How to Add a Kindle DRM-Removal Plugin to calibre

9740648442_83e4f12bf3_bUpdate: These instructions were updated on  11 July 2015. They worked for me on that day.

DRM is the bugaboo of ebooks.  It’s the cause of more pain and agony than a Snooki photo, and today I plan to help fix that. I have long been on the side of removing DRM (it’s the best way to protect your purchases), but up until today I had never gone beyond pointing my readers at tools.


The process is minimally difficult and I’d like to share it with you. But first, a few warnings.


  • Note that these instructions are Windows only, and some details will be different between the various versions of Windows.
  • Note that these instructions were written without the permission or participation of Kovid Goyal, the creator of calibre.
  • These instructions are written in order to assist the average user in protecting their purchases. I did not write it to assist in committing piracy; I believe in buying content, when possible. But I also believe in controlling the content I buy and that is why I strip the DRM.


Here’s the short-short version: You need to get the DeDRM plugin from Apprentice Alf and install it in calibre (and reboot calibre). Once you’ve installed the plugin, all you have to do is find where Kindle4PC put the ebooks on your computer and drag each ebook into calibre (everything else is automatic).

Luckily for you, you only have to go through the set up process once in order to remove Kindle, Nook, and Adobe DE DRM. (Kobo is a separate process.) If you’ve followed my instructions for removing Nook DRM then you’ve already finished the process of setting up to strip Kindle DRM, and you can skip to the end of this post.

First Things First

You need to download and install these apps on your computer. If you have either of them then you do not need to install them again:

Calibre is of course the ebook library management tool. I’ve mentioned it once or twice, and that’s what you’re going to use to remove the DRM.  And K4PC is how you’ll download the ebooks.

Install the apps one at a time (and set up your account with the K4PC app, if you haven’t already). While it’s being installed, go to the Apprentice Alf website and download the ZIP file full of plugins.

Got everything installed? Good.

  1. UnZip the ZIP file you just downloaded. Open the folder called calibre and you should see a folder full of plugins.
  2. Launch calibre. When it’s open, look at the icons on the top row. There’s one on the far right called “Preferences”. Click on it.
  3. It will bring up a new window with a bunch of icons.  Look on the bottom row for the one that says “plugins”. Click it.
  4. And now you’ll get another new window. Look at the buttons on the bottom row. Click on the one that says “load plugin from file”.
  5. Use the file browser window to find the folder you downloaded. Open it, and then open the DeDRM_calibre_plugin folder.
  6. There should only be a single ZIP file in that folder, and it should be called “DeDRM_plugin”. Double click to select it.
  7. Shut down calibre and launch it again. Some times the plugin won’t kick in until you after you do this.


You’ve just installed and configured the plugin (assuming all went well).  You should be able to copy any ebook you’ve downloaded from the K4PC app to calibre.  Calibre should now be able to read the ebooks and convert them to whatever format you prefer.

But before you can do that you’ll need to find out where the Kindle ebooks are stored. This varies depending on which version of Windows you’re running, but they can usually be found under the My Documents folder.

I’m looking at my Win 7 laptop right now and the  Kindle ebooks are found in “My Kindle Content” under My Documents.

The ones you will need to copy are:

  • MOBI
  • PRC
  • TPZ

After you copy the files into calibre, you might have some trouble getting calibre to open them so you can read them.   Windows will need to be told that calibre can open the files. This should only happen once, so it’s a relatively minor issue.

Note that if you simply convert the ebooks to Epub, you won’t have this issue.

images by pellestenRosino


  1. Paul Durrant16 June, 2012

    There is no need to have Mobipocket Reader installed, nor to configure the plugin with its PID, unless you have bought books for it at an ebook store (e.g. Fictionwise) that required you to enter that PID.

    The PID of a Mobipocket Reader installation has no relationship to the encryption keys used by Kindle for Windows for the ebooks downloaded to it.

    The calibre plugins pickup the needed info from the Kindle for Windows installation automatically. If you’re only removing the DRM from books downloaded to Kindle for Windows, the plugin needs no configuration.

    1. Nate Hoffelder16 June, 2012

      That’s not what the readme file for the plugin says; thanks for the correction.

      Edit: Okay, I think it does say that; it’s certainly not clear.

  2. MikFinkel16 June, 2012

    ‘Edit: Okay, I think it does say that; it’s certainly not clear.’

    I have read in many places how easy it is to dedrm books. Not clear does not touch it.
    I have tried 4 different processes and have hit a road block at the 1st, 2nd or 3rd step.
    To bad someone couldn’t just make a dedrm tool and sell it.
    Of course, they would be spending time in jail!

    1. fjtorres16 June, 2012

      Actually, they do.
      US$30 or so, if I remember correctly.

    2. Sturmund Drang16 June, 2012

      One step that’s easy to gloss over, the one that nailed me the first time, was that all the software installed must reside and run on a machine registered to the Kindle account which bought the book. You can’t just take a kindle book to another machine and deDRM it. Which is only fair. (Assuming a generally accepted standard of moral fairness and not the legal definition.)

      1. Nate Hoffelder16 June, 2012

        Well, no.

        If you go the full step of entering the PIDs then this plugin can strip DRM from just about any Kindle ebook – but you’ll first need the PID from the Kindle that you copied the ebook off of.

        1. Sturmund Drang16 June, 2012

          Really? That’s terrific. The more work I can do on my linux box the better.

          Now, if you could tell me how to hide those hideous Calibre/Qt toolbars in Linux I’d be halfway to nirvana.

        2. Paul Durrant18 June, 2012

          There’s a generic PID only for Kindle 1, Kindle 2 with early firmware, of Kindle for iOS.

          Kindle 2 with latest firmware, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Touch, Kindle non-Touch, and current versions of Kindle for Mac & Kindle for PC DO NOT have a PID that will decode all books downloaded for them. Every book has a PID unique to that book, based on the Kindle device and metadata in the book itself.

          1. Nate Hoffelder18 June, 2012

            Clearly it’s been too long since I last looked at this. Crap. that’s complicated!

            1. Pete Fletcher1 November, 2012

              Well, it is a bit complicated Nate but I managed it and I’m not exactly an expert. It helps if you actually read the instructions for using Calibre – some of the moves are not really user friendly.

  3. Rez16 June, 2012

    When I load the “” plugin, it gives me the following error!!! What’s wrong?

    calibre, version 0.8.47
    ERROR: Unhandled exception: InvalidPlugin:The plugin in u’D:/temp/’ is invalid. It does not contain a top-level file

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “site-packages\calibre\gui2\preferences\”, line 306, in add_plugin
    File “site-packages\calibre\customize\”, line 339, in add_plugin
    File “site-packages\calibre\customize\”, line 54, in load_plugin
    File “site-packages\calibre\customize\”, line 160, in load
    File “site-packages\calibre\customize\”, line 255, in _locate_code
    InvalidPlugin: The plugin in u’D:/temp/’ is invalid. It does not contain a top-level file

    1. Nate Hoffelder16 June, 2012

      Thanks for the question. I’ll go clarify the instructions.

      1. Rez16 June, 2012

        Thanks Nate! Done.

        1. Ang2 July, 2012

          I’m getting the same error message, what intructions did you give Rez to solve the probem?

          1. Nate Hoffelder2 July, 2012

            I edited the post so it said to open up the first zip file to get another zip file inside.

  4. Chris Meadows16 June, 2012

    You do realize you’re totally violating the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provision here, right? 🙂

    1. Nate Hoffelder16 June, 2012

      Eh. So has Wired, ColtofMac, and a bunch of other sites.

      Edit: Besides, I’d already gone too far by linking to tools and suggesting that people use them.

      1. Mike Cane17 June, 2012

        You’ll be laughed at by everyone in the midwest Detention Camp. “Why are you here? Making bombs? Fomenting revolution? Not paying your mortgage?” “I linked to DRM-stripping sites.”

        1. Nate Hoffelder18 June, 2012


          Mike, anyone who knows me can tell you I’d have ended up there anyway, if for nothing more than telling some security thug to piss-off.

        2. anonymous15 March, 2013

          Actually intent is the only prosecutable crime. if you did not intend to break the law and only read the ebook in another viewer like me then you HAVE NOT committed a crime. You will our record wiped convicted on the facts and then your record wiped clean. When you buy something it is your property and the US constitution prevents all these EULAs and DRM crud. The caviate is that you must bring it up in court. That is why the people are being fined and jailed. i have no problem. learn the law.

      2. svogelzang7 September, 2012

        I know Americans forget sometimes but there are more countries in the world.
        Not all have DMCA laws and rules

        1. USAwins3 October, 2012

          Well then those countries should start their own companies to sell Kindle books with. 🙂

    2. Exhasperated16 May, 2014

      You do realize that readers have had it with not owning their books, but only renting the right to view them?

  5. Rex Rollman16 June, 2012

    Interesting article. I am considering buying a Kindle, which would be my first, and I have been thinking about preemptively deDRMing everything, just so I can’t be locked in.

  6. […] Digital Reader covers the process in a recent blog post, so head on over and check it out if that sounds like something you’d like to […]

  7. Mike Cane17 June, 2012

    BTW, those are all the steps I followed too back when I asked about it. But my PC is so FUBARed for disk space right now — and K4PC is so slow with over 1,000 books in it — that I can’t yet tell if anything works, so I’ve given up for now. And it doesn’t help that every time I blink, there’s another new version of Calibre available. That program has the *worst* install record of all software for me. Always fails and I have to go through Repair — which also sometimes fails several times before working. (And I also have crap from a prior version that I can’t get rid of!)

  8. beth17 June, 2012

    Rez, you need to open the tools zip file and then you install each of the 5 listed zip files separately into Calibre that are inside the tools file, but don’t open those 5 zip files when you add them to Calibre (or just add the zip file for Kindle, if that’s all you plan to use).

  9. paula17 June, 2012

    If you believe in controlling the content you buy, you should start saying the politicians that represent you that they should make laws that allow citizens to break DRM for lawful purposes or stop buying content with DRM.

    It does not matter if you bought the content. If someone breaks the DRM, one’s breaking the law and one’s being a “pirate”.

    Because the whole purpose of the legal protection to DRM was not to prevent piracy. That was the excuse used to convince politicians to pass the law.
    If you know how DRM systems work you understand they couldn’t prevent piracy anyway. And the fact is, they didn’t.

    The legal protection to DRM is not for pirates, is for honest citizens. That’s right the ones that buy content.

    Warner told us, in the beginning of this year why legal protection to DRM exists: to force citizens, the honest ones, to pay 3 or 4 times for the same movie. The idea is:
    Citizens bought DVD with DRM through the years, and now they want to put the movies into the laptops, into the tablets, and so on. But because the DVD have DRM, citizens cannot do it. So, Warner will let them do it, if they pay for that. But citizens want their films on the cloud also. So, Warner will let them do it too, if they pay a fee.

    But if you have DVD without DRM, you don’t need to pay to do all of this. Because all of this is private copying, which is legal (except in UK, I think).

    I’m sorry to say this, but even if someone paid for the content, if they break the DRM they’re still breaking the law and they’re still being a pirate.

    And this will continue until citizens tell politicians that they want their rights back.

    (English is not my mother language, so please excuse me if I made errors)

    1. warrinj17 June, 2012

      What she says is accurate. Not right, but accurate. Makes me wonder if we, the people with the illusion of freedom, need to rethink the ideas of the weirdos with the black hoodies and balaclavas in the streets. God! I wish not, but, maybe.

      1. Yvette16 July, 2012

        I got a kdnile when the kdnile 2 first came out I’d ordered the original at Christmas week, and within a month, Amazon announced the Kindle 2 was being sent out in place of the original. I ended up getting mine at the end of February 2009 (2 mos after I ordered!). I absolutely *love* my kdnile. I am completely spoiled having the ability to have a book (or hundreds) at my fingertips no matter where I am I always have my kdnile with me. I haven’t even read a paper book since I got it. It’s just nice knowing I am not using paper/ink/shipping etc for reading. I have the kdnile PC loaded to my computer so if I want (haven’t yet) I can read on my computer too.I fall asleep with my kdnile all the time too side sleeper here and my husband will periodically turn the light off for me.. I’ll wake up a while later and put it on the table. I’ve never before fallen asleep while reading, but since my kdnile, I read so much at night, I do, ha.Also, i’ve never been much to read out loud to my kids I have a hard time with it because I start yawning obsessively.. since having my kdnile, my boys and I read every night at bedtime and it’s been great! We are currently reading a series called Fablehaven.My kdnile has been worth every penny spent, both on it and on books. I am like you though, I stay under about $7.00 or so, unless I’ve been reading the series, then I may splurge on one book for closer to $9.. Enjoy!

        1. Nate Hoffelder16 July, 2012

          I’m letting this piece of spam through because I’m amused by how it misspells “kdnile”.

          And yes, this is spam; a lot of it truly is this sophisticated.

    2. Aaron Swartz Lives!21 January, 2013

      No we do not follow laws that are unethical. Just as we protest war and racism and other unethical laws with civil disobedience we must break these unjust laws until the corporate-bought politicians recognize or human right to share the property we bought.

    3. Mike6 January, 2014

      the thing with this particular law is that it is the type of law that exists “just in case” but will not be enforced against an honest citizen ever.

      for example there are no issues for doing this for private use
      this is undetectable
      and noone really cares

      the only way you’ll get legally slammed by this provision is if you take the next step of uploading their DRM free copies to torrent sites. and even than only if your stupid about doing it like i don’t know using your home computer or personally identifiable information to register for that TPB account.

      but otherwise this law exists only in case a true pirate uses the personal copying as a defense against a more well build DMCA case

      essentially it is the same thing as a speed limit technically your breaking the law going 70 in a 65 highway but in order to get in trouble you have to catch an officer on a really really bad day or be doing something stupid and reckless to actually have them take notice.

  10. Nebbo20 June, 2012

    Just installed the plugins on Calibre to remove DRM from Kindle books, which I paid for, so I can read them on my Nook. Calibre says it still can’t do it. I have the latest version of Calibre as of June 2012. Suggestions?

