New Update for Pandigital Novel (Black 7″) Adds Android Market

A couple hours ago I posted about a new firmware for the 9″ Novel, and after I posted that article I was inspired to go find an update for my other Pandigital Novel.

This is the cheaper, junky, 7″ tablet that is running Android v1.5. I really don’t think this tablet is worth buying; there isn’t much you can do with it due to the outdated version of Android.

But lots of people keep buying it so I figure that I might as well point you in the right direction.

Before I continue, let me add that I still see some value in this model as an ebook reader.  It does read Epub and you can buy ebooks. It’s just that there aren’t very many apps that you can install, so I don’t think it’s a very good tablet.

But if you already have this tablet then by all means install this update. It adds value.

I went looking over at SlateDroid and found a bunch of firmwares for this tablet.  I picked one which looked to be recently updated and installed it on my tablet. It works fine.

This update comes with:

  • Android Market
  • Youtube
  • SlideMe Appstore
  • and other apps


Installing this update is simple. You’ll need a charged tablet and an SD card.

  1. Download this DAT file.
  2. Copy it over to the SD card in your Novel, and rename it to polaris_update.dat
  3. Copy it over to your Novel a second time and rename it to S64N_SLST_KOBO_PD_20110602.dat.
  4. Turn off your tablet.
  5. Start the update cycle by pressing the up volume button and the power button at the same time.

I’m having you copy the file twice because some Novels will want one name and some will want the other. That’s weird, I know, but just go with it.

BTW, this tablet also comes with a number of apps that are included but not installed. The hacker wanted to give you an option, I guess.

  • Kobo
  • B&N
  • SpareParts
  • Titanium Backup

You can find these apps using the file manager. Launch it, then click the “/” button. Select the PD_Novel folder, then select the Download folder. Double click on the files to install them.

via SlateDroid


  1. Sheni30 December, 2011

    I am having a BIG problem flashing my Pandigital Novel 7″ White. When I hold down to power button and volume up keys my device keeps getting stock on the white triangle with the yellow exclamation point in the middle with the android man beneath it. I have searched for a solution to this and have found none. Is there another way to flash my device, like using ADB commands?

    1. razor9 January, 2012

      when i “updated” my reader, i kept getting the ‘attention droid’ i disconnected the battery and let it start up on its own. it updated the system itself w/ out pressing the power and volume up button. after that i logged onto the browswer to update the “SLIDE ME” app. once that updated there was a lot more apps to connect to than the old slide me app. good luck

    2. barefoot1388 July, 2012

      You mean like this?:

      Well I guess that means you did something wrong, did you already update it? Is it off when you do it? Are you sure you are using a black pandigital novel?

    3. Carleen26 October, 2012

      I have the same problem have you figured out a solution?

    4. Emmanuel Luna Roque9 November, 2012

      Hola buenas noches la solucion es reiniciar la tablen en el oyito que tiene aun lado del boton de encendido y la entrada usb. Saludos

      1. elsa2 March, 2014

        como puedo bajar aplicaciones de juegos no puedo hacer nada todo se me bloquea nesecito ayuda porfabor ..grasias

  2. Randy Eustace-Walden31 December, 2011

    Happy New Year! I hear what you’re saying about this ‘black box’, but I have to say I’m quite happy being an owner. I purchased it in early summer here in Vancouver for a ridiculously low price, regardless of the fact the salespeople at BestBuy (three of them!) tried talking me out of it. Once I went through hell trying to get it to work properly, I trundled over to an Android user group and found several helpful hints about tweaking it to make it work better. After a day of said tweaking, I’m still happy with the results six months later. No, it isn’t an iPad, a Fire, or anything other than itself – it is what it is. But it’s light, colour, and carries dozens of books and magazines. ‘Nuff said. Cheers!

  3. nate shelton1 January, 2012

    thank you so so so so much i tried everything to get this thing updated to something (mainly just youtube) useful. i have a bpdn us software. the market works but it wont show any apps. is there a fix for this? and thanks again

    1. nate shelton1 January, 2012

      well i just searched an app and it worked so disregard the help. thanks again man you literally just made my night

  4. tony2 January, 2012

    thanks,where in the tablet is it copied,which directory

  5. greg3 January, 2012

    will this work on my purple multimedia novel?

    1. Nate Hoffelder3 January, 2012

      Does your purple Novel have 2 speakers on the bottom edge? If it does then you have a different Novel model.

      1. Ramona28 April, 2012


      2. jason16 October, 2013

        I have that one but white can you help with it or do I use the same DAT file

        1. Nate Hoffelder16 October, 2013

          The White Novel is an entirely different model. This hack won’t work.

  6. tony3 January, 2012

    thanks,when i search the market ,i get hundreds of results ,but only have access to a single screen on tablet

  7. Mark3 January, 2012

    When you say copy over to your SD card in your novel….are you speaking of copying it to a SD card and mounting in the novel> I have read where some say remove the back of the novel and there is a mini SD card inside. Can the file not be copied to the internal card. How do I do that if so?

    You also mention copying and renaming the file on the novel. Where do I place that file?

    1. Nate Hoffelder3 January, 2012

      The black Novel doesn’t have an internal microSD card. You have to insert a card in the external slot in order to do the update.

      1. Mark3 January, 2012

        Thanks Nate! Now…where do I save the other file and rename on the novel itself?

        1. Nate Hoffelder3 January, 2012

          You save it in the root folder of the SD card.

  8. Jaidyn Lucari Altin3 January, 2012

    Well I’ve updated my Novel, but the market doesn’t show any apps. Is there a fix for this problem?

    1. Nate Hoffelder3 January, 2012

      The reason there are so few apps in the marketplace is that this tablet runs an old version of Android. Hardly any apps support it.

  9. Heather3 January, 2012

    Help! I downloaded the new firmware, I have the Android Market app, but there is nothing on it. I keep getting “No matching content in Android Market” for everything. I also lost my B&N app which was the only good thing about this piece of junk. Any suggestions?

