NeoLibrary Will Offer an Online Library Service for eBook Enthusiasts

A new service is in the works which aims to provide an online personal libraries for ebook fans.

NeoLibrary promises to offer ebook readers the management options which Dropbox and other online storage services lack.  The service is currently in a limited beta, and according to the landing page NeoLibrary enables users to upload, categorize, tag,  note, and search through their personal library.


I haven’t used the service myself (I’m still waiting for an invite), but I look forward to a new entrant in this niche.

Off the top of my head, I know of just one company that offers a similar service. It was launched by the document hosting specialists at Pincette back in 2011, and is called Personal Book Space.

The name might not sound like much but the service has at least a few features to recommend it. It supports full-text search, lets readers sort by metadata, and it can extract the cover images and show them when you browse your library. Best of all, PBS supports the OPDS standard, meaning that the service can be integrated into reading apps like Aldiko, Marvin, and more.

I don’t know how much NeoLibrary will cost, but Personal Book Space costs $10 euros a year for up to 5GB of space. That is considerably more expensive than Google Drive, which gives away the first 15GB free, but does Google Drive (or its competitors) offer the same features?

More to the point, do you know of any similar services?

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Rashkae15 August, 2014

    Calibre +

  2. Vikarti Anatra16 August, 2014

    Should I mention… (just upload books you own and put checkboxes to NOT make them available to everybody who paid for bookmate’s subscription).

    – no fulltext search
    – search/organization feautres are very limited (it’s possible to add book to specific shelves but that’s all)
    – no OPDS,etc (only their own reading apps)
    – you could forget about checkboxes which will result in uploaded books being available to people who pay for subscription or at least to make everybody knew you read 50 shades of gray last week.
    – it’s one way road. you should keep copy of everything you upload

    – reading apps (iOS/Android+ web-based)

    1. Nate Hoffelder16 August, 2014

      Oh, whoops. I was thinking of Bookmate in terms of their paid service, but you’re right in that they do offer a service similar to NeoLibrary. Good catch.

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