    1. Iona13 November, 2012

      Here’s the thing and this is what bugs the crap out of me, and yet I do know I’m a total hypocrite because I just got through stripping a few more books for my own reading pleasure (so I can read on my preferred android phone / nook app), but people, you aren’t buying a story that you have a right to protect and read in whatever format you want in some nebulous future. You’re buying a “copy” of someone’s original story that they sold you in whatever version you bought and that’s it. Nothing more. So, yes, when you/we convert, we’re making a copy that we don’t have a right to make because we bought a license for that one DRM-hobbled copy and that’s it, and when we convert, we’re putting our legal copy into another form. Everyone assumes we’ve bought a story, when we didn’t buy a story, we bought a particular version of a particular file with particular restrictions and if you don’t want to be a thief and admit you’re being a thief, then don’t do it!! Gah. If you do do it, at least admit you’re a thief! You’re not protecting your items because your item is a DRM file and THAT is the only thing it would be okay to protect. Not a derivative DRM-free copy.

      Sorry, I don’t have a problem with people stripping books, because like I said, I do it for my own collection, but I just think it’s stupid to keep pretending you have rights you don’t really have when you haven’t freaking paid for those rights. You paid for a DRM file. You got it. You want to change it, be a thief and make your illegal copy. The idea of fair use in this regard is just ridiculous because copying an entire work is not fair use; making a derivative of an entire work is not fair use; and backing up your file means leaving the dreaded DRM in place because that’s the file you paid for (assuming your thievery has a limit).

      We’re all thieves when we strip DRM. How desperate some people are to keep their good opinions of themselves…

      1. Tim22 November, 2012

        I beg to differ. If I buy tomatoes and pay my water bills and I use them to make tomato soup I’m not a thief because I turned the tomatoes and water into soup. Converting to a different format is not stealing.

        Legally they may have defined DRM infringement as stealing but morally it isn’t. If someone redefined insulting someone as ‘murder’ it wouldn’t overnight become murder. Legally it might be, but morally it wouldn’t.

        I get so annoyed with our culture. On the one side we have people stealing the works of creators and not paying a penny, justifying it by the actions of the likes of the RIAA, MPAA and their international equivalents. Meanwhile the aforementioned companies and organisations are making unreasonable restrictions on games, ebooks, music and videos and justifying THEIR actions by the actions of content pirates. Have either of these two groups heard of ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’.

        I will attempt to remove the DRM of pretty much anything I want to that I’ve paid for. Unless they put up in BIG LETTERS on the sales pages the TRUTH: “You do not own the content – you are buying a licence to view it and essentially leasing it” then they are committing fraud.

        1. Nathanael6 December, 2012

          “If I buy tomatoes and pay my water bills and I use them to make tomato soup I’m not a thief”

          This is the wrong analogy. But I’m not sure there *is* a good analogy.

          For legal purposes, traditional books have always consisted of two parts: the physical book (paper, ink and glue) and the intellectual property content. When we buy a traditional book, legally we only buy the paper, glue and ink; we don’t not get ownership over the intellectual property.

          This has always been the tension between intellectual property rights on the one hand, and consumer rights on the other. Doctrines regarding first sale, etc., are predicated on the fact that you own the physical book, and that is what you sell back to, say, a used bookstore; the intellectual property, being indivisible from the physical book, goes along for the ride, but is still the property of the copyright holder.

          With the advent of digital media — and for our purposes specifically ebooks — we have finally separated the intellectual property content from the physical medium. When you “buy” and download an ebook, there is no physical medium, just pure intellectual property. And the consumer has *never* been entitled to any rights over that.

          The problem is that we ebok readers still insist on viewing what we have as a PIG (paper-ink-glue) “book” over which we have “ownership” when it’s not. There is no physical medium, so there is nothing left for the consumer to “own”. When the PIG disappeared, all our legal rights disappeared with it. Because an ebook is 100% pure intellectual property, unless you’re the copyright holder there is nothing over which you have ownership rights. You cannot legally “own” an ebook, because there is nothing for you to own. We want to insist we do, because we insist on thinking of ebooks as “books”, but we’re wrong.

          Hence publishers’ insist that we don’t *buy* an ebook — that would entail some sort of transfer of ownership — we merely purchase a license to view the intellectual property. And since there’s nothing for us to own, then we have no rights over the ebook whatsoever.

          The same is true of any other digital content stored on a physical medium — CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, VHS tape. What you own is simply the physical medium; you don’t have squat for rights over the content. And when no physical medium exists, you don’t have squat for rights, period.

          1. colleen15 December, 2012

            “Because an ebook is 100% pure intellectual property, unless you’re the copyright holder there is nothing over which you have ownership rights.”

            Such a high-minded, noble thought. If that were actually the case, we would be purchasing it from the author or his/her great great great great grandchild who now owns the copyright. How does Amazon figure in this? According to your view, Amazon must have some ownership over something or they have no right to transfer a “view” of the document to us tho they charge for this transfer of air. No, there is no PIG but they charge us anyway.

            When I buy a traditional book, I can choose to lend it to a friend, give it to someone, sell it to someone and never pay the copyright holder anything. Do you consider this wrong? I consider the outrageous length of US copyright to be wrong. The public should have a right to works, literature or crap, whichever, after maybe 20 years. Generations after the death of the author, it is still tied up. All I want is the right to view an ebook on whatever device I might have. I want to lend it to whomever I want. I want to be able to treat my ebooks the same way I can treat my PIG books. And I will. And I don’t feel guilty. And I am not intimidated as some of you seem to be, by fear. So…thank you for the info on how to deal w/ DRM removal.

          2. ChrisH8 March, 2014

            “When we buy a traditional book, legally we only buy the paper, glue and ink; we don’t not get ownership over the intellectual property.”

            “The same is true of any other digital content stored on a physical medium — CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, VHS tape. What you own is simply the physical medium; you don’t have squat for rights over the content.”

            Just because copyright law limits what you can do with your intangible property doesn’t mean you don’t own it. This often repeated “you own the medium but not what’s on it” is not the correct way to look at the situation legally speaking. There are plenty of cases where you own something but the law restricts what you do with it. Copyright is no different. Both the medium and that single copy of the content are your property. You’re not purchasing the copyrights, but copyrights != property rights. Unfortunately the term “ownership” is all people seem to understand.

    2. noodle27 December, 2012

      I have kindle for pc not the device- but I archived all the books in my kindle desktop ap, uninstalled kindle and deregistered in amazon. Then I reinstalled kindle for pc, registered the new kindle for pc and opened all my archived books again- then dragged the books to calibre- worked on all my kindle books but 1

  11. […] it lets publishers and ebookstores track pirated ebooks without penalizing legitimate customers. As I’ve shown before, it’s incredibly easy to remove DRM so it’s not actually an effective method to prevent […]

  12. Andy Williams13 July, 2012

    Hadve been for some long time been successfully and easily converting my Kindle books to ePub with Calibre on my PC to use on my Sony PR600 as an alternative to K4PC or to K4Android on my Android tablet. But then it all broke! This month (July) bought some books and downloaded them twice, separately onto my Samsung Tab 10.1 and my Samsung Netbook, (with K4PC) i.e. just exactly as I have done before. Also up-dated Calibre and added new versions of plugins. Stuck the AZW files (copies from the “My Kindle Content” folder) in the folder Calibre looks in automatically to upload/convert and … Nothing! Well, not exactly nothing. I got the message that so many people seem to refer to these days, namely that I need a 10-digit PID. Now, everywhere I have looked it says that K4PC doesn’t need (or have) a PID. WTF! I tried importing directing from the Kindle folder — same message. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here?

  13. Todd21 July, 2012

    Yeah, I was so hopeful that this would work, but I got an error message saying that the book is DRM’d and can’t be converted. Looks like Amazon changed something in July because every tutorial on removing DRM from Kindle books that I’ve found is outdated now.

    1. Lydia Malan30 November, 2012

      I have also struggled now for weeks, have tried just about everything, and as you say, what worked before does not work anymore ….. SIGH what a mess …. hope someone has some answers grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    2. Angel13 January, 2015

      Is your this kindle book azw6 file?

  14. Sturmund Drang22 July, 2012

    Make certain you’ve got the latest “tools” plugins; version 5.1. You may have to uninstall Calibre and reinstall it with the latest version too. You shouldn’t lose anything if you do uninstall-reinstall, at least I did not. Don’t forget to restart Calibre after reinstalling the tools 5.1 plug-in.

  15. Jan24 July, 2012

    Yeah, Amazon did SOMETHING to lock the darn books. I was very successful with this method previously but now not working. This was a different computer than I used before so I’ve downloaded all of the newest versions of calibre and the plugins. Still get error DRM protected. Anyone have another idea yet? Thanks!

  16. Linds24 July, 2012

    I was having the same issue after K4PC updated, but just updated to the latest calibre version and the tools 5.1 and it is working again now.

    1. Jan27 July, 2012

      Did you enter a serial number or a PID on the plug in customization? I’ve never had to do that before, but figured out my PID and entered that, but still doesn’t work. I don’t own a kindle device (but my mom does so could I use her serial number?), I buy books and use a kindle reader – just want to use other readers also. Thanks

  17. Belle24 July, 2012

    Tried that and still can’t get it to work. I have the latest version of calibre and tools 5.1 and can’t get the drm off. I tried to revert to an old K4PC version, but they are all expired. Any suggestions? I just want to get the books I paid for!

  18. Vikarti Anatra25 July, 2012

    May be I’m doing something wrong but it works for me.
    Calibre on Mac OS X 10.7.4
    ‘tools’ version 5.1
    just entered Kindle 3G’s serial(one you see in manage your devices(starting with B006) or on kindle’s box) and it worked for me for both azw and topaz.
    And yes, if it stops working I will likely stop buying from Kindle Store

  19. Rachell26 July, 2012

    I’ve been using Skindle for years to remove the drm from my legally purchased ebooks so I can format them the way I want — but when my older version of Kindle refused to open or be re-installed, I had no choice but to use the latest Kindle version and unfortunately, Skindle cannot working with that. After searching for possible solutions, I ran across this page and, while doubtful that something so simple could actually work, I tried it anyway — and it WORKS!!!!! I can’t believe it!

    Thank you so much for posting this page and for those responsible for the tools — I really appreciate it!!

  20. Gina27 July, 2012

    Nope, this did not work for me. Install the everything new…calibre, kindle for pc, and did the plugins. It still will not work. Any suggestions?

    1. Gina27 July, 2012

      never mind, I did the steps all over again and it worked. Sorry and thanks for the tips!

  21. Sturmund Drang27 July, 2012

    I’ve been applying hacks for long enough to know that two people can follow the exact same instructions to the letter! and come away with different results. All I know is this (tools 5.1 and a new Calibre install) worked for me and it has worked for others. I did add, “Don’t forget to restart Calibre after reinstalling the tools 5.1 plug-in.” because the first time I applied the new tools it failed but after a restart it clicked. Good luck!

  22. Cindy27 July, 2012

    Calibre will NOT unlock/deDRM azw3 files for me. This probably started in early July.

    Any Tips?

    I’ve uninstall calibre, installing the newest version, cleared the register keys, reinstalled the plug-ins, applied, closed yadda yadda and it wont work with the azw3 files.

    Im about to pull my hair out!

    1. Cindy27 July, 2012


      what a bother, but if I change the file extension to .azw it will deDRM and convert. But I’d love any ideas ya’ll have so it works properly!

      1. Sturmund Drang28 July, 2012

        Great tip, Cindy! Whatever works. I’m sure your post will alleviate the frustration of others.

      2. Adam30 July, 2012

        Agree, thanks Cindy, this works great!

        1. Leandro23 November, 2012

          Yes Cindy, ty so much for the renaming tip!
          Worked out perfectly!

  23. Jollyfoo28 July, 2012

    I’ve been using these plugins for quite some time, and upgraded to the 5.1 version as soon as I realized the problem with the new AZW3 format. There’s another handy thing to know that I don’t see mentioned in this thread yet. You can bypass K4PC completely and use any pc with Calibre (and the plugins) installed. The trick is simply to select the transfer via usb option when you download the book. As long as your registered Kindle’s serial number is recorded in the plugin’s customization dialog, you can open into Calibre directly from your downloads folder.

    But now I’ve finally gotten sick of Amazon and their format shifting game, and am transitioning to epub files to read on Nook instead. The 5.1 tools have an equally good plugin for working with epub, and most other standard formats.

    1. Sturmund Drang28 July, 2012

      Part of the problem with all of these posts is the nonstandardization of the environments. I don’t have a kindle. I use Kindle for PC. But it is, what it is and I’ve appreciated all the posts on the subject; even those I was uncertain if they pertained to my environment.

      One word of caution, Jollyfoo. I agree with your sentiments completely but what keeps me from doing business with B&N is they store your creditcard number into the encryption mechanism. As a long time hacker and encryption hobbyist I can assure you that’s just plain and unwarrantedly stupid.

  24. Reader1 August, 2012

    So I notice today that when it decrypts the files, they are in azw3 format instead of mobi. I thought maybe it wasn’t working, but I was able to convert the file to other files…so it did successfully take off drm, it just didn’t also convert it a mobi file.

    1. Eli13 October, 2012

      azw3 is a mobi file. Amazon bought mobi and just renamed the file extension to show that it came from amazon and has their drm. But they are the same thing if the azw3 file doesn’t have the drm on it. If it really bothers you, rename the file to .mobi, but its pointless to convert it back into itself…

      1. Nate Hoffelder13 October, 2012

        Not exactly. The AZW3 suffix is used on a number of file types besides the original Mobi file. For example, you might find a fixed layout ebook or a PDF inside the file.

  25. Sarah2 August, 2012

    I was trying to install the plugin’s but I keep getting the same error as Rez above.

    ERROR: Unhandled exception: InvalidPlugin:The plugin in u’C:/Users/ /Downloads/’ is invalid. It does not contain a top-level file

    When I click on the “load plugin from file”, it only shows one file & won’t allow me to open it to chose the calibre file.

    I am not sure what I’m doing wrong?

    Thank you!

    1. Carin29 October, 2012

      Sarah, you first need to unzip the folder, then go to the folder in the zip file named Calibre_Plugins.

      If your computer doesn’t have a built-in unzipper, try 7zip – it’s free to download.

      1. RS14 January, 2014

        Thanks a million. That solved it.

  26. elco2772 August, 2012

    you save my week end!
    I can read my fave new book on my reader
    thank you

  27. DumOleBob4 August, 2012

    Yesterday after installing it the PlugIn worked fine. Today the book imported into Calibre has the file extension.AZW3 and Calibre won’t open it.

    I must be doing something wrong???? Pls HELP!

    1. DumOleBob4 August, 2012

      Yup, Dum Ole Me – All I needed to do was update to version 0.8.63, go to Preferences /Behavior and check the .azw3 box.
      Now I need to go to Paypal and send a “THANK YOU” for Calibre – one heck of a terrific program!

