Infographic: 4 Ways the Internet is Making Kids Smarter

It’s still not clear that digital textbooks are a better alternative to paper textbooks, but over the past 10 years educators have reported that digital technology in general has improved their students ability to think, write, and study.

For example, Stanford University compared freshman composition papers from 2006, 1986, 1930, and 1917 and discovered that the quality of writing has improved and that the later papers are significantly longer.



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  1. fjtorres10 March, 2014

    I call BS on the critical thinking part.
    Anybody who has even a casual acquaintance with internet forums knows there is precious little critical thinking to be found online. 😉

    1. Honkie McGee10 March, 2014

      I disagree with you, so you must be a Nazi!

      (Just kidding, obviously, but I couldn’t resist.) 😀

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