    1. Nate Hoffelder3 January, 2012

      The B&N app is still there. It just needs to be installed again. Scroll up for the instructions.

      And the reason there are so few apps in the marketplace is that this tablet runs an old version of Android. hardly anything supports it.

      1. Heather3 January, 2012

        I tried searching for it using the instructions above with no luck finding it or anything else of use in it. I think I’ll just put it back to the way I had it before. At least its a good reader…even though everything else sucks on it.

        1. Heather3 January, 2012

          Thanks for trying to help me. I put back on the factory firmware upgrade from the Pandigital wedsite. Keep me updated if you figure out if this thing will ever be able to have a full (newer) version of the Android Market. I sent Pandigital I nice little nasty message as I am sure most purchased this thing have done. maybe if they hear enough screaming, they will do something.

  10. Michaael4 January, 2012

    Hi, just a question. Will it works with my QVC black model (PRD7T40WBL1)?


    1. Nate Hoffelder4 January, 2012

      Yes. That’s the correct black Novel.

      1. Michaael4 January, 2012

        Thank you very much, I will do it today.

        Just a more question, what android version it is?

        Thanks again.

      2. Gene R.16 July, 2014

        what about the model PRD7T20WBL1, i downloaded the files renamed them and cant get it to work right. i can build a computer but these tablets are new to me. i got this used for 25 bucks and want to convert to a tablet so i can put some games on it for my daughter

        1. Nate Hoffelder16 July, 2014

          The W tells me that you have the “white” model. This update works for the “black” model.

  11. Michaael4 January, 2012

    Hi again, I followed yous instructions but I have no results.

    I copied twice the fie to the SD card, as I figure you wrote. I turn it on with the volume + key and power. Say as it will works but enter finally to the original firmware. Mine comes with the updated firmware from pandigital. Please help e, I want to use android market and watch youtube videos.

    Thanks again.

  12. Terry5 January, 2012

    Thank you! I have been trying to update my 7″ black novel so I can access recently purchased books from B&N and have been unable to do so until now! Followed your instructions and it worked perfectly!

    1. Michaael5 January, 2012

      I am glad for you Terry, I have not the same luck. 🙁

  13. Rosey6 January, 2012

    My husband got this device for Christmas from our girls. I’m sure it was a black Friday special, so I am not sure if it can be returned or exchanged. I’m unsure if this is the right device for him or not, but hey it was free as a gift, so why not go with it and experiment with a tablet right? As I am reading information on this device, and it’s competitors, I’m unsure if this is worth the trouble to download and install these upgrades or not. Here’s the deal. I think it will do most everything he wants if I either download the new firmware or the hacker version so he can get ebooks from multiple sources. He would also like the ability to download ebooks from the local library (much like a kindle). Android apps are not so critical in my opinion to him but he would like to read his email (check), browse the internet (check), perform secure transactions? i.e., pay bills and check his stocks (not sure but possibly if you use a secure internet connection and an SSL session), open documents like word, excel and powerpoint (check, I think, it has a viewer), does any of the firmware allow you to create docs?; but the biggest thing ever – can he watch his dish online? He would like to watch his scheduled recorded programs when he is on travel, like football, or a movie, etc. Currently, this version of the Android OS did not allow Adobe Flash to be installed or run which was required by the dish network in order to allow him to do this. Will the hacker version or even the firmware update from the company allow him to run flash on this version of the tablet? If so, given what I have asked, which version is the best version to upgrade the device with – the pandigital firmware or the hacker version? BTW, has support improved from pandigital if you need technical support and finally is there any option for purchasing an after market warranty beyond the 1 yr mfg warranty? Thanks for your response.

    1. Michaael7 January, 2012

      Rosey, I think is a good device for basic purpose. About flash player, I like to use Opera Browser, with it I can watch you tube videos (are in flash version), maybe hi can try to do it, and if it serves just keep it and use.

      About the update, well, I have no success in that, but another users really do it. Just try a couples of time, if you cannot do it, may just leave as you have.

      I am new in this world of tablets, maybe another user can give you better tips.

  14. Tracy9 January, 2012

    Followed the instructions but how do I get the new download to work. Do I have to access it somehow from the card? Sorry I just want to get my daughters gift to work! Help me please

  15. Mark9 January, 2012

    Rosey, with all things that are not plug and play right out of the box, the Pandigital takes some patience. For adding books to your Novel, you can download via a torrent online. Then you can use a program that is called “Calibre Ebook Manager” to convert them to ePub if they are not already in that format and then load them via SD. As for “Creating” docs rather than just viewing, you can download the program Picsel Smart Office v1.9.2 Apk. Works great! Also, you can down load the ePrint Apk if you have a HP printer with internet and print to it from anywhere. For video…download the SkyFire 2.1 APK. Not a complete fix, but it helps with many video sites like and more. If you want to know more about these apps and more, you can read my blog at Meanwhile, I am here too get an idea about how to flash the firmware. =)

  16. Marion10 January, 2012


    I just downloaded the update and had the same dilemma. I put in my SD card, and add the renamed .dat file to the root of the SD card.

    I attempted to copy the second renamed .dat to the root folder on the novel, but you don’t have permission to do that, so just add it to the top most level you can on you computer when it’s connected.

    Then press the volume + button and hold it. Press the power buttonfor 3 seconds. Keep holding the volume + button but release the power button.

    The update started for me then.

  17. Marion11 January, 2012

    Excellent! Thanks for this information. The update went perfectly. I signed in to the Market app, and nothing was there, but after adjusting my settings on the device, and finding a version of SkyFire that would work on Android 1.5, when I went back to work on the Market app, I noticed it was loading the app data normally.

    I downloaded several apps, and they all worked (for as much as I messed with them.)

    With the SkyFire browser, Facebook, and the YouTube apps, this thing is now usable. When the kids are hogging the computer, my wife can sit on the couch or lay in bed, and still be social 😀

  18. dan14 January, 2012

    I am having an issue I am doing as said but when I did the volume and power up at same time device went black will not do anything now is this normal I think not help

  19. marion14 January, 2012

    Dan, press both the start and volume + buttons, count to three, and while continuing to hold the vol + button release the power button. The update should then start.

