If the Kindle Paperwhite is Backordered Then How Did I Manage to Buy One at Staples?

Here’s something that should please the early Christmas shoppers. Remember the stories last week which claimed that the Kindle Paperwhite was out of stock everywhere and not even the retail partners had any left?

It turns out that could not be further from the truth.

I’ve just gotten back from my local Staples.  This office supply chain is one of the few retail partners Amazon still has left, and it turns out that is a very good thing.  Now that Target and Walmart have both removed the Kindle from their shelves, Staples doesn’t have to compete for the limited supply of a very popular ereader.

My local store (Woodbridge VA) had quite a few KPW in stock, so much so that they didn’t even have to check when I called earlier. What’s more, all the stores in my area have this ereader in stock (though one did show the supply as being low).

But that’s not all. I spot checked other stores on the Staples website by looking up my old addresses, and all of the locations I checked showed that a number of stores within a reasonable driving distance (of my old addresses) had the Paperwhite in stock.

And Staples was not the only chain which had this ereader. A few Best Buy stores still have stock left. Check their website to see if a store near you has one (you can also order it online).

So if you want a Kindle Paperwhite, you can buy one. It might be a little difficult to acquire but it can be done.


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Nate Hoffelder

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  1. The Commons18 November, 2012

    Answer: because most bloggers would make terrible journalists.

  2. Tyler18 November, 2012

    I bought the Kindle HD 8.9 today at Best Buy while Amazon has a shipping date of December 3rd.

    1. Isles18 November, 2012

      Wow that is interesting! I will have to check my local Best Buy Mobile for the Fire HD 8.9.

  3. cookie18 November, 2012

    But you hate this device

  4. Tracey18 November, 2012

    It’s out of stock at all stores within 100 miles of me. You got lucky. 🙂

  5. Lee18 November, 2012

    Amazon must be attempting to assist their store partners with sales by not allowing their own web sales. They cannot afford to lose the likes of Staples, Best Buy, etc after the Walmart and Target defection! Best business practice?

  6. Name Required19 November, 2012

    Thank you Nate.
    I was able to snatch the last one in Roanoke VA.

    The website still shows they have some in stock, but the shop assistant claimed this was the last one. I wanted to buy two.


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