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I was following up yesterday on the Next1 ereader, and rather than wait for Nextbook to get back to me I contacted Elonex for details (the hardware is the same). Elonex responded early this morning with links to the press kits for all of their devices, and I’m a little surprised at how many models they have. They really deserved more coverage. Now that I have solid data, I’m going to be posting on most of the new devices. But for some I will simply update an existing post.

They demoed 2 new 6″ ereaders at IFA, and the ereaders actually are new. If you follow ereader news then this ereader should look familiar.  It’s an updated version of the standard 6″ Netronix ereader with a 532 MHz CPU as well as more Flash and RAM (but the same general appearance as the original). There’s no word on the screen so it’s probably still Vizplex, not Pearl.

The only real difference between the 2 models is that the 631EB has Wifi. Other than that the hardware is identical. I don’t have the price or availability yet. Elonex are currently negotiating with an international distributor, and they didn’t want to release details until after the deal is signed.

Footnote: Pocketbook had planned to carry the Wifi-less model as the 601. They dropped it because it’s not a very good design.

Second Footnote: Do you recall the post from last week about Col-ER partnering with Elonex? Well, these 2 ereaders are the same hardware as the Cool-ER and Cool-ER Connect. The only difference is the shell. I’m not sure what Elonex will gain from the partnership.

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  1. Mike Cane14 September, 2010

    Looking at the photo, I said, that’s the frikkin Kobo … no wait, something other. Then I hit your Cool-er note. Bingo!


    >>> There’s no word on the screen so it’s probably still Vizplex, not Pearl.

    Oh? Then how the hell are they showing RED DOTS on that screen?!

    1. Nate the great14 September, 2010


      1. Mike Cane14 September, 2010

        The eejits!

    2. Mike Cane14 September, 2010

      *head desk* Kobo has said they plan advancing their hardware. Please tell me this wireless one will NOT be the next Kobo!

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