  28. Osiris21066 August, 2012

    I am writing this just in case anyone is having a similar problem to what I have experienced recently when trying to remove DRM from Amazon purchases in Calibre using the guide and plugins above.

    I have used Calibre and the K4DeDrm plugins from this blog before to remove DRM from my kindle books bought on Amazon, simply following this guide worked perfectly.

    Following a recent update of my Calibre and update to version 5.1 of the tools, I was noticing some problems.
    Calibre was still importing my books and still converting them to MOBI format and I assume removing DRM. However when I transfered the books to my Kindle Touch and tried to read them the files wouldnt open, I received the following message:

    Unable To Open Item! It said if I purchased the item from Amazon to delete it and re-download it from archived.

    I deleted and downloaded the files multiple times ‘Via whispernet AND direct to PC using Kindle For PC and imported them to Calibre from different folders to try and troubleshoot the problem.

    I am thinking it has something to do with recent changes to Amazon purchases to try and stop us removing DRM.

    Long story short,
    If you are having a similar problem to this here’s a two phase solution that has worked for me on the last 12 books I have bought.

    Phase 1: Visit

    Follow his guide precisely to install Python 2.7 and some Python Crypto, I am not massively computer savvy but found the guide easy.

    Once you’ve installed the python stuff you can use a kindlebook tool from the latest vers 5.1 tools you downloaded above.

    The tool I use is in the following path on my PC : downloads/tools_v5.1/tools_v5.1/Other_tools/KindleBooks

    Read the README first for usage instructions. Which is basically choosing the input file (the book you want to remove DRM from), choosing your ouput folder to save to unlocked file to (something like Unlocked Ebooks worked for me) and also put in your Kindle’s serial number case sensitive in the last box.

    To finish phase one simply use this tool as per the instructions to manually remove the DRM, its got a 100% record for me so far.

    Phase 2: Is similar to this original guide, ensure you have the latest Calibre and plugins.

    Simple import your unlocked book from ‘Unlocked Ebooks’ or wherever you saved them from phase 1. Calibre will import them and convert them as usual. Et Voila! you should now be able to transfer them to you kindle with no problems opening them at all.

    This is my first ever post/guide, hope it helps someone out there.

    1. Mike Lewis12 October, 2012

      Thank you very much! I wasn’t able to remove the DRM with the Calibre plugins but by using your method instead, I was able to strip the DRM, rename the file from .azw3 to .azw, convert it to LIT in Calibre then to PDB in ABC Amber Lit Converter and upload it to my Tungsten E2 Palm Pilot PDA with the Palm Desktop install tool. Who ever thought that reading a book in bed would be so complicated! (I know that Calibre can convert straight to PDB but then the install tool insists on storing it in the memory card, which I keep changing, and not the PDA’s main memory.)

  29. Jim Max6 August, 2012
    1. CynicalCow17 August, 2012

      Has anyone any experience with this DRM stripping software? Or is it something nefarious and should be avoided at all cost?

      1. Paul Durrant21 September, 2012

        It’s someone taking the (free) software from the Apprentice Alf blog, wrapping it in a simple wrapper, and then selling it.


  30. Nook Ninja6 August, 2012

    After updating my Calibre software, adding the DRM plugin, and restarting Calibre, it still wasn’t converting the .azw file for me. However, after I removed the book from the queue and added it back in, the conversion then worked. Hope this helps, if anyone is still stuck after reading all of these!

  31. Oblique7 August, 2012

    I was having problems as described above. One thing I didn’t do was REMOVE the books I was trying to convert from the Calibre library. Once you do that and RE IMPORT them – BINGO! it works. Just thought I’d share this tip along with the good advice from others 🙂


    1. ericjt20 January, 2013

      This does work. When I checked the output folder I also saw that the .azw file I imported, named by amazon “B008Q7HR90_EBOK.azw” had been renamed by Calibr to a .mobi file with the book title as the file name. The first time I tried it, it had left it as an .azw file.

      By the way, I converted this book so I could print some pages of it for myself, as it’s a software manual and I prefer not to have to change windows to read instructions. I think it’s fine to remove drm for this purpose or to put it in your own devices. I paid for my personal use of the file, not just one copy of the file. I won’t be sharing it with others, so I feel that is not a violation of copyright or the intent of drm. “Books” are portable in any form, and today’s books are more and more digital. I can’t read this book on my phone, and I don’t have a tablet. I shouldn’t have to buy one to take the ebooks I buy someplace away from my pc screen to read them. And I may buy a larger screen device eventually. Not worried, no guilt. Piracy is where you distribute copies to others, depriving the author income from new user/reader sales. If it’s just you, it’s not theft. I don’t care if the ebook world is defined by devices. I define ebook ownership as person by person, not device by device.

  32. Strauzz13 August, 2012

    I have no trouble with azw3 files, but I got a simple azw file yesterday that calibri wont convert. Any ideas?

    1. DeDRMer13 August, 2012

      Something funny is going on, but I’m not sure if it is with Amazon or changes in Calibre are breaking the process.

      I converted two books today, one book purchased this morning in the AZW3 format on one Amazon account came off without a hitch using the process above. The Calibre software is 0.8.63, Amazon K4PC v1.10.1, and the conversion was to epub.

      A short time later, I purchased another book on another PC, into a different account and had lots of trouble. The Calibre software is 0.8.64, Amazon K4PC is v1.10.1, the Amazon file type was AZW, and the conversion was to epub. Nothing but failure after failure.

      I loaded the plugin a couple of times, I exited Calibre a couple of times, and did all the things suggested with no luck. I then tried to convert to .mobi vs. .epub and again met with failure (i.e., the DRM warning dialog indicating you’re SOL).

      Not giving up, I then deleted all the other books in the Calibre library (careful – Calibre has a nasty habit of really DELETING all your books), exited the program, and when I opened it again and tried to add the single book I wanted to convert, it said it was in .mobi format. Huh? It said it failed, so what’s up with that? I tried the book, it works fine in .mobi. I then tried the conversion from .mobi to .epub and it took about twice as long as usual, but it did work. It took so long (stuck on 67%) that I tried to cancel it thinking it has crashed.

      I hope this helps you, or someone else having trouble because something has changed somewhere, but it does still seem possible.

      I also want to thank Nate for this site and the fantastic information . It’s a small victory to actually be able to use what we paid for without draconian limitations forced upon us, but it’s still a victory.

      I’m not a real ebook fan is this is exactly why; those DRM people are the real pirates IMO..

  33. graveworm22 August, 2012

    Thanks! This worked for me!

  34. Ly22 August, 2012

    Thanks Nate for the clear and straightforward information.
    It worked very well for me : Win7 32bit / K4PC 1.10.1

    I would have never bought ebooks if I hadn’t landed on sites explaining how to remove DRMs. Cheers !

  35. Kam Singh22 August, 2012

    Nate………thank you so much this article helped me out big time!
    All the best to you.

  36. Lane25 August, 2012

    It didn’t work at first, so I deleted the azw from Calibre then added it back.
    Then I converted it to mobi before converting to epub, and it worked.
    Thanks much!

  37. Jeff27 August, 2012

    I have a .azw4 file that I downloaded today from amazon. It is one of those textbook files. I want to read it on my tablet but I couldn’t send it to it so I am trying to dedrm it, but it always fails when parsing, after it tries to convert it to html. I have redownloaded and reinstalled the patch and even tried renaming it to .azw and still nothing. it won’t get past 1%!!!

    1. Nate Hoffelder27 August, 2012

      Is it one of the Kindle Print Ready files? If so then you have a PDF inside the ebook.

      I would import the ebook and then tell calibre to save it to an external folder. That should be enough to remove the DRM.

  38. Jeff27 August, 2012

    Yes it is nate. It is simply an all in one .azw4 file that is 133mb in size. I also did try to save to an external folder and reinsert into calibre to change it to mobi to read on my tablet, but this is no help. Once I export it then the drm is gone?

  39. Jeff27 August, 2012

    Well I exported it and tried to re-add it to calibre and that did not work, then I tried to rename it to .azw and then try again, and still does the same thing. I must be missing something. This is really annoying though and I need my book on my tablet for school asap. If anyone wants to see the dumplog let me know because it does the same thing every time. Goes to parsing all content, does some stuff, then sits. I still haven’t broken 1% which makes me think this is impossible and it is really discouraging. This is one of the last things I get before it says something about going to try more forgiving values and then it just sits

    File “apihelpers.pxi”, line 1366, in lxml.etree._utf8 (src/lxml/lxml.etree.c:22211)
    ValueError: All strings must be XML compatible: Unicode or ASCII, no NULL bytes or control characters

    Forcing index.html into XHTML namespace

  40. Paul Durrant28 August, 2012

    azw4 files are Amazon’s “Print Replica” format, which are basically PDFs wrapped in a Palm Database. It sounds like the De-DRM is working fine, but you’re then trying to convert the PDF to Mobi, which is failing.

    Why not just read the PDF on your tablet? The main reason for publishers using Amazon’s Print Replica format is because the page layout is too complex for Mobi, and too time consuming for conversion to ePub/KF8.

    Just save it from calibre as a PDF and use that on your tablet.

  41. Strauzz28 August, 2012

    I got a azw file from Amazon. Earlier azw3 files have been no problem, but this one wont convert, even after reinstalling K4PC and calibre using revo uninstaller.

    I tried using the promt to insert the file inte calibre, this is what I got:

    C:\Users\Emillia\Documents\My Kindle Content>calibredb add B00813A60M_EBOK.azw
    Using Library AlfCrypto DLL/DYLIB/SO
    is not a valid Kindle serial number or PID.
    K4MobiDeDRM v0.4.2: Calibre configuration directory = C:\Users\Emillia\AppData\R
    searching for kinfoFiles in C:\Users\Emillia\AppData\Local
    No files have not been found.
    No K4PC 1.5.X .kinf files have not been found.
    No K4PC 1.6.X .kinf files have not been found.

    Trying: 4UC6KVNF

    Trying: h3IGl5/L
    Book Key Found!

    Processing Section: img
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Processing Section: color
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Processing Section: other
    Processing Section: dict
    Processing Section: glyphs
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Processing Section: page
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Processing Section: metadata
    Successfully Extracted Topaz contents
    Updating to color images if available
    Creating cover.jpg
    Processing Dictionary
    Processing Meta Data and creating OPF
    Processing StyleSheet
    Using font size: 120
    Using page height: 12960
    Using page width: 8640
    Processing Glyphs
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Processing Pages
    . . . . . Running file type plugin K4PC, K4Mac, Kindle Mobi and Topaz DeDRM fail
    ed with traceback:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “site-packages\calibre\customize\”, line 148, in _run_filetype_plugi
    File “calibre_plugins.k4mobidedrm.__init__”, line 117, in run
    File “calibre_plugins.k4mobidedrm.topazextract”, line 303, in processBook
    File “calibre_plugins.k4mobidedrm.genbook”, line 500, in generateBook
    File “calibre_plugins.k4mobidedrm.convert2xml”, line 764, in fromData
    File “calibre_plugins.k4mobidedrm.convert2xml”, line 731, in process
    File “calibre_plugins.k4mobidedrm.convert2xml”, line 513, in doLoop72
    File “calibre_plugins.k4mobidedrm.genbook”, line 120, in lookup
    TypeError: %d format: a number is required, not NoneType
    Backing up metadata
    Added book ids: 82
    Notifying calibre of the change

    So from the azw I got a tpz file and metadata.opf. Calibre wont convert tpz. Ive tried changing name to azw but that didnt work. Ive googled and can´t see a way to convert the file without using python. True? And is the file drm free?

    1. Twizzler30 August, 2012

      Received exact same error. If anyone has any ideas, please reply!

      1. Paul Durrant21 September, 2012

        That’s an indication that it’s a Topaz book with some info in i the developers haven’t come across before. There’s a new Tools v5.2 out now that might fix the problem.

  42. Jeff28 August, 2012

    If anyone cares I let it run for 2 hours before I went to bed and it seems fine. THanks for the help, it did convert, seemingly..

  43. Jenna31 August, 2012

    Don’t forget to hit “Apply” in the top left corner after loading the plugin!!!

    1. Jennie16 November, 2012

      Thank you! I did miss that. New to calibre. 🙂

  44. Andrew3652 September, 2012

    I followed instructions and managed to convert a mobi file to epub. However, when trying to convert the same file to pdf, I get the following message:

    calibre, version 0.8.67
    ERROR: Unhandled exception: TypeError:arguments did not match any overloaded call:
    QFontInfo(QFont): argument 1 has unexpected type ‘QString’
    QFontInfo(QFontInfo): argument 1 has unexpected type ‘QString’

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “site-packages\calibre\gui2\convert\”, line 252, in accept
    File “site-packages\calibre\gui2\convert\”, line 280, in commit
    File “site-packages\calibre\gui2\convert\”, line 107, in commit_options
    File “site-packages\calibre\gui2\convert\”, line 117, in create_recommendations
    File “site-packages\calibre\gui2\convert\”, line 146, in get_value
    TypeError: arguments did not match any overloaded call:
    QFontInfo(QFont): argument 1 has unexpected type ‘QString’
    QFontInfo(QFontInfo): argument 1 has unexpected type ‘QString’

    I am lost here… what should I try next? Thanks.

  45. Nathaniel Bronner3 September, 2012

    I have read a lot of online instructions before but this one was the absolute best one that I have ever read! Fantastic! Even the pics were clear with arrows pointing to the relevant parts. I could follow the instructions without a hitch but I would like to suggest one additional portion.

    You have correctly assumed that many people are quite technically illiterate therefore the instructions should assume nothing and clearly point out everything. I consider myself to be moderate to semi-pro level with computers but half of the people who I know are close to the illiterate level. Therefore for them perhaps the same step by step detail of the conversion process once in Calibre would be very beneficial.

    Most simply want to strip the DRM from their Kindle books which is what I wanted to do. Most will have never used Calibre. Calibre is an excellent program but it can take some study to figure exactly what to do to convert a book. That’s where the additional instructions would come in very handy. Most want to convert a Kindle book to a non-DRM’d book to also be read on the Kindle platform.

    Do they use AZW, mobi, epub, etc.? Of course they can only use the first two for Kindle but many won’t know that. If they want to convert a particular book, how do they find it in the Kindle folder since the file names are cryptic?

    If you have the time (there’s no question that you have the skill) perhaps a part two detailing exactly what to do once you are in Calibre would be greatly beneficial to the “other” half.

    I had actually purchased a Kindle DRM removal program which doesn’t work nearly as well or consistently as the method that you have outlined.