  20. Megan14 January, 2012

    what do i do when i get it to work but it stops at the verifying update and turns on and the update isnt there im soooo confused lol

  21. Marissa21 January, 2012

    Everything has worked fine until I got to installing the apps. I launch the manager, and go to the PD_Novel file, however there is no “Download” folder. There is absolutely nothing, it says that PD_Novel is an empty folder.

    I don’t consider myself to be computer illiterate however I am obviously missing something here, maybe I am tablet illiterate………….Do I just have to find the Kobo reader in the app store or something since this isn’t working?

    1. Nate the Great21 January, 2012

      I’m stumped. The files should have been in that folder.

  22. kelly24 January, 2012

    i am so confuse:( what do i do after i restart it i mean how do i know if it works? and where do i go to get apps:(

    1. Nate the Great24 January, 2012

      Open the apps menu and see if you have one labeled “Market”. That is the official Android Market, and it wasn’t there before.

  23. Golesy4 February, 2012

    Hey, every time I try to update, i get a half-second boot screen pop up, then disappear. this leads to a normal boot. Any idea what i could to to force the update?

  24. Kristie5 February, 2012

    Hey, i downloaded the file, and its stuck in my downloading file. I dont know how to copy it. The only thing it will let me do is cancel the download. Can you help me out please?

    1. Jerry Clark6 February, 2012

      Kristie, if you have Windows Vista like me. I just down loaded the file to my downloads, dragged it once to the desktop holding down the right mouse button, chose to copy here, and then another right click and chose rename and gave it the first name. I did this a second time and then renamed the second name. I turned off my novel, took out the sd card, put it in the slot on my pc, opened it and dragged the two files to the card, not in any directory, reinserted the sd card to my novel and followed the rest of Nate’s instructions. Worked like a charm. I would think that all the copy and rename operations would be the same in other versions of Windows, but you can never be sure, especially with Vista. I used ES File explorer, went to the “/” option in the upper right, then to PC_Novel, then download and was able to reinstall B&N. Hope this helps…..

      1. Sergio13 January, 2013

        it didnt do anything and their isnt any app saying market 🙁

  25. Jerry Clark6 February, 2012

    Nate, this worked like a charm. I was able to reinstall B&N, so I can use it like the ereader I bought. I was able to reinstall OfficeSuitePro, which I use for work. I now have access to Android Market and YouTube ! I paid $49.00 for it at my local Big Lots and you just increased it’s productivity, for me, by at least 50% ! Any more tips would be great, thanks man !!!

  26. Cro6 February, 2012

    When i put the file on the novel. I get ínvalid update file’I? running ubuntu. That got something to do with it? HELP!

  27. SHELBY9 February, 2012

    I downloaded the files and then transferred them to my pandigital. However, I can’t get it to update. I have shut it off and pressed the power and volume up button for three seconds and then continued to hold the volume up button but it won’t update! Please help me…I just want to be able to read books on it is all!

  28. SHELBY9 February, 2012

    also…I plugged my pandigital up to the computer using the usb cord…I didn’t know how else to trasfer the file. Is this right? Why can’t I just download it directly to the pandigital? I have wireless internet and it works on the pandigital. Please please please help me!

  29. Nate23 February, 2012

    Note: I found an upgrade file that gave me Eclair on my 7″ Novel Black. It’s over on SlateDroid.

    Mind. Blown.

    It did take some time, I had to copy the files using a USB cable to the native memory (SD card DID NOT WORK), and I had to make about 8 copies until I found a filename that worked.

    But… Eclair… on a Novel Black (I have a RR7T20WBL1). It’s actually a full-fledged, if a little dated and slow, Android tablet.

    1. Nate Hoffelder24 February, 2012

      Damn. Right after I tell everyone that it’s not possible, someone proves me wrong.


      Update: I’ve tried it. I would not recommend installing this update. It’s not ready for the end user. It is slow, unstable, and broken.

  30. J26 February, 2012

    Thanks much works great

  31. MissBella27 February, 2012

    It didnt work from me 🙁 i’m really new at this stuff i’ve never done it before. if someone could take me through every little step so i can get it to work i would really appreciate it

  32. Gort1 March, 2012

    Before update attempt I had S64N_SLSB_PD_2010_11_23. After update had the same – no change.
    Recap: Downloaded bpdn_trm_Market_20110602_polaris_update; copied it to main memory and renamed it S64N_SLST_KOBO_PD_20110602.dat. Copied it to the SD card and renamed it polaris_update.dat

    Also in main memory was my existing version S64N_SLSB_PD_11.23 from its original install. Was I supposed to have erased it before updating?

  33. Debbie2 March, 2012

    I have been trying ALL day to get Android Market on my Pandigital Supernova DLX and have not accomplished anything. Every time I follow the “power and volume +” instructions to update it I only get a white triangle with yellow ! with the market man. I have tried everything that has been mentioned. I connected my tablet to my computer with USB to download/copy the files to it and also unmounted my SD card and copied to it but it is not working. What do I have to do to get it to work? PLEASE HELP!

    1. Nate Hoffelder2 March, 2012

      The instructions above are for a different Pandigital tablet than the one you have. That’s why they’re not working.

  34. JOSHUA3 March, 2012

    Hi, just a question. Will it work with my QVC black model (PRD7T20WBL7)?


    1. Nate Hoffelder3 March, 2012

      Are you sure you have the model number right? It’s not showing up in Google.

      I can still answer your question, though.

      Does your tablet have 2 speakers built in to one edge? Then this update will not work for you. Other wise it will.

      1. thom25 December, 2012

        I also have the prd07t2wbl7…and I cannot get this to work for me either. It is black with 2 speakers on the side/bottom. I get the error and Android guy. Any help out there?

        1. Nate Hoffelder25 December, 2012

          The W in the model number and the 2 speakers on the bottom tell me that you have the white Novel, not the black. I know that sounds weird, but trust on this. These instructions won’t work for you.

