Celebrate the Day Against DRM by removing it from your ebooks

Celebrate the Day Against DRM by removing it from your ebooks Editorials Today, May 4th, is the international Day Against DRM.  This seems like a good day to share a new DRM removal tool. It's new to me, at least. I just read about it.

ePUBee is a 1 step removal tool for Epub and PDF encumbered by Adobe Adept DRM. Does the file require that you use Adobe DE to download it? Then this is the app to free it from DRM.

I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like this is just a 1 step process. That's great; the other techniques I had been using are not simple.

Folks, removing DRM is simply being prudent. It's called protecting yourself from unfortunate accidents (dead computer, failed ebookstores, etc). Everyone should do it.

ePUBee.com via Beranger

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  1. Krystian Galaj // 4 May, 2011 at 9:48 am // Reply

    “Note: If using Win7 or Vista, click the program icon to “run as administrator”, ePUBee Drm Removal need file access permission.”
    Why exactly does this tool need such permissions? I smell malware.

    • Because Win7 is really stupid about admin stuff. This isn’t unusual.

      Do you know how WinXP used to require that you log in as admin to do certain stuff? With Win7 you need to get admin access at the time you do any number of actions. This involves nothing more than clicking an OK button, so it’s rather pointless.

  2. Please let us know what you think once you’ve installed and used the program.

  3. I installed it and ran it against a copy of my DRM’d folder. Let me just say that I have nothing to complain about.

  4. I am using Calibre plugins to strip the DRM. Works like a charm!

  5. This is all good for ePub DRM, but what about the Kindle users among us? What should they do? If you are going to have a day against DRM post, it needs to deal with both of the two most popular DRM types.

  6. Looks similar to this commercial software:

  7. The program works very well and is easy to use. It installed fine on my Vista 64 computer. Once I removed the DRM, I used Calibre to convert from EPUB to MOBI.

  8. Thanks for the link to this program. I works perfectly on my Ubuntu machine using WINE. I’ve been wanting to strip DRM from my ebooks but have found Python scripts to be a bit over my head. Good stuff!

  9. This program does not work with books from Barnes & Noble. They use a unique method of DRM.

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  1. It’s the Day Against DRM; does anybody care?

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