B&N file trademark for Nook Community Edition

Mike Cane has found yet another trademark from Barnes & Noble, and this one is a puzzler. B&N used their holding company Fission LLC to file trademark for

Nook Community Edition

It's the Edition that has me stumped. I can see the need for a trademark to cover Nook Community, but what would B&N want to release to that community as an edition? Here's the description, not that it helps any:

IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Computer software, downloadable computer software, mobile computer applications and portable electronic reader applications for use with editable digital books and electronic publications and for editing, modifying, altering and manipulating electronic publications, text and images in the nature of fiction and non-fiction books, children’s books, magazines, newspapers, journals, periodicals, manuals and guidebooks


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6 Comments on B&N file trademark for Nook Community Edition

  1. I am guessing from the name it’s social networking software for Nook ebooks, but the description sounds almost more like a self-publishing platform.

  2. That filing still gives me a headache. It sounds like group collaboration software, which should put it under the PubIt brand. Yet Nook is hardware, so WTF? And what makes my head hurt more: It implies there will be such an app for Nook. But the new Touch? Or is there another Nook coming?!

  3. Is it in relation to all that sharing and recommending and whatnot on the Nook ST? Maybe tying all the various platforms, be they Nooks or tablet apps or PC/Macs, together with that sharing/recommending aspect in one big B&N goodread-y environment?

  4. Maybe B&N is going to issue a regularly-published multimedia broadsheet exclusively for Nook users, similar to the Murdochs’ The Daily on the iPad?

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