          I don’t have a current set of instructions to hack this model.

  35. Jealy11 March, 2012

    i hope this works do you have to use sd or can u download through the computer to the tablet

  36. Michelle14 March, 2012


    I downloaded the file and saved it under both names. I plugged my pandigital into the computer via USB port and transferred the file over. Even when I do things through an SD card whenever I try and open files a screen pops up that says “Open As” and than lets me chose from text, audio, video and image. Ive tried them all but I chose text and than either HTML version or Office Suite

    They both open up the file encrypted and in a jibbereish language. Its sooo frustrating!! I was having the same problem with eBooks I downloaded and once I opened them in B&N they worked.

    What is the solution to this?!?!?!

  37. Juan30 March, 2012

    Great! I needed to make my little sisters tablet more enjoyable. So I set out to find a good firmware update and i did! I got her some new apps and now i can qualify it as a quality tablet. She now has Pandora, Google Maps, Youtube, Color Notes, and may other entertaining apps for her.

  38. kaleb3 April, 2012

    my pandigital will not start up it just stays on the pandigital rebot homescreen

    please help

  39. Chris21 April, 2012

    Which SD card do I copy it to? the internal one or the kind I slip into the top?

    1. Nate Hoffelder21 April, 2012

      The one you slip into the top.

      FYI: The black Novel doesn’t have an internal SD card.

      1. Devan4 May, 2012

        It actually does (PRD07t20wbl7). Under the battery cover you will find a Micro SD card, mine is a two gig. I figured that this was the internal but even without it inplace, it will boot and operate as normal. I’ve placed this card in my lapto and it had a full list of programs as if it were the OS, I had formatted and copied a ‘rom’ or ‘root’ (totally new at this tablet thing) per another website instructions and the system still boots to the original OS. Haven’t gotten past the droid with the triangled exclamation mark. I’ll get it though.
        Really eating up this thread, we all appreciate your time Nate. Its nice to get something more out of an inexpensive device.

        1. Nate Hoffelder5 May, 2012

          Okay, you have a different Novel model. I know this because the W in the model number stands for white. Also, the black novel doesn’t even have a removable cover.

          I bet you’re going to tell me that your Novel tablet is black. Yep. But you still have the white Novel.

          1. Devan5 May, 2012

            … Wow, could they make that more confusing? Thats good info to know, thanks. So should I then be rooting from the SD or the Micro SD? Thanks again and man, you are killer-fast in your relies.

  40. Lora23 April, 2012

    Help!!! Did everything the instructions say but when I push volume and power it does nothing. Now I can’t even turn it on 🙁 what can I do?

  41. amy24 April, 2012

    i hope someone can help me.i just bought the “pandigital novel 7 color multimedia ereader black model prd7t40wbl1” from my mother because she couldnt figure the thing out. i did the above update on it, but everything still looks the same to me. that is the least of my problems with this thing tho. for some reason the touch calibration is off! examples: when i click an icon, i have to click to the right of it for it to select. or when i try to type, it doesnt select the letters or numbers im clicking,unless i use the pen and click on the far top right corner of each letter/number key. with the way it is now, im unable to type passwords to sign in to things like facebook etc,or even do searches on the internet. someone please help me figure out how to calibrate this thing. there is no calibration option any where in the settings 🙁

    1. Devan5 May, 2012

      Settings>Sound & Display>Touch Calibrate

  42. Devan5 May, 2012

    Alright, I’ve tried everything my little brain could think of to get past the exclamation android during the power+vol up button. I’ve tried it:
    Batt in; .dat files on internal Micro-SD, .dat files on external SD, hold power whole time, five secs, 3 secs, usb cable in and usb cable out,
    Batt out; all of the above.

    All I want to do is get torque app on this guy and then I can start to play with getting a OBDII scanner hooked up to this, if it doesn’t work, well I am out $30 but still have a nice little reader and Internet surfer. Just thinking how nice this would look mounted in my car.

    Thanks for any ideas Nate.

    1. Nate Hoffelder5 May, 2012

      That’s because these instructions only work with the black Novel, not the white one.

      It’s been a while since I looked at hacking the white Novel, so the best I can do is point you at SlateDroid. A number of hackers have posted their projects there.

      1. Devan5 May, 2012

        I’ll check it out, thanks Nate, you have been a big help. The ‘white’ Novel, that cracks me up!

      2. Shannon11 July, 2012

        I have been trying for hours to update this to my pandigital prd7t40wbl1. I have it installed on my sd card, but don’t understand what a root folder is. Can you please help me. Thanks

  43. Devan5 May, 2012

    This is THE link for the proper downloads to for the PRD07t20wbl7. Have had no issues using any of the files. Small quirks within the programs but all can be overcome.

  44. SoSoulFul Kendra7 July, 2012

    Thanks so much for this…it works perfect for my 8 year old..she now play games..yaaaa…put she wants to play this game called “Temple Run” on it and i can not find it…..any advice on how to get this on the pandigital novel black after the update? thank so much..she now play games and watch youtube…she is demanding newer games now…lol…is it possible to download google play on this thing after the update?

    1. Nate Hoffelder7 July, 2012

      It’s in Google Play and it’s in Amazon.

      Edit: I just realized which device you are asking about. This tablet is likely too old to run that app.

      1. SoSoulFul8 July, 2012

        thank you for replying, even after reading through all of my typos…. i must have been extremely tired… well she will just have to settle for the games that are including with this update, but if anyone finds a solution plz let me know.

  45. barefoot1389 July, 2012

    After I did this the PC Updater Application started working.

    1. barefoot1389 July, 2012

      How do I install Flash player? Certain apps no longer work, and some still don’t work and didn’t in the first place, I’m talking about installations here, just so you know…

  46. […] novel black, rather simple and it gives you the market. there are a lot of helpful comments on it New Update for Pandigital Novel (Black 7") Adds Android Market – The Digital Reader it worked well foor […]

  47. Jake11 July, 2012

    Can anyone please respond to the power + volume up problem? Whenever I try to do it, it doesn’t work. It goes to load the file, but it doesn’t update. I’ve tried every combination under the sun, but it still will not work.