    Thanks a million for such a phenomenal tutorial.

  46. Margot10 September, 2012

    I have a Nook Color and a Mac computer. My friend gave me a gift card for so I bought a book and put it on my ‘Kindle for Mac’ but I want to convert it onto my Nook Color. I got the book put into Calibre but it won’t convert it because of DRM. I tried this tutorial and downloaded the zip file, but I am not seeing anywhere I can “load plugin from file” under preferences.
    Help, please?

    1. Margot10 September, 2012

      Okay so I got to install the plug in and I added my serial number from my iPhone that my Kindle is on and this is the screen (minus my serial number):

      What do I do now? I clicked “apply” then shut down Calibre then tried to convert my Kindle book to epub again and it still says it’s protected.

      1. Nate Hoffelder10 September, 2012

        You don’t need to enter any serial number. Just download the ebook to your PC with the Kindle4PC app and copy that ebook into calibre.

        calibre should be able to do the rest.

        1. Margot10 September, 2012

          Thanks. It worked! The book I bought is now in my Nook Color.

          1. Mary14 January, 2013

            What finally worked for me in converting my book to my Nook was to download the book again into Calibre from Kindle file on my Mac. At first, after I added in the plug-in, I kept trying to convert the book I had downloaded earlier into Calibre. I went back and added the book again and it had a AZW3 ending this time and it was converted. Finally!

  47. […] It's to get a DRM stripper plug-in to calibre so that calibre will automatically convert to .mobi. How to Add a Kindle DRM-Removal Plugin to calibre – The Digital Reader Basically it has worked. I'm not quite sure how I did it but following the various instructions […]

  48. Makenzie19 September, 2012

    Any idea if there is a way to remove nook drm to read them on kindle? I have a nook my son has a kindle. I can convert his books for me to use, but not my books for him.

    1. Paul Durrant21 September, 2012

      Yes, there is. Just get the free tools from Apprentice Alf’s blog.

  49. Michelle22 September, 2012

    Ok, i’ve downloaded calibre and gotten the tools and applied the proper plug-in. The books i’m wanting to deDRM are not registered to me, but to a friend of mine, she logged into her amazon account on my computer and i downloaded the books i wanted from her. With that being said, calibre still wont deDRM those books for me. What do i or can i do now? I’ m really wanting to read these books.

    1. Nate Hoffelder22 September, 2012

      If you downloaded direct from the Amazon website via a web browser then you didn’t follow the instructions. You need to download the files via Kindle4PC, and it has to happen on the same computer as the one which you are running calibre.

      1. Ralph Hummel22 September, 2012

        And also the K4PC app needs to be registered to the amazon account that you wish to download books from. So you need to register it really in your friend’s name on your computer. I’d be careful with this, as this effectively makes a copy of a book available on your machine that you have not bought…
        If your friend wants to remove DRM on her books for private use and to conserve the media, then I would suggest she instal Calibre and the plugin on her computer.

    2. Ralph Hummel22 September, 2012

      Buy them, or if you are in the US, subscribe to Amazon Premium and lend them (if they are available).

  50. Michelle23 September, 2012

    Ok, now my question is. Ive installed K4PC, if i have my friend register it on my computer, it makes a copy of the books available on my machine will i be able to deDRM them with calibre?

    1. Nate Hoffelder23 September, 2012

      You should be able to, yes.

  51. Michelle23 September, 2012

    I have one more inquiry. When i logged into K4PC with my own account info I noticed that in my kindle content folder there are no copies of any of the books that are on my kindle, but all of them are showing up on the K4PC, either in the archived part or the all items. What do i need to do in order to get the books to show in the folder?

    1. Ralph Hummel24 September, 2012

      You need to download them, K4PC does not automatically download yodur library to the machine it is installed on. You need to do this for every book.

  52. No 13 October, 2012

    Not working for me. Followed instructions. The file is an AZW file. Installed everything new. Loaded the plugins, clicked on Apply. Closed app, restarted, added book, no-go.

    When I try to add the book it gives me the error:
    No keys found in 0 tries

    I click OK and it continues to load the book. I have tried converting to PDF, MOBI, and EPUB, all with the default settings, and every time I get the Can’t convert, locked by DRM.

    Any other options?

  53. Trixie3 October, 2012

    Thanks for these instructions. I’ve been stripping with Calibre for awhile but haven’t been able to clean .azw3 files. I’ve got the latest plugins but doesn’t seem to work for me. Any tips?

    1. Rob4 October, 2012

      You need the latest Calibre version. Older Calibre versions don’t handle azw3 files.

  54. Jamie5 October, 2012

    I am definitely new to this so please bear with me. I have installed calibre. I have installed the plug in to strip the DRM into calibre per instructions above. I have added a book from my kindle device into calibre. I then attempted to convert the book (which apparently is in azw) to mobi and got a message saying the book was locked. I then attempted to convert the same book to PDF and got the same message – the book is locked.

    What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to house the books somewhere else first and strip them? Help!

  55. digital reader fan5 October, 2012

    Right click on the plugin and type in your kindle serial number.

    Anyone know how to view in Calibre or if there is a plugin for a virtual bookshelf like this

  56. Jamie5 October, 2012

    A million thanks. It’s working!

  57. digital reader fan5 October, 2012

    You bet, sometimes you have to close the program out and re-open it for changes to take. Cheers.

  58. Andrew7 October, 2012


    I had Calibre and the plugins installed previously and they removed DRM from all ebooks. However, it stopped working, I assume because amazon updated their DRM.

    So I’m trying to update but things are not working.

    I have Calibre for Mac 0.9.1 installed.
    I updated Python to the newest version.
    I downloaded and installed the newest plugins.
    I restarted Calibre.

    When I try to add my amazon book with .azw format to Calibre, it tells me:

    Error decoding: /Users/macbookpro/Documents/Kindle Library/Fasting&Sunbathing.azw

    I have also tried undrming the file with DeDRM 5.3.2

    When I do, it says that I’ve successfully DeDRMEd the book.

    But when I try to load it into Calibre, it still doesn’t work.

  59. digital reader fan7 October, 2012

    Just checking if you have Plugin tools v5.3.1?
    I don’t know anything about Python. Just the Calibre Plugin’s. instructions in the ReadMe files on how to use them, from reading your post I’m sure you covered everything.

  60. Clueless8 October, 2012

    I am using Calibre version 0.9.1 with
    K4MobiDeDRM_v04.5_plugin. I am trying to remove the DRM from a .azw file. I entered the correct Kindle serial number, but I get the error message below. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?

    Using Library AlfCrypto DLL/DYLIB/SO
    K4MobiDeDRM v0.4.5: Calibre configuration directory = C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Roaming\calibre
    MobiDeDrm v0.37. Copyright 2008-2012 The Dark Reverser et al.
    MOBI header version = 6, length = 248
    Extra Data Flags = 3
    searching for kinfoFiles in C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Local
    Found K4PC kinf2011 file: C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Local\Amazon\Kindle\storage\.kinf2011
    Using Volume Serial Number for ID: 2656441693
    Crypto Type is: 2
    Running file type plugin Kindle and Mobipocket DeDRM failed with traceback:
    Backing up metadata
    Added book ids: 7
    Notifying calibre of the change

  61. Susan11 October, 2012

    Just thought I’d share…
    After having these tools working for a long time, this summer (2012) the tools seemed to stop working for my Kindle for PC. I kinda put things on hold for personal reasons & just got back to investigating this:

    This is the message I would recieve as I attempted it “add books” in Calibre:

    Error: No key found. Please report this failure for help….
    (This message is followed by the file name of the specific azw file I was attempting to add)

    afterwards, The file seemed like it was present in Calibre, but when I attempted to open it I got the message about protected by DRM.

    Long story short, my solution turned out to be in Kindle 4 PC: I right clicked on the book in Kindle, selected “remove from device”. The book still showed in Kindle 4 PC, but now showed it would need to be downloaded. I then right clicked again and downloaded it.

    When I went back to calibre to try “add Book” again, all went smoothly (no error message), and the my book is accessible to me!

    Just goes to show not every error in this process has to do with the tools or calibre–sometimes something else happens.

    Thanks to all who take the time to make comments that (hopefully) help others use what they own!

    1. Susan11 October, 2012

      oops, forgot to add:
      Had to delete the original azw file that had gone into Calibre–
      it is unusable.
      Interesting observation, the new file that came in is an AZW3 file–not AZW. I have no idea why–anyone know anything about why?

      1. Eli27 January, 2013

        Author updated the book on amazon for the new format, I suppose.

    2. Christelle23 November, 2012

      Just thought to let you know, your method worked!
      thanks so much!

  62. Bob12 October, 2012

    Got a free book from Amazon sent to my Kindle Fire, then got Amazon to transferred it to my Kindle for PC and get a message “… Topaz book cannot be processed”.

    I am also unable to dedrm any Amazon .prc book. What gives?

    Thanks – Bob

  63. TODD18 October, 2012

    for all you people having trouble – trying things over and over again…
    I found a little note in Alf’s column “the DRM is removed only when you first IMPORT the book”…
    so I deleted all my books from Calibre, shut it down and re-opened it for good measure and added my AZW files again…..POOF DRM removed……

    1. Mike26 January, 2013

      THANK YOU!!! I thought it removed it during the conversion so I was just trying that part over and over.

      This worked great.

  64. Xploder23 October, 2012

    Having tried the instructions for calibre about a dozen times with no luck, I tried the python method detailed above. One thing not mentioned in the above instructions is that you really do need to put your serial number in the space provided when running the DeDrm program. Once I did that, it converted the files just fine and I was then able to convert them from azw to epub with calibre. Also, when it says you need to install DeDrm in the directory specified, you don’t. I installed mine to a different drive (one I use for testing) and it worked perfectly.

    Thanks for a great article! I’ve been trying to convert some of these files for a while now.

  65. Kward23 October, 2012

    I was having a terrible time. I have used this method for a couple years or so with no trouble. Finally, I uninstalled the K4PC program and reinstalled it, removed the books from the device and redownloaded them. In Calibre, I DELETED the old Kindle DeDRM and left the new one. Closed Calibre and reopened it. Then imported the Kindle books and converted them to EPUB. Finally!! Success!!

    I think deleting the old kindle dedrm (not just disabling it) was the key.

  66. […] for. There is although something one can do about this if you want to. The Digital Reader has made a guide to how you remove the DRM from your Kindle books as well as storing them in a separate folder. This […]

  67. Istvan29 October, 2012

    I am a new user in this world, and after reading the forum I still have aproblem with deDRM from azw to any other format. Here are the details:

    Win 7, kindle pc reader, calibre with the necessary plug-in added. I download some kindle book from amazon (bought them by 0.0 $ actually). I could convert those wich was in MOBI, but couldn’t those are in AZW because DRM cannot removed. I have tried the older calibre (0.9.3) as well without success. Do somebody has some idea? Thansk

    1. Kay18 November, 2012

      I have the same problem. I have installed the Kindle for PC and the latest version of the deDRM. I have also installed python and decrypter. I don’t have a kindle, just an ipod touch so I have no kindle serial number to include.

      I have downloaded all my kindle books and tried to decrypt. Some have worked and others haven’t and I have no idea why. Does anybody have any suggestions?

      1. Joe5 December, 2012

        It wouldn’t convert anything that I already had in the calibre library, so I removed all of the books and reloaded them into calibre. Poof, they are all converted upon import.

  68. Jade11 November, 2012


    Using Library AlfCrypto DLL/DYLIB/SO
    K4MobiDeDRM v0.4.6: Calibre configuration directory = /Users/ThanksForMoreLove/Library/Preferences/calibre
    MobiDeDrm v0.37. Copyright 2008-2012 The Dark Reverser et al.
    MOBI header version = 6, length = 232
    Extra Data Flags = 2
    Found k4Mac kinf2011 file: /Users/ThanksForMoreLove/Library/Containers/ Support/Kindle/storage/.kinf2011

    Using Munged MAC Address for ID: 99a2f15ff0ec
    Using Munged MAC Address for ID: 99a2f15ff0ec
    Crypto Type is: 2
    Running file type plugin Kindle and Mobipocket DeDRM failed with traceback:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “site-packages/calibre/customize/”, line 148, in _run_filetype_plugins
    File “calibre_plugins.k4mobidedrm.__init__”, line 145, in run
    Exception: K4MobiDeDRM plugin v0.4.6 Error: No key found in 4 keys tried. Please report this failure for help.
    The following books were not added as they already exist in the database (see –duplicates option):
    Best Kept Secrets (Hideaway Novels):
    /Users/ThanksForMoreLove/Books now/Alers, Rochelle/Best Kept Secrets (Hideaway Novels) (59)/metadata.opf
    Backing up metadata
    Added book ids: 1
    Notifying calibre of the change

  69. Crash12 November, 2012

    One question. Some have mentioned to change the file extension from AZW3 to AZW. How do you do that?

    1. Nate Hoffelder12 November, 2012

      AZW3 is AZW. The difference is only that the suffix is different; the contents of the files can be identical.

      1. Eli27 January, 2013

        AZW3 is the newer version of AZW (which are just renamed MOBIs). They are rebuilt based on html, like EPUBs, but wrapped differently. They are not the same thing at all. Only fourth-generation kindles, running firmware v4.1 or higher, can read AZW3, since it is always used to identify KF8-formatted ebooks. Changing the filename doesn’t change the contents, it only misidentifies it.

  70. alEx16 November, 2012

    I did it : it works !
    Thx a lot for the dev. It’s pretty straight forward to export DRM azw3 to pdf.
    I just have to fill in the serial number of my kindle in the customize plugin window for it works.

  71. Ara17 November, 2012

    Thank you!!! You save me.

  72. loz122120 November, 2012

    You can just use this website service:

    THen you don’t need to mess around with getting friggin python working on windows!! just takes a few seconds uploading and that’s it, you get a link to the unlocked file.

    1. Nate Hoffelder20 November, 2012

      That is more work than installing a calibre plugin.

    2. arrowspace9 January, 2013


  73. ReaderRat23 November, 2012

    It worked fine for a long time, after an upgrade of Calibre all plugins got removed…
    Now trying to setup it again, can’t get it to work. I have a Mac, bought a book at Amazon and try to put it on my Nook.
    Here the import log.

