leave a comment.


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