B&N to Launch the Nook Store in the UK Next Week?

B&N to Launch the Nook Store in the UK Next Week? eBookstore

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Barnes & Noble brought joy to the heart of many an ebook fan earlier this week when they finally announced the UK prices for Nook Glow and Nook Touch. But it now looks like they didn't tell us everything.

My competition has noticed that a number of UK retailers are now showing that the Nook Touch and Nook Glow as being up for pre-order. The prices are no surprise, with the Nook Touch listed at £79 and the Nook Glow at £109, but the expected shipping dates are a surprise.

PCWorld is showing that they plan to ship these ereader next Wednesday. I don't know if they are overly hopeful, but the website does show a ship date of 3 October. Other retailers are showing ship dates for October, with Currys showing 3 October and Folyes choosing to be vague and merely describe the release date as "early October". A number of B&N's other UK retail partners also have the Nook up for pre-order, but they don't show a date.

I've double checked with B&N, and they still don't have any definite info showing for the UK launch on the website. But the site does confirm the fact these ereaders are up for pre-order. The old nook.co.uk site also now redirects to UK.nook.com, and that is also new.

So it looks to me like the Nook Store will launch in the UK next week. Is anyone excited?

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  1. From Wednesday’s press release, it sounds like it’ll initially be the retailers selling NOOK devices, with e-books being bought directly from those devices. Quelle surprise, B&N’s nook.co.uk web site apparently won’t be ready on time, so buying NOOKs directly from B&N or buying e-books on the web will be delayed.

    For those who wish to read it, here’s the press release:

  2. PCWorld and Currys are the same: you can’t treat them as separate data points. With Dixons, they are different storefronts within the same group, with pretty much the same catalogue.

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