    Any help appreciated!

    calibredb add BLACKOUT.azw
    K4MobiDeDRM plugin v0.4.7: Starting
    K4MobiDeDRM v0.4.7: Calibre configuration directory = /xxx/xx/Library/Preferences/calibre
    MOBI header version = 8, length = 248
    Extra Data Flags = 3
    Running file type plugin Kindle and Mobipocket DeDRM failed with traceback:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “site-packages/calibre/customize/”, line 155, in _run_filetype_plugins
    File “calibre_plugins.k4mobidedrm.__init__”, line 136, in run
    TypeError: getPidList() takes exactly 6 arguments (5 given)
    is not a valid Kindle serial number or PID.
    K4MobiDeDRM: Calibre configuration directory = /xxx/xxx/Library/Preferences/calibre
    MOBI header version = 8, length = 248
    Extra Data Flags = 3
    No kindle-info files have been found.
    Crypto Type is: 2
    Running file type plugin K4PC, K4Mac, Kindle Mobi and Topaz DeDRM failed with traceback:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “site-packages/calibre/customize/”, line 155, in _run_filetype_plugins
    File “calibre_plugins.k4mobidedrm.__init__”, line 94, in run
    Exception: K4MobiDeDRM plugin could not decode the file
    Backing up metadata

  74. Christina24 November, 2012

    The MAIN reason I NEED dedrm is this:

    I buy so many books with either missing or messed up Table of Contents.. which I’m sure most of you know can be a **major pain**, especially if it’s a long read or a text book.

    I like to be able to edit and add a good TOC.. then transfer them back to kindle.

    I was using a far more difficult method.

    So this is so helpful, thank you!

  75. Brad24 November, 2012

    Can’t get Calibre to open or run the plug-ins – receive an error message that part of the file is missing.

  76. macgurl26 November, 2012

    Thank you. After a few false starts, I was able to convert a file I bought recently. Now I can read it on my other tablet 🙂

  77. Phil26 November, 2012

    Great article stepping through the installation process, but could do with a warning that if you have previously installed these tools they must be removed before installing the latest version or they won’t work!

  78. onlyme27 November, 2012

    really great, thank you

  79. smashingfish28 November, 2012

    would this work for adobe digital editions?

  80. Eva Luna30 November, 2012

    I am a new user in this world, so please bear with me. I read and installed everything, but I still have a problem with deDRM from prc to any other format *i want to change it in a PDF format*. I have a Kindle for PC, so no serial number for me.
    I keep getting “Error: No key found in 8 keys tried. Read the FAQs at Alf’s Blog. Only if none apply, report this failure for help.”
    . . .aaaand, here i am. Can someone tell what’s wrong?
    Thanks 🙂

  81. michael30 November, 2012


    newcomer: sorry if I talk non-sense. I’m also new to the eReaders’ world…well, here it goes:

    1) I don’t have a Kindle device. I have a Sony (PRS-650) which I connect to Ubuntu 12.04 via Calibre 0.8.38. I have Kindle-for-PC 1.10.4 installed on Ubuntu (under Wine 1.5.6);
    2) following Alf Apprentice’s instructions (hopefully from the right page) I installed 5 plugins to Calibre (tools_v_5.4.1 from folder “Calibre_Plugins”);
    3) I didn’t customize any of the plugins (I don’t have a Kindle device);
    4) I bought an eBook locked by DRM from Amazon. I can import it to Calibre no problem. When I click on convert, I get a message:

    “This book is DRMed. Cannot convert…etc”.

    Can you please help? I must have missed out something from AA’s instructions, but don’t know what exactly…I tried to upgrade Calibre to the latest version for Linux, to no avail…thanks!

  82. michael30 November, 2012

    quick update: I tried to remove the DRMed book from the Calibre library, uninstall + install Kindle-for-PC, import this book once again into Calibre. It does import it, although the following message pops up:

    Error: No key found in 0 keys tried. Read the FAQs at Alf’s blog. Only if none apply, report this failure for help…. /home/daniele/My Kindle Content/B004FV4T8O_EBOK.azw

    (if I click on OK the book gets imported)…weird?

  83. D1 December, 2012

    Just want to say thanks for this well written post!

  84. Mysterion6 December, 2012

    Some people using Windows 8 are defeated by the way the Kindle app from the start menu hides the Kindle content. There’s an extremely easy workaround. Just go to Amazon via your Desktop and install the Kindle PC reader for Windows 7. It runs perfectly well on Windows 8 and when you download books through the desktop, a “My Kindle Content” folder appears in your Documents folder. Then just drag the desired books to Calibre. Here’s a link:

  85. Neil7 December, 2012

    Can anyone answer a question for me please? Does calibre need to run on the same machine as the KindleForWindows program? Or can I use KindleForWindows to download the purchased book from Amazon, and then transfer the downloaded files to a linux box with Calibre on it? (I’d like to do it all on the linux machine but apparently there is no KindleForLinux reader client). Or does the calibre plugin need to use information from the Kindle reader in order to decrypt / unlock the files?
    I’d like to buy ebooks from Amazon and read them (as pdf I guess) on the linux machine but this drm seems to be the stumbling block…

    1. Bruin Fisher15 December, 2012

      See my post below – I can pull my e-book files from the Windows partition on my machine over to the Linux partition directly with Calibre, so I would have thought you’d be able to copy them from another machine. Some have suggested that K4PC needs to be installed on the same machine as Calibre but unless Calibre interrogates some other file or setting while collecting the e-book file, I can’t see that what you want to do would be a problem.

    2. Eli27 January, 2013

      unfortunately, yes they have to run together. The plugin needs to read the secret KindleID number of your K4PC application, which I believe would be hidden in the registry of your computer. I suppose you could hunt that down, but it would be much easier to simply install calibre in windows.

      Alternatively, you could look into installing K4PC in linux under WINE. Some people have gotten it to work.

  86. Bruin Fisher15 December, 2012

    Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for your deDRM plugin and your guidance and advice.

    I have an unusual configuration – My laptop dual boots Win7 and LinuxMint. Calibre is running under Linux but the Kindle for PC app is not available for Linux (grr…) so that’s running under Windows. In addition I have two Amazon accounts under different e-mail addresses. Some of my e-books have been bought through one account and some under another, which adds complexity. With K4PC I have to de-register the app from one account and register it for the other to download a new e-book, and I can never see all my e-books at one time. So it’s wonderful to be able to deDRM them and plop them into Calibre which organises them and lets me keep them all together, as well as other e-books I’ve accumulated from various sources. I can then put them onto my Kindle device from Calibre, converting as necessary to Mobi format. And if I decide one day to dump my Kindle and put my e-books on my Samsung Galaxy Note II phone instead I can do so easily. Wonderful.

    I take the points raised in this thread about e-book licences giving the right to read as provided and not otherwise, but I can’t see it’s likely Amazon or anyone else would find anything much wrong with what I do – I buy my content and read it on devices I own.

    There’s another argument to be made which seems to have been missed. A paper book can be given away after you finish with it without breaking any rules, an e-book generally can’t because the licence forbids it. It therefore seems churlish to prevent me from moving my e-book from my Kindle to my phone to read it there – which feels like my straitjacket is being tightened further, unnecessarily!

  87. Hvordan man fjerner DRM beskyttelse fra e-bøger | Printanalyse18 December, 2012

    […] Linket er her […]

  88. GrumpyFogey22 December, 2012

    Thank you so much Nate and Osiris2106: the deDRMer works, and I have control of my ebooks purchased from Amazon (which I could previously, ridiculously, only read on a PC because I refuse to be locked into anymore Amazon products). So now I can read all my stuff on my Sony PR300 and my Nexus7 — mobility restored! In the end I found it easier to set up the deDRMer on my desktop, ie separately from the Calibre programme (rather than attempt plug-ins), so it was easier to check if I was making mistakes. It took me about an hour and a half to work it out — I’m pretty close to an idiot on the tech-savvy scale of things, so this is just to encourage those who are still struggling. Also thanks to ApprenticeAlf and the Calibre creator.

    1. Eli27 January, 2013

      The plugins are really easy to use, actually. Once calibre is installed just go to preferences ==> plugins ==> load from file and you’re done. As opposed to configuring python and pycrypto which takes real knowhow. I did both, and I am tech-savvy, but it still took way too long just installing, vs. calibre which took 3 minutes to install the plugin.

      I’ve never had any errors using the plugins, because I make sure they both update together.

  89. Godel Fishbreath23 December, 2012

    Most of my content has been through Baen or other ebook sellers. Some has been from free sites on the web. And a bit through Amazon. Anyway thanks for the info.

  90. Mike26 December, 2012

    Instructions worked for me as in the original post. Thanks!

  91. Danielle26 December, 2012

    I can not find load plugin anywhere, I followed the instructions till then and then got stopped. Can you help?

  92. Load an Kindle Ebook into your smartphone without Kindle official app1 January, 2013

    […] can read the instructions how to install the plugin here. It will also show you where to download the […]

  93. theswandive7 January, 2013


  94. arrowspace9 January, 2013

    I installed calibre. I downloaded the anti-drm tools, v5.3.
    I followed the directions, unzipped the file, added the plug-in. Put in my kindle serial number, activated. Restarted.

    DRM not removed. I have tried it several times. Just does not work.

  95. rickwr8810 January, 2013

    Hello everyone. I’ve look at the problems of all of you and I didn’t see a answer to mine. If there is a answer for the problem I have and I didn’t see it, I am very sorry. There is my problem: I run on win.8 , Calibre v 0.9.13 , Kindle Fire v. 6.3.1 and the serial number. start by “D0” and not “B0″ , I run Active Python v. , For a raison that I don’t know, I can’t download the plugin. ” K4MobiDeDRM v04.17 “. I try several time and always get the message: ” an error has occurred while downloading your software. Please verify your internet connection and press ” try again” to continue installation” wich I know is wrong because my internet connection is perfect. So I try other plugin and when I try to add a book with the plugin. I can add the book but when I try to convert it I get the message ” This book is locked by DRM. and when I try with the plugin. I get this message “Error after 0.3 second: No key found in 4 keys tried. Read the FaQs at Alf’s blog: .
    If anyone can help me with it that would be very appreciated

    Thank you all for your time and thank for all they shared there solutions.

  96. […] El procedimiento es relativamente sencillo. Primero instale la aplicación de Kindle y baje los libros que desea mover a iBooks. Los encontrara porque son de tipo azw. Luego instale Calibre y complete instalando los plugins (herramienta #3), en específico uno que se llama K4MobiDeDRM, siendo esto último la parte mas compleja del procedimiento que encuentra aqui. […]

  97. Paul23 January, 2013

    It used to work for me but doesn’t any longer. Same computer, same scenario. Is it possible Amazon has changed their DRM scheme?

  98. Cheeky25 January, 2013

    I followed the directions and was able to get my books off of the Kindle app and get them converted over to .epub to read on my Nook. Thanks!!

  99. Mike26 January, 2013

    I followed these instructions on my work laptop (win7) yesterday and they worked great. However, on my home laptop (also Win7), I get an error saying the book is DRM’d and it won’t convert.

    Anyone have any ideas as to what the problem might be?

  100. David17 February, 2013

    Thanks for this, I was on a trial version of a paid app and it was giving me errors for one of the books, worked great with this solution. thanks again.

  101. ksl23 February, 2013

    I’ve had this on my pc for a while, and just purchased a mac. Downloaded calibre and kindle, but in caibre when I click the arrow to find preferences there is no preferences button there, only a remove books button.

    Will this work with calibre for mac or is only for pc?

  102. John28 February, 2013

    I suspect I am doing something wrong. Running Fedora 14. When I try to add a plugin, I get this:

    ERROR: ERROR: Unhandled exception: InvalidPlugin:No valid plugin found in /home/jmmckee/Downloads/tools_DRM_removal/Calibre_Plugins/

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/calibre/calibre/gui2/preferences/”, line 153, in add_plugin
    File “/usr/lib/calibre/calibre/customize/”, line 377, in add_plugin
    plugin = load_plugin(path_to_zip_file)
    File “/usr/lib/calibre/calibre/customize/”, line 93, in load_plugin
    raise InvalidPlugin(_(‘No valid plugin found in ‘)+path_to_zip_file)
    InvalidPlugin: No valid plugin found in /home/jmmckee/Downloads/tools_DRM_removal/Calibre_Plugins/

    I do not know what to do.

  103. Because I Have An Opinion And It’s RIGHT | Perpetualized2 March, 2013

    […] comment from someone (else) who wants something somebody else has or has created and then justifies … at The Digital […]

  104. Tony5 March, 2013

    Worked first time converting Kindle PC book to pdf. Great! Many thanks to all involved

  105. […] Of course, Balabolka only works with DRM-free files, reason #23,475 to avoid DRM.  It’s a shame there’s no way to remove DRM from Amazon’s ebooks. […]

  106. Ann Wallace1 April, 2013

    I tried to download the plugins from Apprentice Alf’s website but my Windows 7 wouldn’t allow me…said “site unsafe” all bright red, etc etc.
    Has this happened to anyone else?

  107. MissBehave29 April, 2013

    Have never been able to get KindleForPC to work on my PC …(usually use to view Kindle content on my pc) but will try again with new laptop, because this is certainly something I would be willing to do so that I can transfer my Kindle content to any of my devices without having to worry about needing to have a Kindle app on them to view.
    Amazon makes their MP3 files DRMfree – heaven knows why they thought it would be better to make Kindle books “the opposite of that”! I used to think they were customer-friendly, but the way Kindle and their Unbox (or whatever they are calling it these days) service works has changed my opinion.

  108. Jess3 May, 2013

    I’m trying to remove the DRM from a Kindle book that I bought. I have Calibre installed, Windows 7, and have been using it with no problems for quite a while. The book input format is an AZW3. I have the latest version of tools plugins installed 6.05 but when I try to convert the book in Calibre to a MOBI output I keep getting an error message that the book is blocked by DRM. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    1. KCampbell16 May, 2013

      I’m having the same issue! The input format is AZW4, I try to convert to mobi. I get DRM protected error when I do this!

    2. Arbie19 May, 2013

      I have the same problem. I’m running the latest Calibre 0.9.31, and the latest Alf tools v6.0.5, both downloaded today on Win XP. I bought a book from Amazon and downloaded it via the USB option. It shows a Feb 2013 publishing date and has the .azw3 extension. I properly loaded the Alf plugin into Calibre then ‘Added’ the new book. The DRM was not removed. I tried renaming the book to .azw but got the same results.

      Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

  109. Anne3 May, 2013

    I’ve tried this, but I’m never sure if it has actually stripped the DRM. Does it ever give an alert or notification that it’s been stripped or is it just automatically stripped once you upload it to Calibre?

