The UW eReader Study Repeats the Obvious

The UW eReader Study Repeats the Obvious e-Reading Hardware A research team at the University of Washington released a report yesterday, and it pretty much repeated what we already knew.

(Most) eReaders don't work as digital textbooks. Specifically, this report rehashed the results of a pilot program that the UW ran iduring the 2009-2010 school year. Those results matched the results of virtually every Kindle DX pilot program. The KDX doesn't work as a digital textbook.

I'm still trying to figure out why this qualifies as news.

via UW

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  1. I have a son in college, and he adamantly will NOT use an ereader for textbooks. Yet, he rarely buys a non-textbook reference book. That’s what the Internet is for! He’s a game design major, so this makes sense.

    As for me, I’m doing a lot of research on the late Victorian era and the Gilded Age in the US, so there’s not much out there that’s electronic. Even newer books on these topics are not always available in electronic format. Besides, if I use too many sticky notes on my ereader, I can’t see the screen. đŸ˜‰

  2. If you have to (and I have to) consult simultaneously 2 or 3 books, a block notes and the web and write down a document, the best solution is a writing desk, the 3 paper books opened on the desk and a pc connected to the internet.

    I’ve tried a pc with the corresponding ebooks: you have to continuously pass from a window to another and it’s really annoying.

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