Infographic: eBooks On Track to Double Their Share of the Dutch Book Market

The US ebook market has shown every sign of having gotten boring but other markets are still much more active. CB Logistics, the leading ebook distributor in the Netherlands, just released a new infographic which reveals that Dutch ebook sales are growing by leaps and bounds.

Dutch publishers now distribute 37,190 titles, up from 33 thousand last July.  The majority of the titles (85%) are sold as Epub, with PDF (13%) coming in a distant second place. (Kindle format sales aren't being tracked at this time).

Two-thirds of the ebook sales being tracked involved either no DRM or minimal DRM (digital watermarks). The remaining third of sales were handled through ecosystems, which in this case means Kobo and Tolino (also Apple, Amazon, Google, and Nook). Kobo had formed a partnership with last fall, and Tolino recruited a bookstore coop in September, and clearly they are making their presence felt.

Thanks to the close attention of Kobo, Tolino, and Amazon, the Dutch ebook market continues to grow. eBooks made up 26% of online sales and 5.2% of total sales, up significantly from last July (23% and 3%, respectively).

CB Logistics doesn't break the market share figure down by quarter, but instead averages it over the previous 12 months. That makes it difficult to estimate the growth rate, but if we compare the figures from last July to the ones from today it's easy to see that eBooks are on their way to doubling their market share in only a year.

15.0040 E-books Infographic Q4_v3.indd

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  1. Just a note on the title: unless you change the second “eBook” to “Book” you have an impossibility. Ebooks are, presumably, already 100% of the Dutch *eBook* market; doubling that can’t happen.

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