  48. Travis21 July, 2012

    Ok so I put both files onto my SD card, powered it off, then hit the + volume and power button and when it boots I get

    RDU Version (current boot count: 0)
    Firmware Version Pole1.PVT S64N_SLSB_PDUI_PD_2010-11-23 QVC

    And this screen displays seemingly indefinitely (upwards of 3 hours)

    Any Idea what to do?

    1. Narceron24 July, 2012

      QVC? You need to use model specific stuff, the black PDN is not the qvc one, 🙁

  49. T Smith25 July, 2012

    I was able to do the update, but the Barnes and Noble app was removed. I was able to open the file manager, but I could not find anything in the download section was empty. I tried to reset the Novel to its factory settings, but it still will not bring the Barnes and Noble app back. I tried to then do the pc update from the Pandigital website and still nothing. Any ideas or more specific directions for finding the app. I’m very aggravated. I’ve been working on this for several hours now.

    1. T Smith25 July, 2012

      I’ve tried renaming the file again to the original firmware which I believe to be S64N_SLSB_OP15_PD_2011_03_01_A . Is there some place that I can put the original back on? I’m very frustrated with only a few hours of sleep. Any helpful information?

  50. nick6 August, 2012

    mine is still in the place where it says pandigital novel and the blue line going across at the bottom???

  51. Sassy11 August, 2012

    I have been trying for the past several hours to get a copy of the manual for my Pandigital pocture frame. All I can get is DOWNLOAD A TOOL Bar, or pay to have someone answer questionsI haven’t thought of yet.Even Pandigital’s web page is of no help. What am I doing wrong?
    Can someone please help?
    Thanks ever so

    1. FenuxRizn11 September, 2012

      Go to this link for Pandigital customer service and state your problem:

  52. Lucinda30 August, 2012

    I was wondering, would this work for my Pandigital Novel 7″ Color Multimedia eReader?

  53. FenuxRizn11 September, 2012

    I was just about to commit hari-kari on this Pandigital that I bought this summer. My mobile phone has more capabilities. And then I found this link!

    It took so long to update the firmware, I was afraid that I’d fried the thing. After a little tweeking, I was able to download all my Amazon apps!!!!

    Yo, I love me a tech cowboy ;-D

  54. shelly17 September, 2012

    Just got this a mth ago. Model prd07t10wwh7, andworkn pretty good but can’t play youtube. what can I do

  55. Angela Buttram23 September, 2012

    Okay, I followed the instructions…turned on my pandigital with the SD card inserted while pushing the volume up button. Briefly my screen flashed “updating” and then went black. I will not turn back on. Any suggestions?

    1. Angela Buttram23 September, 2012

      I mean IT will no longer turn back on.

  56. Angela Buttram23 September, 2012

    Okay…is there any other advise out there. This is not working…I’ve booted it like I was supposed to…Finally got it to come back on after..Tried to download an app…still the parser error….any other suggestions?

  57. Jeff Wright12 October, 2012

    It just turned everything green, blurry, and inverted the screen. Now it takes forever to boot, too.

  58. Jennifer24 October, 2012

    ok, I have followed all of your instructions, read throught this whole thread and I still don’t know what I am doing wrong. My Model # is PRD7T40WBL1. It’s black with 4Gb internal (QVC model?; dunno, got it from ebay). I copied to pc, copied onto SD and novel via USB, renamed, unplugged from computer and the reader says its going to restart and it doesn’t. It’s just dead. If I unplug the SD card and let it un-brain-fart (that’s a technical term btw) for about 10 minutes, then it will turn on but its no different. Help, please??

    1. Nate Hoffelder24 October, 2012

      Does your model have 2 speakers along the bottom edge? If it does then you technically have the white Novel.

      The reason I think you have the white Novel is the model number: PRD7T40W <- W is for white.

  59. lifin4 November, 2012

    Please tell me if I can get a realplayer for my black pandigital novel which is running android v1.5

    1. Nate Hoffelder4 November, 2012

      I don’t think you can. It’s too old.

  60. Tania22 November, 2012

    How long did it take for your Pandigital novels to update?

    1. Nate Hoffelder22 November, 2012

      I believe it was under 5 minutes.

  61. Jay Will23 November, 2012

    Is this a joke?
    Why havnt the person who orginally posted this answered some questions???

    1. Nate Hoffelder23 November, 2012

      I have answered some questions – the ones which I know the answers to.

  62. Raymond30 November, 2012

    I did the update thing. Now my screen is green and not blue. And its up side down. Anything on the that? Please help. Email me please. Thanks.

    1. Nate Hoffelder30 November, 2012

      You haven’t written anything to indicate that you have a serious problem. Does it still work? Can you still run apps?

      If your only issue is that it is upside down and the home screen color changed, reboot the tablet. That should fix the orientation issue.

  63. Bryan30 November, 2012

    Update worked! Thanks. But, somehow lost Wifi. It wont let me click the check. And it is doing the upside down thing. Ideas?

  64. Kandice1 December, 2012

    Hello! I scrolled through the comments section and noticed two other people with the same problem as me. I did everything as it said to do and when I went to get back the b&n with your instructions the file was empty!! I’m really needing that file back. the website does not work for me, how else can i revert it back to its original?? factory reset did not work.
    ps any one else not able to go onto I think its pretty odd…

    1. Nate Hoffelder1 December, 2012

      The company died a few weeks back.

      1. Kandice1 December, 2012

        Crap! So is there no way for me to revert mine back to what it was? or get the b&n app back?

        1. Nate Hoffelder1 December, 2012

          The install file for the B&N app should have been installed with this update. You hsould be able to install it again.

  65. Bryan1 December, 2012

    I know the white version has a wifi switch. There is none on the black, correct? Anyone elde have a problem with the wifi not being active? Can turn it on, it is grayed out (actualy green, since my entire display is now green) and can search for networks.Manual setup just returns a “cannot save” message.