    1. Nate Hoffelder3 May, 2013

      If you can open and read the ebook inside calibre then you know the DRM was stripped.

      1. Anne3 May, 2013

        Thanks for the quick answer!

  110. Rick21 May, 2013

    Just today I installed the DeDRM 6.0.6 after ignoring instruction #1 to unzip the downloaded zip file. Infact, extracting that zipped file was counterproductive for me as I couldn’t install the DeDRM plugin unless the entire unzipped folder was deleted. Sooo, when I pointed to the unextracted, original zipped folder absent the second unzipped folder which I had deleted, viola!, the plugin installed.

    I then chose ADD BOOKS in Caliber and navigated to the Kindle attached to my PC and to a Kindle book I had purchased yesterday (now in my Kindle). Found the book, clicked on it, brought it into Caliber, and, yep, it was still DRMed and therefore unreadable in Caliber. So much for DeDRM 6.0.6 which DOES NOT WORK….. at least the way I tried to use it. Either Amazon changed their DRM, DeDRM doesn’t work, or there is another way to use DeDRM either from within Caliber, or outside of Caliber that I’m not aware of.

    I’ll patiently await any further info on the issue.

    1. Felapton29 May, 2013

      After installing DeDRM 6.0.6 the procedure didn’t work in my case as well. That was because I forgot to disable the old version of the plugin. After doing that, everything worked perfectly (calibre version 0.9.32).

  111. Corinna22 May, 2013

    I’m running Fedora 18 on x86_64. I installed Kindle for PC under Wine
    which seems to work fine. I installed Calibre from the distro (version
    0.9.28) and installed the DeDRM 6.0.6 plugin. I imported 2 .azw eBooks
    into Calibre, but when I try to convert, I get the “This book is locked
    by DRM” message.

    My problem is that I don’t seem to be able to configure the DeDRM
    plugin. I open the “Kindle for Mac/PC eBooks dialog where I’m supposed
    to add a key. But that won’t work. If I press the ‘+’ button to add a
    key I only get a dialog “The default encryption key for Kindle for
    Mac/PC could not be found”, and that’s it. If I try the “Import
    Existing Keyfiles”, there’s nowhere a key file to be found which would
    be accepted by the “file open” dialog.

    So I’m stuck. How can I get my key into the plugin?!?

    Thanks in advance for any idea!

    1. da8ar3 July, 2013

      Dear Corinna,
      same situation: same os, same procedure, same problem… now SOLVED.

      Actually for me what worked was explained in Alf’s blog when he says “Do not download […] any version 3.0 later” and so on: the versions that he suggests do actually work. So I uninstalled my (newer) ActivePython and pyCrypto from wine, uninstalled the plugin from Calibre, reinstalled the suggested versions, reinstalled the plugin, and then ta-daa, now the ‘+’ button actually imports an existing key (assuming your wine path is standard). Then, you have to be careful and select, in Calibre, the file from the kindle directory (and not a copy you did and put in a .temp directory, as i did…): plugin will take care not to modify your original version.

      1. Corinna25 July, 2013

        Hi da8ar,

        that did it indeed. After a bit of fiddling, Calibre now converts the books just fine.


  112. AngieT4 June, 2013

    I followed the original instructions and it worked great. Thank you very much for your help. AngieT

  113. Extinguish22 June, 2013

    Kindle = set on fire. Extinguish = put the fire out. 😉

    Once a book downloaded to Kindle PC has been deDRM’ed and converted to another format, is there any user identifying data left in the file?

    1. Nate Hoffelder22 August, 2013

      I don’t know that anyone has looked inside the files and checked. But I do know it would not be hard add a customer ID.

  114. Christina4 July, 2013

    totally does not work. I did everything it says, even went as far as to upgrade Calibre before doing anything. It still wouldn’t convert my kindle book. Forget getting books from!! ugh!!

    1. readerit4 July, 2013

      in my experience, it works without problems, on different PCs and OpSys (win7 & 8).
      as far I understood (time ago when starting using deDRM calibre plugin) it is required that YOU are the owner of the book. If you receive an e-book file (with DRM) from another PC/reader, you cannot deDRM it. This is my procedure: 1) buy & download the book using Kindle for PC – 2) load in Calibre the book file taking it directly from the kindle4pc books directory (don’t copy/move the file in another place). Note that filename is a ‘random’ string, check the latest file. When loaded in calibre, the book is DRM free and you can also convert in another format (epub, pdf, etc)

      1. Christina4 July, 2013

        I do own the book, bought directly from FIle transfered directly from Kindle My Documents. Calibre still won’t convert it, still says it cannot. I even checked to see if the plugin loaded successfully and it did.

  115. Extinguish5 July, 2013

    I bought books using the Amazon site on a PC, had the books delivered to my phone. Then I installed the Windows Kindle software and downloaded the books there.

    The DRM removal plugin for Calibre had no problems with the books on the PC.

    Strange to see that Amazon uses the .prc extension for their Windows software.

  116. Lauris15 July, 2013

    Um, I’ve tried just adding the AZW file from my Kindle to Calibre after installing the plugin. But Calibre still shows that it’s DRM protected and therefore cannot be converted.

    Must I use Kindle for PC to copy the file?

    1. Timothy Wilhoit15 July, 2013

      Yes, I’m afraid so. If you have the plugins installed correctly, you should no problem importing/de-DRMing books using K4PC.

  117. Lauris18 July, 2013

    It worked for me when I used Kindle for PC!

  118. Nate Hoffelder22 August, 2013

    This post has been revised and updated.

  119. Andre29 August, 2013

    Hi! Great thing. Can I use this method to borrow a kindle book and convert it to something I can use after my borrow time is up?

    1. Nate Hoffelder29 August, 2013

      Yes. But you shouldn’t.

      1. WT Sharpe29 August, 2013

        Great answer. If I like a book I borrow from Amazon, I buy it, then remove the DRM. I would no more cheat Amazon and their authors out of revenue than I would steal a library book.

      2. kurt29 August, 2013

        yes you should

        the way ebook restriction are set up for libraries “time shifting” of library books is the only way to actually make use of a libraries limited selection

        my personal experience has been quite annoying with long periods of none of the books i have on hold being available and then, BAM! i have five or more at once – believe me i’m taking them all

  120. Tango31 August, 2013

    A million thanks!

    While I had to read many of the comments to finally understand
    I could not retrieve books off the Kindle itself, but actually had to DL them;
    I had to right click the PlugIn and enter my Kindle’s S/N
    De-DRM’ing takes place upon importation, not during the conversion.

    But once I got that, I had no problems – except with the OED, which showed a memory error, likely due to size.

    1. David Forslund11 January, 2014

      I installed the plugin and it is listed under “change Calibre behavior” and the Plugins list. However, when I show the plugins installed under Calibre it isn’t listed. I don’t have a Kindle S/N, as I only use Kindle for PC and Kindle for Android. When I import an .azw file into Calibre, it shows it in there as an .azw file and if I try to convert it, it complains and says it can’t be converted because of DRM. If I try to view it, it brings up the Kindle4PC app and then it complains and says the document needs to be downloaded again. Basically as I have it now the DeDRM doesn’t seem to do anything. What am I missing? I’m using Calibre 1.19.0

      1. David Forslund11 January, 2014

        Well I tried again without copying the file and had calibre import it from the Kindle directory. This time it seems to work ok. I do the conversion after the import. The formatting seems to have some problems, but otherwise is fine.

        1. NoobyOne24 January, 2014

          When you say import the file do you mean click ‘add book’ button in the top left corner ?
          I have tried this + drag/drop and neither work.

          1. Nate Hoffelder24 January, 2014

            I usually just drag and drop, but the add book button should also work.

  121. StillWiggling5 September, 2013

    Hooray, it worked! I followed all of the steps, and it seemed to take quite a bit longer than normal to add the first downloaded book to Calibre, but then it finally appeared–in HTMLZ format, so I converted it to epub.

    I have had issues with the Kindle for Android reader app, including not saving my bookmarks, and suddenly increasing (or decreasing) the text size rather than turning a page. It will be great to be able to read Kindle books in a different reader. Thanks!

  122. StillWiggling5 September, 2013

    I should add… it was only the first imported book that came in as HTMLZ. The next one was AZW3, and the next one after that was MOBI. Can Amazon not make up its mind??

  123. Extinguish6 September, 2013

    Amazon bought Mobipocket and initially the old Kindle format was the same as the old Mobi format. Some updates to the format were made but the Kindle app for Android still supported the old format, and PalmDoc PRC format.

    Then when Amazon finally got around to adding margin size options to the app (but still can’t set to zero) and more text sizes, they sort of “unsupported” the old Mobi format and PalmDoc. The app would see the book files and would open them but some would be at location -1 of 1 and some would show the first page of text but after a few pages would go to random looking characters.

    I haven’t tested the latest release to see if they fixed it. Not very likely they have.

    What’s needed is an open source, cross platform reader app that can open as many e-book formats as possible. I call the concept One Ultimate Reader. OUR = Our Software, Not Theirs.

  124. Polly10 October, 2013

    It failed for me. I am ready to accept that I have made a fundamental error, but danged if I can see where. Be gentle with me.

    Debug copy follows:

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\Users\Pollik>calibre-debug -g
    calibre 1.4 isfrozen: True is64bit: False
    Windows-7-6.1.7600 Windows (’32bit’, ‘WindowsPE’)
    (‘Windows’, ‘7’, ‘6.1.7600’)
    Python 2.7.5
    Windows: (‘7’, ‘6.1.7600’, ”, ‘Multiprocessor Free’)
    Starting up…
    Started up in 1.60 seconds with 2791 books
    Worker Launch took: 0.438999891281
    Job: 1 Read metadata (0 of 1) finished
    Read metadata (0 of 1)
    DeDRM v6.0.7: Trying to decrypt Two Truths and a Lie.azw
    Using Library AlfCrypto DLL/DYLIB/SO
    MobiDeDrm v0.41.
    Copyright © 2008-2012 The Dark Reverser et al.
    MOBI header version 6, header length 232
    Extra Data Flags: 10
    Decrypting Mobipocket 6 ebook: Two Truths and a Lie
    Found 0 keys to try after 0.1 seconds
    Crypto Type is: 2
    DeDRM v6.0.7: Failed to decrypt with error: No key found in 0 keys tried
    DeDRM v6.0.7: Looking for new default Kindle Key after 0.1 seconds
    searching for kinfoFiles in C:\Users\Pollik\AppData\Local
    Found K4PC 1.9+ kinf2011 file: C:\Users\Pollik\AppData\Local\Amazon\Kind
    Decrypted key file using IDString ‘2724218755’ and UserName ‘Pollik’
    DeDRM v6.0.7: Found 1 new key
    MobiDeDrm v0.41.
    Copyright © 2008-2012 The Dark Reverser et al.
    MOBI header version 6, header length 232
    Extra Data Flags: 10
    Decrypting Mobipocket 6 ebook: Two Truths and a Lie
    Found 4 keys to try after 0.2 seconds
    Crypto Type is: 2
    DeDRM v6.0.7: Ultimately failed to decrypt after 0.2 seconds.
    Read the FAQs at Alf’s blog:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “calibre_plugins.dedrm.__init__”, line 406, in KindleMobiDecrypt
    File “calibre_plugins.dedrm.k4mobidedrm”, line 214, in GetDecryptedBoo
    File “calibre_plugins.dedrm.mobidedrm”, line 467, in processBook
    DrmException: No key found in 4 keys tried.
    Running file type plugin DeDRM failed with traceback:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “site-packages\calibre\customize\”, line 154, in _run_filety
    File “calibre_plugins.dedrm.__init__”, line 468, in run
    File “calibre_plugins.dedrm.__init__”, line 419, in KindleMobiDecrypt
    DeDRMError: DeDRM v6.0.7: Ultimately failed to decrypt “Two Truths and a
    Lie.azw” after 0.2 seconds with error: No key found in 4 keys tried.
    Read the FAQs at Alf’s blog:

    Added Two Truths and a Lie to db in: 0.328999996185 seconds
    Worker Launch took: 0.283999919891

  125. Ted G12 October, 2013

    Hi.. here goes debug notes, thanks in advance!
    C:\Users\Ted>calibre-debug -g
    calibre 1.6 isfrozen: True is64bit: False
    Windows-7-6.1.7601-SP1 Windows (’32bit’, ‘WindowsPE’)
    (‘Windows’, ‘7’, ‘6.1.7601’)
    Python 2.7.5
    Windows: (‘7’, ‘6.1.7601’, ‘SP1’, ‘Multiprocessor Free’)
    Starting up…
    Started up in 3.21 seconds with 74 books
    Worker Launch took: 0.269999980927
    Job: 1 Read metadata (0 of 1) finished
    Read metadata (0 of 1)
    DeDRM v6.0.7: Trying to decrypt Too Much Happiness_B003ZDO90G.azw3
    Using Library AlfCrypto DLL/DYLIB/SO
    MobiDeDrm v0.41.
    Copyright © 2008-2012 The Dark Reverser et al.
    MOBI header version 8, header length 264
    Extra Data Flags: 3
    Decrypting Kindle Format 8 ebook: Too Much Happiness
    Found 0 keys to try after 0.4 seconds
    Crypto Type is: 2
    DeDRM v6.0.7: Failed to decrypt with error: No key found in 0 keys tried
    DeDRM v6.0.7: Looking for new default Kindle Key after 0.4 seconds
    searching for kinfoFiles in C:\Users\Ted\AppData\Local
    No K4PC files have been found.
    DeDRM v6.0.7: Ultimately failed to decrypt after 0.5 seconds.
    Read the FAQs at Alf’s blog:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “calibre_plugins.dedrm.__init__”, line 377, in KindleMobiDecrypt
    File “calibre_plugins.dedrm.k4mobidedrm”, line 214, in GetDecryptedBoo
    File “calibre_plugins.dedrm.mobidedrm”, line 467, in processBook
    DrmException: No key found in 0 keys tried.
    Running file type plugin DeDRM failed with traceback:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “site-packages\calibre\customize\”, line 154, in _run_filety
    File “calibre_plugins.dedrm.__init__”, line 468, in run
    File “calibre_plugins.dedrm.__init__”, line 419, in KindleMobiDecrypt
    DeDRMError: DeDRM v6.0.7: Ultimately failed to decrypt “Too Much Happine
    ss_B003ZDO90G.azw3” after 0.5 seconds with error: No key found in 0 keys tried.
    Read the FAQs at Alf’s blog:

    Added Too Much Happiness to db in: 2.35399985313 seconds

  126. Narocrocs23 December, 2013

    Nate Thank you for this post. Very good and helpful

  127. Amanda20 January, 2014

    did anyone find out how to remove the recent updated DRM protection from Amazon?

