Updated: Amazon Appstore Expands to Australia, Netherlands, India – Elsewhere?

Updated: Amazon Appstore Expands to Australia, Netherlands, India - Elsewhere? Amazon I've just gotten word from an Australian gadget blog I follow that Amazon have quietly expanded their Android Appstore to include Australia. It's not mentioned on their support pages, so I'm still waiting for confirmation.

My source reports that they successfully installed the Appstore client and registered it with their existing (Australian) Amazon account. This is great, but does it work anywhere else? I ask because I would expect that Amazon enabled Canada, UK, NZ, as well as Australia, only they haven't announced it yet.

Final Update: Amazon appear to have closed off the loophole. The Appstore is back to being US-only again.

Update: I just got word on Twitter that the Amazon Appstore now works in the Netherlands. That's confirmation enough for me.

Second Update: I got a pingback from an Android blog in India. They just used the Appstore.

Third Update: The Appstore has been confirmed for  UK, Canada, South Africa, Venezuela, Finland, Ireland, Austria, Estonia, Romania, Poland, and more. <- I'm going to cut it off there and call it good.

I'd love to have everyone try this and report back.

If you want to install the app store client (and you already have an Amazon account), open the browser on your Android gadget and go here: http://www.amazon.com/app-email. That is the direct download link for the install file.

Amazon launched the Appstore back in March, and it has been slowly growing since then. With around 15 thousand apps, it's still not nearly as large as Android Market, which is the largest app store in the world with nearly half a million apps available. But there's also something to be said about smaller is better. Take the NookColor App Store, for example, with its curated experience. It might only have a few hundred apps but they're the good ones.

You know, this expansion could be a technical snafu. It might be due to someone changing the wrong setting on a server. TBH, the fact that Amazon have not announced the expansion makes me believe that  this was an accident, and not part of the planned expansion.

But if it's not a snafu then it's a sign of Amazon finally pushing their non-Kindle content sales beyond the US. Who knows, we might see the Kindle games, mp3 store, and streaming video follow suit.

And possibly even the Kindle Tablet.


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12 Comments on Updated: Amazon Appstore Expands to Australia, Netherlands, India – Elsewhere?

  1. I’d like to know if this means they will soon accept Amazon Gift Cards for app payment. They didn’t before due to U.S.-only.

  2. Well, I’m in Canada, logged into amazon.com with my Canadian account and when I click on Apps for Android I am greeted with:

    “The Amazon Appstore is only available for customers located in the United States.”

  3. I’m in New Zealand, I just logged in and snagged Box It 2, the free app for today. Maybe this is an unannounced trial? I can’t imagine it’s a mistake, that would be pretty major!

  4. I’m in Russia, and I’m a client of US Amazon, it used to bounce me off saying Android apps are only available for customers located in the US, but now it’s working! I managed to download an app ok. Got a confirmation from Amazon about a successful order etc etc.

  5. I installed it in Mexico and now I can downloads apps!

  6. Not working for me. India. On SGS 2, no root

  7. New Zealand here…. after going through the hassle of 1-click settings it doesn’t work. BOOOOOO!

  8. It doesn’t work in Germany either, maybe it’s turned off over night..

  9. It was working yesterday today no longer works.

  10. Just tried it in the UK, not working.. Maybe just a glitch?

  11. No go for me either. The message says “The Amazon Appstore for Android is not yet available in your region” – “yet” seems suggestive, or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

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