    1. Nate Hoffelder2 December, 2012

      The white novel is the one with the 2 speakers on one edge.If you don’t see the speakers then it’s a black Novel.

  66. tamatha19 December, 2012

    mine will not power up and its fully charged any ideas

  67. Juan22 December, 2012

    Dont let me paste the file, how I can do that!!!!

  68. Juan22 December, 2012

    Hello, I have R7T40WWHF1, PANDIGITAL NOVEL WHITE, I try to copy and paste, but when Im trying to paste to tablet, get an error, how I can paste the file, thanks.

  69. Mark22 December, 2012

    I sat there over and over like an idiot press the the volume+ while turning it on, nothing ever updated.

  70. Dimitris26 December, 2012

    I’ve upgraded with the suggested software but there is a problem with the touch screen. Could you please provide instructions for screen calibration?

    1. Nate Hoffelder26 December, 2012

      There should be an option under the settings menu.

      1. Dimitris26 December, 2012

        I dont see any

  71. Dimitris26 December, 2012

    I’ve upgraded all right but I cannot load epub books (only pdf). What should I do to read epub in the upgraded reader?

    1. Nate Hoffelder26 December, 2012

      That depends on the app you are using. What I think you will need to do is copy the Epub to the folder which the apps use to store ebooks. I’m not sure which one that is; I don’t have one of these tablets in front of me.

  72. dimitris27 December, 2012

    Although the B&N application is still on the reader the ES file explorer does not install it!
    Any suggestion for a epub reader that would work after upgrade?

    1. dimitris27 December, 2012

      I had the file explorer search, find and install the kobo apk. The reader works now fine. The only thing I haven’t been able to find out is how to recalibrate the touch screen after the upgrade. Any ideas?

  73. dimitris27 December, 2012

    There is a touchrecalibrate app that allows you to calibrate the touch screen of the pandigital novel but it is necessary to change sdk to 7. How do you change sdk?

    1. Nate Hoffelder27 December, 2012

      You can’t.

      1. dimitris28 December, 2012

        Is it possible to use an external mouse? That would allow me to navigate and possibly solve the problem!

        1. Nate Hoffelder29 December, 2012

          No, sorry.

  74. tanya28 December, 2012

    So I did this and now I can’t get my Novel’s to power back up. Yes, I did two at the same time. HELP!!!!

  75. Fraggman1 January, 2013

    I have tried your way and nothing, there are several ways I have found. you tube is covered with how to videos. however none of the ones I have tried works. on the videos I saw from what they said they could download anything. pandigital”s website even lists a download to update your system, and give you android market… guess what, not on mine. oh it shows a picture like mine and name, but it doesn’t work. guess I’m screwed. I have the black “7

  76. Dave Blenman5 January, 2013

    Hi Nate, can i use this update for my white pdn 7. and will this resolve my problems with downloading apps and getting parse errors?

    1. Nate Hoffelder5 January, 2013

      Nope. This onl works on the black Novel.

  77. Gill12 January, 2013

    My kids got this frustrating thing [black version] as a gift from Santa from a neighbor, so now Santa’s reputation is on the line. I don’t need the up-date [I think], the kids just want to download books from Amazon, but when we try to browse we get a Google security certificate error; bypassing that gets us a locked up screen when we try to surf. Somehow I think being in Canada doesn’t help.

    Nate, or anyone have suggestions?


    1. Nate Hoffelder12 January, 2013

      The problem with the security certificate is caused by not having the time and date set. Seriously.

      Here are some more tips for your older tablet:

  78. Adam16 January, 2013

    Everything was going smooth. Update was being verified and when the bar at the bottom was 3/4 of the way across the screen went black. Does the tablet reset itself? Do I wait awhile and turn it back on using just the power button? What is normal as far as the update process is concerned? Should I see the verification bar to the end and then see any “Update Complete” notification? Thanks.

    1. Adam16 January, 2013

      Came back on and it said boot retry fail (6) and then it restored my previous firmware. My previous firmware is S64N_SLST_KOBO_P1_20101028.dat. Do I need to change your “PD” to “P1” to match my old firmware? Why would it not take?

  79. David25 January, 2013

    You keep saying the word “tablet” in your review. You called it a “junky tablet”. It is not a tablet at all, it is an E-Book Reader, as in it is similar to a nook or kindle. That is it’s primary function, it is not a tablet so don’t review it as one.

    1. Nate Hoffelder25 January, 2013

      This device is just as much an Android tablet as any new 7″ tablet on the market, it’s just running an outdated version of Android.

  80. Lex27 January, 2013

    Wow, the install of the update was fast & easy. The tablet now works faster than before with many more options! This is great, new life for this old tablet. Thanks!

  81. Stephen6 February, 2013

    After about 8 or 9 months my wife decided to try and power up her Pandigital 7″ Black; needless to say it wasn’t happy and refused to boot. Of course just like every else I have read, it got stuck in a boot loop and would not do anything. After two days of frustrating research, I came across this form and followed the instructions. It worked to update the novel and booted right up. At this point it is fully charged, boots up to the main screen and asks me what language I would like to use. I try to select the language but the screen is unresponsive. Somehow or another I made it past the language issue and made it to the desktop; however when I got to the desk top the screen was unresponsive. I forced a shut down and it rebooted. Once I rebooted a new window came up that says “Complete this action using”
    Setup Wizard

    and a “check box” Use by default for this action

    Well, as before I still can not select anything using the screen and am stuck. I would really appreciate any help you can offer.

    Thank you,

  82. Brenda Ruiz8 February, 2013

    Thank you very much… I do it, and my Pandigital really works!!! The resolution cuality it´s a little nasty, but it´s ok… And one more question, how I can play movies on line? It´s posible on a Pandigital Novel 7¨?