    Calibre with the extra plugin used to work for me. But I find out that the recent new release I buy from Amazon this month failed to be converted using the same method.


    1. Phil21 January, 2014

      I am always using the free drm removal tool ePubee, I don’t know if I have met the “updated DRM protection”, however the epubee freeware keeps working these months.

      1. Amanda21 January, 2014

        thanks, Phil.

        I will try it out.

    2. NoobyOne24 January, 2014

      I am having the same problem. I am using Kindle app on a Nexus 7 and it’s terrible. No zoom, no rotation, makes it impossible to read.
      Set up Calibre with plugins but it just wont do it.

  128. paola1 February, 2014

    I’ve used your recomendations, and when i go to Calibre to try to add a book it takes me to my kindle application and is not available to chose. i supose all my books are there. How can i select it?

  129. nikki26 February, 2014

    Thank you, this was perfect. I have a 2010 sony ereader that uses epub. The ebooks I wanted are only available in kindle format, but with this program and plugin I was able to convert and strip. They are MY purchased files. If they don’t make it so that products can be used on all devices, this is my only solution.

    **one of my files would not convert/strip with the other 2. I deleted the failed file from calibre, reloaded it, then converted it separately, which worked.

  130. David31 March, 2014

    What a huge comment thread. Lots of great info but a little confusing.

    I made a video of the process of installing and using Kindle for PC, Calibre and Apprentice Alf’s plugins. It seems lots of people have found it helpful. It also includes how to use Calibre’s built in server to transfer the converted EPUB onto an iOS device.

    As far as I can tell the only thing that’s changed since I made the video in 2012 is that the plugins all install together instead of separately.

  131. lukethespook3 April, 2014

    Hi Nate,

    Thanks for the post,

    easy to complete. Worked with the latest Calibre install (1.3 for windows) after a restart and re-up of the ebook.

    Nice work. Props to the coder.

  132. Kelemvor9 April, 2014

    Any idea if anything can be done if some books won’t decrypt with this file? When trying to do the convert step, most of them work but I get errors for some. When I double click the failures in Calibre it says things like:
    Python function terminated unexpectedly

    Sucks because I have about a dozen or so that won’t work.

  133. Ertugrul22 April, 2014

    I am trying to remove DRM from an azw3 file for Kindle Paperwhite.

    Here is my debug output;

    “DeDRMError: DeDRM v6.0.8: Ultimately failed to decrypt “XXX.azw3″ after 0.4 seconds with error: No key found in 0 keys tried.”

    Please help…

    1. David24 April, 2014

      It could be your working with a file originally downloaded to the Kindle device. It’s important you re-download the file using the Kindle for PC app and send that file to Calibre.

  134. JJ10 May, 2014

    Well I am doing something wrong I suppose. I follow the steps, downloaded the ebook from K4pc to my computer. Its a randomletter/number title .prc file. I open calibre, tell it to add that.prc file, add its fine, shows me title, cover, everything groovy in the library, except it is in AZW, well I need it as mobi to get it to my nexus kindle app (book was bought on orig kindle, which was setup with wifes info, this nexus i just bought has my info) so when I try to do the convert it tells me the book is protected by drm. so it either did not work, or I am doing something wrong, but I am pretty sure I followed all the steps. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. A Reader10 May, 2014

      The K4PC installation should ideally be on the same system as Calibre + DeDRM. That way, DeDRM can locate the K4PC key material to do the decryption (I believe there’s an option to manually supply this material, but I never found the need). Just ask K4PC to download the book, and then import from that location to Calibre.

    2. David11 May, 2014

      I can’t explain the problem but I only ever copy over the .AZW file from K4PC folder to Calibre. For me it is the biggest file with all the data in it.
      One possible explaination was that the PC4W was registered in a different name from the original PC purchase.
      To handle books bought on wife’s account I had to set up a separate User Account in Windows and install a separate instances of K4PC

  135. JJ10 May, 2014

    Well never mind I guess. I got it to work. Wrong logic, but end result was a success.
    Looking at the debug log I posted (at the tool creators site) and they key it was using, I assumed it was an old key (kinf2011). I thought maybe I had the K4pc on my computer at an earlier date, so I went into K4PC, de-registered, closed the application, went to the key file location, (%userprofile\AppData\Local\Amazon\Kindle\storage) deleted it, deleted all content out of My Kindle folder. and Started over, re- registered account. downloaded book, , it opened, flipped through a few pages, closed it, closed the K4PC program. Opened calibre with debug command dragged the ebook in and saw that it was successful. 🙂

  136. Alan Sears18 May, 2014

    I (finally) got Calibre and loaded the DeDRM plug-in. I put an ePub book into the Calibre library, selected it, clicked on “Convert Books”, and then got the message “This book is DRMed” and cannot be converted by calibre. The following is part of Caibre’s own comment on DRM:

    Why does calibre not support DRM?
    calibre is open source software while DRM by its very nature is closed. If calibre were to support opening or viewing DRM files it could be trivially modified to be used as a tool for DRM removal which is illegal under today’s laws. Open source software and DRM are a clash of principles. While DRM is all about controlling the user open source software is about empowering the user. The two simply can not coexist.

    1. Valentine18 May, 2014

      Too bad Mozilla, those greedy traitors, don’t see things the same way.

  137. Rafael Oliveira9 June, 2014

    Is there a way only to strip the DRM from the kindle file (AZW, AZW3/4 or TPZ) but preserve the format, don’t convert it to MOBI? So I can read it in another kindle?

    1. Nate Hoffelder9 June, 2014

      Aside from TPZ, all of the Kindle formats are really just another word for Mobi. They’re not quite the same, but the differences are so small that they don’t matter.

      1. Rafael Oliveira9 June, 2014

        Thank you Nate.
        But why is it that converted books won’t keep the original covers?

        1. Nate Hoffelder9 June, 2014

          I don’t know; that should not be happening. I would check the settings menu under conversion. You might have this option enabled somewhere as a checkbox.

        2. Miss Parker14 June, 2014

          I recently installed Calibre (and the instructions weren’t that clear because the plugin was not named what they called it) but I was able to convert my books and they still have their original cover. The books are converted and the files stored in a folder…one of the files was the cover, and when I open the pdf I see the cover just as I would see it in Kindle.

  138. Timothy Wilhoit9 June, 2014

    Topaz is a lost cause, Calibre can’t do anything with it.

  139. Woland Warlock13 June, 2014

    I’ve just done everything I normally do to convert an EPUB to MOBI with Calibre 1.40 with the DeDRM plugin loaded & confirmed & it failed to open or convert because of DRM. This was a free book from The Times downloaded to Digital Editions. Has someone found a way to defeat the Dark Reverser or am I doing something wrong?

  140. Lane14 June, 2014

    Hey I tried everything you listed in the steps and am trying to convert a kindle book to pdf so my friend can read it…but the DRM thing pops up every time even though I’ve installed all the plugins. Any suggestions??

  141. Aaron23 June, 2014

    Well, I just bought my first and last ebook from amazon. This DRM crap is ridiculous. I paid for a book I can’t even open. Terrific

  142. Christian25 June, 2014

    The same as “Alan Sears // May 18, 2014 at 10:52 am” with me.

    DeDRM-plugin doesn’t work anymore.

    1. Nate Hoffelder25 June, 2014

      It’s not working for me either.

  143. Juli Monroe25 June, 2014

    It still works for me. Just tested it on a book from HarperCollins, so I’m quite sure it had DRM on it.

    1. Nate Hoffelder25 June, 2014

      Are you usinf Adobe DE 2.0 or DE 3.0?

      I am using the latter. Adobe might have intentionally broken the DRM with the update.

  144. Juli Monroe25 June, 2014

    ADE 3.0. I just downloaded a book and tried it. Also tried it on a Kindle book. DRM was removed both times.

    I suppose it’s possible my version of ADE hasn’t updated recently, though.

    1. Nate Hoffelder25 June, 2014

      I haven’t updated since I don’t know when.

      Well, shoot.

  145. Juli Monroe25 June, 2014

    If it helps at all, I’m running Calibre 1.22 (I know–old!) and even older versions of the plugins. I figure if it’s still working I won’t upgrade.

  146. Chris C29 June, 2014

    In trying to convert Kindle (AZW) books to EPUB using Windows 7 PC – Just did these steps and I am excited to report that it worked exactly as you said it would. I downloaded the Kindle App for PC, calibre, and the removal tools. I am extremely grateful!!!!

  147. Lane10 July, 2014

    Hi, I’ve tried this a couple of times and have yet to be able to convert any of my library books or remove DRM. I’m using win 7 and while I don’t actually need to convert it (my library allows me to download in AZW3 format) I tried converting to MOBI and it wouldn’t let me because of DRM…. 🙁

    1. David10 July, 2014

      I can assure you it does work very smoothly once you have it set up. If your having trouble with the instructions you might be interested in a video I made showing the process.

      1. Lane25 July, 2014

        Sorry to get back to you so late David…I took a bunch of screen shots so I can show you step-by-step what kinds of errors I’m getting when trying to install plugins (NO WHERE do I get that nice little list of .zip files to install like you were installing…I’m using v. 6.0.8)

        (sorry about the dl thing; it’s the fastest/easiest way I can see to upload things without signing up for something ridiculous or being charged)
        This is the error I see when I try to use this .zip file (and you can see how I got there via the address bar)

        (you can see I tried unzipping it too — nada but the error above was from trying to use the zip file)

        Then I tried the ONLY zip file inside of the unzipped one shown above ^

        1. Lane15 August, 2014

          By the way, have you ever heard of a PRC file? I have a series of books that has that file type and they won’t / convert to mobi…

          1. David15 August, 2014

            “MOBI is the format used by the MobiPocket Reader and Amazon Kindle Readers. It may have a .mobi extension or it may have a .prc extension. The extension can be changed by the user to either of the accepted forms.”

      2. Lane25 July, 2014
        Shown here

        Error I get from using THAT zip (like I said, the only zip file inside of the previously zipped file):

        So I can’t get ANY of the plugins to load.
        (sorry to post twice, it said it was too long)

        1. David26 July, 2014

          I haven’t viewed your images – the links download an exe file. For really easy image sharing, try

          I have put together a document with the slightly changed install steps at

          The only difference is that the current version bundles the 5 different plugins into 1 zip file called “”

        2. David26 July, 2014

          I messed up the link to the document. Try again

          1. Lane26 July, 2014

            Thanks! Here’s the images using your uploader (which I will now bookmark) just follow my descriptions ^


            I’ll look at your new link 🙂

          2. Lane26 July, 2014

            OK I was able to install the plugins (the odd thing was, I was already doing what you told us to…anyway) but it didn’t work.


            I tried to convert a library book from azw3 to azw3 (since I didn’t actually want it in a new format) and got a DRM error….

          3. Lane26 July, 2014

            OH and I DID restart calibre.

        3. David26 July, 2014

          Lane, your persistence is admirable.

          Did you confirm the DeDRM plugin was installed?
          Preferences > Plugins > File type plugins

          Are you sure the file your loading into Calibre is the file you’ve downloaded into Kindle for PC.

          The Kindle book must have been purchased by the same account on Amazon as you are using to sign in to Kindle for PC.

          1. David26 July, 2014

            The Kindle for PC used to download the book must installed be on the same computer and Windows user account as Calibre.

            I think this is because the Calibre plugin finds and uses the key stored in Kindle for PC to unlock the the book prior to converting.

            These may not be the source of your problem, I’m just trying to rule things out.

          2. Lane28 July, 2014

            Ummm I’m not sure. What I’ve been doing is putting them in is Libraries -> Documents -> Kindle -> Ebooks. Do I have to like….delete the book off calibre and re-add it from a different folder? And yes, the plugins are definitely there.

          3. David28 July, 2014

            When you download the ebooks from Amazon using Kindle For PC they end up in a folder called (by default) My Kindle Content. Each book has several files with names like B00BY6TRQW_EBOK.azw and B00BY6TRQW_EBOK.lpr . The one you want is the largest file and has a “.azw” filetype. Add that file to Calibre using drag and drop or via the “Add Books” button in Calibre.

          4. Lane6 August, 2014

            Well they’re (for the most part ) .azw3 but my understanding is they’re much the same except for newer versions of kindles. I’ll try deleting everything off my calibre and adding the .azw3 files individually. Try that. I’m at work right now but I’ll check in and let you know how it goes. What do you recommend converting them to to and still have the DRM deleted? That’ll still be compatible (with kindle) so it still looks the same? I have a few .mobi and .epub versions that someone sent me that look all funky on my kindle.

          5. David8 August, 2014

            I use .mobi when I want to put it on Kindle Paperwhite 2 and .EPUB when its going to iBooks on iOS. I’ve never seen a layout problem except in some tech books with lots of illustrations these seem better on the bigger ipad screen than kindle. But changing the font size on the kindle usually helps.

            By the way, when I look in the My Kindle Content folder using windows explorer I see .AZW filetypes not .AZW3. They only show up as AZW3 in the formats field of Calibre. Are you sure these are files downloaded using Kindle for PC.
            title=”AZW file properties” />AZW file properties

          6. Lane9 August, 2014

            And mobi should work on paperwhite 1 right? I think it was the epub ones that were funky – it would do something like take a word at the end of the line, hit return, then hit return after the word and start a new line from there. Over and over. Very difficult to read. I’m going to begin from scratch on calibre by the way. Pity the books I was going to try to get the DRM off of have already been returned to the library. But I have a couple from amazon I can play with.

          7. David10 August, 2014

            It’s possible that borrowed ebooks won’t work at all. My understanding is that the DeDRM plugin uses your personal Amazon key stored in Kindle for PC, to unlock your purchased book prior to conversion. I’m guessing, but I would not be surprised if the key for a borrowed library ebook doesn’t work in DeDRM.

            1. Nate Hoffelder10 August, 2014

              But if you download and read the ebook on your PC then the key should be the same.

          8. David10 August, 2014

            Yes Nate I would have thought so. But I have heard several people have trouble with “borrowed” books.

          9. Lane12 August, 2014

            Aw that’s seriously sucky. :/

          10. Lane13 August, 2014

            DAMMIT. I just deleted them all off calibre, went into my kindle folder (renaming everything to get rid of the random numbers and letters at the end – and sometimes beginning too – of the file names) and added the first book to Calibre. Went to convert it to Mobi, and it immediately says it can’t because of the DRM. WTFFFF?!