  83. Nicole19 February, 2013

    Alright, first things first; it worked on my, my sister, and my brother’s pandigital novel. HOWEVER, I’ve noticed that after I did this I cannot download even files/apps with the .apk extensions. Also, in trying to update my android market given with this change to the new Google Play, I’ve had no success. Because this is a change like so, will I eventually get the update? Also, did it change my android to the necessary needed value (I believe a 2.2, but should go back to google play help to make sure) or is it not, because if it isn’t it won’t update to the new Google Play? If it’s not, is there some way to update my android tablet without ruining what this change has to offer or will it reset my tablet? Also, did it change which type of extension is necessary to download anything and if so or if not, is there some way to fix it; I NEED to download; one download it didn’t agree with was a game app for my brother and sister called “android pit” and I’d really appreciate if you’d let me know how and what is what? Please email me back at [email protected] or just reply whichever is better and sooner is better, please. thank you

  84. Douglas2 March, 2013

    Great! Now I really have a tablet. It was fast and simple.

  85. Jahaziel7 April, 2013

    I have a big question, when i reboot appear two opcion:

    *Setup Wizard

    Which one i must choose?
    thank you.

    1. Nate Hoffelder7 April, 2013

      Choose the setup wizard.

  86. Rodrigo19 April, 2013

    How do I find the model number? I got it from my brother without the box:
    Hardware version- RD101-2GB-W
    Firmware version- S64F_SHST_OP21_PD_20110310_A
    It’s black , 7″…. will this update work? Thanks..

    1. Nate Hoffelder19 April, 2013

      I googled the hardware version number you provided and all the image results came back as showing the correct model This hack should work for you.

      1. Rodrigo22 April, 2013

        Great thanks!

  87. Tyler19 April, 2013

    Does this work on the white pandigital novel?

    1. Nate Hoffelder19 April, 2013

      Not this hack, no.

  88. Rodrigo22 April, 2013

    It says invalid update package…. ?

  89. Steve27 April, 2013

    You said in an earlier post to make sure you copy the file to the root directory, but where is that? What is the file name I should put it in?

  90. ksim1 June, 2013

    hi, is there any way of upgrading my 7″ pandigital model PRD07T20WBL7_v1.7_02-11…thanks

  91. Lester11 June, 2013

    hi i just want to know whether this hack is good for my version of pandigital.

    hardware platform: RD101-2GB-W
    platform software: AN15-11-05-2010-7D
    application package: BN01-11-05-2010-7D-v2

    i just want to make sure because i just want to help my colleague turn his reader to android tablet. thank you.

  92. Dorothy22 June, 2013

    Where can I get a battery for my pan digital novel e-reader it will not hold a charge and won’t work while its plugged into the wall socket

  93. Jenna12 July, 2013

    Do you know how to hack the white 7″ pandigital novel?

  94. Kathy25 July, 2013

    My Pandigital is: version 1.0 & has adobe 9.1.0 I have never had a problem downloading my books. I am getting this message “cannot download this book, ///////format is not supported, (Format_error). I have turned off and restarted, but it still will not allow me to download. I also made sure I purchased ebooks from B&N. What can I do now? Thank you for you help

  95. Jonathan18 August, 2013

    Yeah i tried a lot of times with this update and in the update screen the status bar just reaches to “veryfing update” then boots and nothing else happens. Any ideas what could it be?

  96. Julio23 August, 2013

    this works for the Pandigital Novel 7 White?

    1. Nate Hoffelder23 August, 2013

      Sorry, no.

      1. Julio23 August, 2013

        And there is another way to update the white novel?

  97. Stew6 September, 2013

    I installed the update. Is the screen resolution supposed to get so ‘terrible’and green’? Is there a fix for it? also it is now ‘oriented the upside down. Is this common? Did I do it incorrectly?

    Did I do this to the wrong pandigital?
    model: PRD09T – R90A200

    1. Nate Hoffelder6 September, 2013

      This update was for the 7″ Pandigital Novel. Based on your model number I would say you have the 9″ model.

      1. Stew6 September, 2013

        oh….yea I guess that would be a problem huh. Any idea on how to revert back to original firmware?
        Sorry for being an idiot.

      2. Stew6 September, 2013

        After some detective work(google) I found the 9″ version. My apologies for wasting your time. Thank you though it was much appreciated.

  98. Raymond Bi31 October, 2013

    Hello, I was wondering if the hack would work with the Pandigital Novel RR7T40WBL1. It is a refurbished tablet, so that number may not be common. The outside of the tablet is black, and it is not technically a white PD novel because it only has one speaker.

    1. Nate Hoffelder31 October, 2013

      If your tablet has just the one speaker on the back then this hack should work.

      1. Raymond Bi1 November, 2013

        It didn’t seem to work, or I was doing something wrong. I made two copies of the file and named them both the two variants. Then, I moved them both to the Pandigital Novel’s internal memory and did the update cycle. It displayed the update initialization screen and then turned off the system. Am I doing something wrong?

        1. Raymond B.30 November, 2013

          This hack worked great. Unfortunately for me I have broken the device, as I dropped it. Oh well, nice while it lasted. 🙂

  99. Alansgal25 November, 2013

    Worked for me! I added the update to the SD card. After disconnecting from my computer, it rebooted I shut it off and turned it back on with the power button and vol up pushed. It usnot work the first time and I had to repeat the start up. The update installed and again I had to boot it twice after the update then Voila!
    I recommend using the slide me android download site that loads with the update and get Blackmoon File Browser the one on the update did not work properly, and Laputa for reading the books. You will need to use the Blackmoon to initally open the book in Laputa.

  100. April27 November, 2013

    Thank you so much! Followed the directions and now I am updated and can still read my books!!!!

  101. Michelle22 January, 2014

    Ok, I get it I am stupid. I bought a Pandigital off eBay the other day for next to nothing.
    However the user guides are gone, so I need to download them, but the pandigital website is gone.
    I bought this strictly as an ereader. I am a freelance writer and do a lot of book reviews, I wanted a basic ereader cheap.

    Any one know how to download the user guides?

    1. Raymond B.24 January, 2014

      Hi Michelle,

      I have the user’s manual for the Pandigital Novel. The user’s manual previously was available on the Panimage Web site, but they recently filed a bankruptcy and the site is gone. I will try to scan and upload my user’s guide to my Web site. When I do, I will notify you through this comment thread.

      Raymond B.
      RCOSNET Information Technology

      1. Michelle24 January, 2014

        Thank you.
        I asked the guy who sold it to me and he said he didn’t know anything about it but gave me three websites he used when checking to see if it worked.
        I tried downloading those and it’s still not working.
        I just reset it to factory settings today to start over fresh. I just really want to use it to read. I don’t care it it does anything else as long as I can upload and read files.

        Thank you!!

        1. Raymond B.3 February, 2014


          I have compiled the Quick Start Guide into an Adobe Acrobat Reader document. You can download it from my Web site at your convenience.

          Raymond B.
          RCOSNET Information Technology

  102. Chris17 April, 2014

    Thanks a lot for your guide, it worked very well

  103. Cyra28 May, 2014

    I’m done renaming the file (as no. 2 says) what should i do nex? i dont get number 3.

  104. android challenged2 August, 2014

    I bought this ereader, Pandigital novel black, for my mom several years ago and she has hardly used it because she does not have a B&N close and is even more android challenged than I am. After several hours of searching for an update for the company that has be closed for years I found this site and this reader has finally updated. This is what I did using the author’s initial instructions.
    Download this DAT file. (Download the file into the Pandigital. Connect the Pandigital to a computer through a USB firewire. Put the SD card in a computer and drag the download to the SD card)
    Copy it over to the SD card in your Novel, and rename it to polaris_update.dat (copy the downloaded file from the SD card so you now have two copies of the download on the SD card. Rename both of them as the author instructed).
    Copy it over to your Novel a second time and rename it to (S64N_SLST_KOBO_PD_20110602.dat. (leave one of the copies on the root level (not in any folders) and I moved the second copy into the PD main folder icon)
    Turn off your tablet.
    Start the update cycle by pressing the up volume button and the power button at the same time. (I used another persons advice to push both the power and volume+ at the same time and releasing the power button after three seconds and watched for the screen to flicker and immediately released the volume button. The update started and turned off the Pandigital automatically. Press the power button and be very patient while the update loads into the reader. You will then see the most awesome update with lots of crazy new things.)

  105. brian king25 September, 2014

    Great stuff. Have an older white.

  106. Rae13 November, 2014

    It looks like my post got lost, I’ll try again…

    After trying this update, everything is green rather than blue, I can’t use wifi, the screen resolution is whacked and I can’t see all the menus. The Device used to have Eclair kernel 2.6 given by the firmware bn02-0920-201109d-wifi-only-a (I can’t even find that file to download again)

    Hardware: RD101-2GB-W
    Adobe RMSDK 9.1.0
    Let me know if the serial number is relevant …

    I tried hard reset (pwr & +vol), I’ve tried using other firmware with and without the external SD card, I’ve tried deleting everything on the internal card with my computer and only having the new firmware on that. Nothing I’ve found anywhere on the internet has helped.

    Please tell me I didn’t just brick my precious Novel!!

  107. tom21 November, 2014

    I know this is an old thread, but I have a black pandigital tablet I bricked a few years ago, and ran across it and this website, so I figured I would give it a shot.

    I managed to get the tablet to take the updated firmware off an sdcard.

    It rebooted and the screen was upside down, and real fuzzy

    There is a dialog box on the screen which says

    ‘ complete action using ‘ (highlighted in purple )

    Setup Wizard

    as my choices.

    I am unable to confirm either, as the touchscreen does not seem to respond

    as well as any of the buttons ( home,menu, fwd,back)

    the only buttons that work are the vol up/down and power.

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks for any help, Tom

  108. tom21 November, 2014

    Well I finally got a bit of a response out of it, the setup button finally responded.

    I have a greenish home screen, and it is fuzzy, like the poster above.

    It responds very slow, kind of like windows xp with 64 megs of ram

    1. Nate Hoffelder24 November, 2014

      By today’s standards, it is a slow tablet.

      But given that you said “the screen was upside down, and real fuzzy” I’m surprised that you got anything to work after that. You described a tablet which I would have called bricked and given up.

  109. Rae24 November, 2014

    I was thinking of buying another pandigital because mine was in such a bad state, but they’re around 40 dollars and up on Ebay and Kijiji and no one seems to be habiting these old blogs anymore, I’ve posted in many places with no reply.
    I bought an RCA 7′ tablet for $59.99 because I’m not wasting anymore time or headache on something that there’s no warranty on and no one seems to be able to help with.

    1. Nate Hoffelder24 November, 2014

      Sorry, I thought I had responded to your post. (I really did, I swear.)

      What I would have told you a couple weeks ago was that these weren’t the right instructions for you. This is for the “black” Novel. Your model number says that you have the “white” Novel, which is a different model.

  110. Sarah11 September, 2015

    Not sure if my model is covered under this but my pandigital I just got used follows:
    Hardware platform: RD201-2GB-W
    Android version: Eclair
    Adobe RMSDK: 9.1.0
    Serial number: 9020200911103387
    Pandigital Novel 9″ 2GB Black

    1. Nate Hoffelder11 September, 2015

      Hi Sarah,

      Are you sure about the screen size? Can you measure the screen and double check?

      If you have the 9″ model then you should use the instructions for that model (over here).

      But if you don’t have the larger model then the instructions will bork your tablet.

  111. Sarah13 September, 2015

    I measured the screen it’s a 9″

    1. Nate Hoffelder13 September, 2015

      Then you should use the other instructions I linked to.

  112. Brion11 November, 2015

    Does anyone have the update file? All links I come across are old and broken. I can’t find anything to work. I just want to bring this thing up to date with android

    1. Nate Hoffelder11 November, 2015

      Much to my surprise, I still have a copy of the file on my laptop (even though this is three laptops later).

      Just a second while I upload the file to my site and change the links.

      Edit: Done.

  113. dd7 November, 2017

    LOL, install it and you can use the tablet to level your table.

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