          11. David13 August, 2014

            since your taking bold steps, you might as well completely restart the processs with at least one test book that you have purchased from Amazon.
            Go into Kindle for PC and delete the book, re-download it from Amazon and then add that new file into Calibre.

          12. Lane14 August, 2014

            Oh dear god. 150 books. I just renamed every one of them in their folder today — getting rid of those numbers and letters attached to the end (and two of them with numbers at the beginning as well –that showed up on their title on my kindle!)

          13. Lane14 August, 2014

            OK that SEEMS to be working. Go figure I’d choose one of my longest books. -_- But it hasn’t automatically said that it can’t convert because of DRM; it’s at 47% now. Uuuugh downloading over 150 books again (plus some I have no idea where they came from..?) and renaming all of them AGAIN in the folder. *sigh* Thank you for your continued patience and help.

          14. Lane14 August, 2014

            Any ideas about DRM removers that work on library books on calibre (or really any program – I’ll try it).

          15. David14 August, 2014

            Good to hear you’ve finally made some progress. Gold Star for persistance! I would NOT go changing all the file names in your Kindle for PC folder. It might have odd consequences – remember each book has multiple files besides the AZW one. Also it should not necessary if you can use the files time stamp as a guide for which have / have not been added to Calibre.

            I don’t know about handling library files- I’m not even sure they are available here in Australia.

  148. MadReader18 July, 2014

    WARNING if you ae thinking of downloading Apprentice Alf’s stuff you will be spending a day or so cleaning your PC of invasive malware and other rubbish – you have been warned.

    1. drun18 July, 2014

      Can you provide some evidence for your claim. I’ve never heard anyone complain about malware before. None of the malware software I’ve tried detects any problem with the files linked to on Apprentice Alf’s site.

      1. Rashkae25 July, 2014

        Like many another free download, when navigating the cesspool that free file download hosts has become, you must be careful that the download link you click is the real one, and not a deceptive add disguised to look like a download button. Addblock plus highly reccomended.

        1. Nate Hoffelder25 July, 2014

          There are ads? Thanks for pointing that out; I have Adblock so I never noticed.

        2. David26 July, 2014

          Yes you’re right, I had forgotten there are two links on that page. One of them is to the file and the other kindly installs some other stuff along with the file. Avoid the one that has “Ad” below it in fine print

          Also, make sure you uncheck the option to “Use our downloader…”

  149. WeaverGrace25 July, 2014

    🙂 Thank you. Your directions worked perfectly! I’m using Win 8.0 on my laptop, and calibre opened all of my ebooks (apnx, azw, mbp, phl, mobi) in a pleasant presentation when I used the View button.

  150. Hompf30 July, 2014

    Can anyone tell me, why it converts my book to HTMLZ instead of keeping just the real azw file format?
    I would love to not have it converted but just have removed the DRM, is there any way to do that?
    Thanks for any advide!

    1. Nate Hoffelder30 July, 2014

      Are you converting the ebook? I suspect that you have the output set to that format. Look in the upper right corner of the conversion menu for the output format and see what it says.

    2. Vikarti Anatra14 August, 2014

      Very likely, becouse this book is not regular AZW, it’s Topaz

  151. Hompf30 July, 2014

    Thanks for your quick response! Well, I’m not quite sure, which specific field you mean, but I think I changed everything about “outcome format” in the settings to: AZW3, where it is possible. The effect of converting to HTMLX still exists.
    But in fact only for that format with DRM. I’ve one other kidle ebook as an azw format (DRMfree) and that’s not changed (and for sure without problem to open).
    Well, and when I get my DRM-book somehow in my Calibre library as a AZW format (like before I had the plugin installed), then it still is with its DRM protection which let it say the error when I want to open it: ‘That’s an Amazon Topaz-Buch. …’
    Any further ideas?

    1. Hompf5 August, 2014

      Nobody has a solution for importing an AZW file without converting it but only remove the DRM protenction?? 😮
      Would be really thankful…

      1. David6 August, 2014

        I’ve got older kindle files (.AZW) that seem to become DRM free files (.MOBI) as soon as I add them to Calibre. But newer ones stay as AZW3 and must be converted to a DRM free format.

        If you want a DRM free version Kindle compatible version just convert it to MOBI format. (For IOS devices use EPUB)

        As Nate said you select the output format in the top right corner of of the Convert Books dialog box

        1. Hompf6 August, 2014

          Well, in fact the difficulty is not to convert it to a DRM-free format but to keep the same format without DRM-protection. Because whatever format I choose, the original layout (like I can see it on my kindle) is NOT kept…

          In fact I found a source where a user is exactly explaining the phenomen I mean, which is related to a “Topaz book” (azw) like mine.

          So there seems no (easy) way to be for a converting, where the design and OCR-text is still correct after revoming the DRM?!
          Anyone has an idea how the hard way (mentioned in the linked thread by the guy ‘some_updates’) is going??

          1. David8 August, 2014

            So are saying that when you convert to MOBI (DRM free) the layout of the ebook is messed up? Is it just specific to one book? Have you tried with other books?

          2. David8 August, 2014

            I’ve never encountered a Topaz format book. It does sound kind of kooky.

  152. Garry Bowles1 August, 2014

    When I attempt to instal DeDRM calibre says it is an invalid plugin and does not proceed. Previously I had followed the same procedure and installed an Epub plugin which has worked perfectly.
    Any suggestions please

    1. David1 August, 2014

      One possible cause of that is trying to install the wrong file. The current downloaded file is called “”. Extract the contents of that zip file. One of the extracted folders will be called “DeDRM_calibre_plugin”. Within that folder is the zip file you need to install. It’s called “”. Don’t unzip this file it is used by the installer as is.

      1. Garry Bowles1 August, 2014

        Thanks David. This is exactly the file that I am using. My Calibre version is 1.47.0

        1. Garry Bowles1 August, 2014

          I thought I was using Calibre 1.47.0 but ,in fact, was not. I have upgraded to it and the plugin is now accepted and installed.
          As a previous commentor has advised, I have found that if a book cannot be opened in Kindle for PC ,then its format cannot be converted in Calibre. Adding that book to Calibre does not remove its DRM.

  153. Pedro13 August, 2014

    Date: 13/08/14.
    Calibre version: 1.48
    Tools version: 6.0.8
    Working: yes.

    Hello. I’ve created instructions in Spanish, step by step.

    2. Ruta: Calibre>Preferencias>Cambiar el comportamiento de calibre>Complementos>cargar complemento desde un archivo>la carpeta tools hay que extraerla, pero sólo esa, no el zip que viene dentro>abrís a través del calibre el DeDRM plugin.
    3. Te va a decir que se instaló. Cerrá y volvé a abrir el calibre.
    4. Ruta 2: Calibre>Preferencias>Cambiar el comportamiento de calibre>Complementos>complementos tipo de archivo>doble click en DeDRM>click en eINK Kindle ebooks (NO en Kindle for MAC/PC ebooks)>introducí el código de serie de tu kindle, SIN ESPACIOS.
    5. ¿Dónde encuentro el código de serie?>(a la izquierda) your account>all account options>digital content>manage your content and devices.
    6. Cerrar Calibre y volver a abrirlo.
    7. Recién allí añadir el libro con DRM, NO ANTES.

  154. Chien16 August, 2014

    Newly downloaded books from Amazon aren’t de-DRMing. I tried updating the plugin and Calibre but no dice. I also don’t know where to find an error message or log to share.

    Any hints?

    1. Martijn Boersma12 September, 2014

      Same here. Hope there is a work around soon.

  155. Nikolay17 August, 2014

    I get this error when double clicking on the plugin to configure it.

    calibre, version 0.8.38
    ERROR: Unhandled exception: AttributeError:’module’ object has no attribute ‘ConfigWidget’

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/calibre/calibre/gui2/preferences/”, line 281, in double_clicked
    File “/usr/lib/calibre/calibre/gui2/preferences/”, line 360, in modify_plugin
    if plugin.do_user_config(self.gui):
    File “/usr/lib/calibre/calibre/customize/”, line 150, in do_user_config
    config_widget = self.config_widget()
    File “calibre_plugins.dedrm.__init__”, line 496, in config_widget
    AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘ConfigWidget’

  156. growe26 August, 2014

    The link for downloading is dead (actually the entire site appears to be dead). Can it be uploaded somewhere else?


  157. David Haywood Young7 September, 2014

    Hey Nate-

    A reader of mine had gotten behind on his Calibre database. Too busy with other stuff, I guess, so he had a few hundred new titles to import, and of course many of them were DRM-encumbered.

    Just FYI, the process above sort of worked to convert files from his Paperwhite after he added its serial number to the plugin. However, the plugin does not appear to work when adding more than one book to Calibre–it’s only good for single titles.

    At that point he could fix the issue piecemeal: “add” each individual book as a duplicate by browsing to its on-disk location, which would remove the DRM, and delete the old version afterward.


    He then set Calibre to overwrite existing files on add, which removed some but not all of the hassle.

    The best workaround to date is to (1) set Calibre to overwrite existing files as mentioned above, (2) for any file that won’t immediately open in Calibre’s reader because of DRM, click “Path: click to open” in Calibre’s Book Details pane, and (3) drag the book to the main Calibre library pane, which re-adds it and strips DRM. Calibre will give a notification popup about the duplicate, but that doesn’t appear to cause problems.

    Dunno whether you want to add that bit to your post. Obviously keeping on top of his backup program would have reduced the scale of the problem. And I think it’s kinda cool as is: a guy could keep track of which authors/publishers think DRM is a good idea that way, if he were so inclined.

    Nice post!

  158. Lisa9 September, 2014

    Does it work for trial textbooks? Or is there an added something that can be done?

  159. Michael20 September, 2014

    Nice plugin, I had troubles running it on the 32 bit version of calibre but on 64 bit it works like a charm.

  160. Andreas28 December, 2014

    I did stop to buy just any book of Amazoon because I do not have a notebook that runs Windows and gets connected to the internet in a private session. So I found out, with my other stuff – linux, knoppix or unbuntu they told me it isn’t possible to load any book of them down – so far I did not buy any book since nearly a year from them and I think some other guys on the net are happy to earn some 500 Euro a year of me for books I got from them. It’s only to much work to go around for me, even if this is a way to move books and I could run it out of a VMware machine, where I don’t care to use Windows.

    I was leavig the A.U.G.E. as the freedom of their system stept in a direction of imprisening people to their system. In Windows Systems I found same things and I don’t really know if this will be happened soon to ubuntu. For me is GNU on of the standards, that I prefere, because of its freedom. Maybe they change but If I want to read a book I think on doing something for knowledge or for fun and in both cases I don’t like strings to keep me away from freedom. Maybe if it is easier to get books on my readers I don’t care If I don’t recognise. But If I recognise this behavier to take freedom off, I think allways some time there will be one to fight for freedom.
    I think someone who wants to stay alone for himselve should stay on a tiny iland, because his unsozial behavier is not acceptable in great populated areas on the world. And I think someone who does work should not get, because of such kind of rules, a position, in that he gets that much overpaid, that he can’t take it any more easy and that he gets a bad example for our childs. It’s not good if someone is ready with work in only some minutes, because of the rules, that maybe he did furtune.

    I think honor, trust and all the other values are lost because of this people, which take money first before them…… but of course money is important.

  161. Andreas28 December, 2014

    Sorry did forget to ask my question about getting said over this.

    Does someone knows a way to get the books from Amazon without using MAC or Windows. With only using linux, ubuntu or which ever operating system you prefere.?

    1. Nate Hoffelder28 December, 2014


      If you own a Kindle, Amazon will let you download the ebook file from the website. And if you have a Kindle app for Android or iOS, you can extract the file from the device after it has been downloaded.

  162. Patricia4 January, 2015


    I does not work for me…. but it worked before!

    I have a new Kindle

    Where do I have to put the serial nr of my new kindle in Calibre?

    I do not remember in which plugin this information must be written?

    Please help


  163. nobody8 January, 2015

    Patricia. If you are on Windows, try right clicking the Calibre icon and select “Run as administrator”. Exit, and run Calibre again. It should work. I think the plugin might require admin rights after install to get things setup right.

  164. Patricia13 January, 2015

    No, I did this (launch Calibre as admin, close and launch again), but it does not work!
    1.- I deleted all the plugins, closed calibre, then
    I started calibre as admin, imported
    it installed OK, but no location to add my kindle paperwhite serial Nr!
    the K4PC module was not there….
    2.- I tried to import a book directly from my Kindle paperwhite, but it does not work.
    3.- I can not import books from Kindle for PC because in Windows 8 the files are fragmented! and quite difficult to find!!
    4.- I downloaded a book directly from my amazon account to the PC and imported it in Calibre: that does not work either!
    5.- someone suggested I should install the win XP or 7 version of Kindle for PC, to get the files of my books, but Win 8 does not let you install it!! it automatically installs the win 8 version!

    So what can I do??

    Thanks for asny help!

  165. Melchior-Christoph von Brincken20 February, 2015

    I bought an old Kindle DX recently, which refuses to connect to the Kindle shop.
    Thanks to your advise I am able to read my properly Amazon bought Kindle books on my Kindle.

  166. Patricia20 February, 2015

    Could you please help with win 8 ?

    1. Nate Hoffelder22 February, 2015

      I don’t have a Win8 device, sorry.

  167. Greg Collette21 February, 2015

    Every time I download the Zip file (unclicking the grey box as appropriate) I get the notice: “tools is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it”.
    Esmart also says iuts a nono.
    Why is tyhis and how can I get the real zip fiule?


    1. Nate Hoffelder22 February, 2015

      I see from the comment section on the other site that someone had this problem a couple weeks ago:

      It sounds like Chrome is just being a fuddy duddy.

  168. How To Create Fixed Layout For Kindle | MY NEWS27 May, 2015

    […] How to Add a Kindle DRM-Removal Plugin to calibre | … – Update: These instructions were updated on 22 August 2013. They worked for me on that day. DRM is the bugaboo of ebooks. It’s the cause of more pain and agony than a …… […]

  169. […] Nook, and Adobe DE DRM. (Kobo is a separate process.) If you've followed my instructions for removing Kindle DRM then you've already finished setting up to strip Nook DRM, and you can skip to the end of this […]

  170. […] How to Add a Kindle DRM-Removal Plugin to calibre | The … – Just installed the plugins on Calibre to remove DRM from … have experienced recently when trying to remove DRM from Amazon purchases in Calibre using the … […]

  171. dipta14 September, 2015

    I seem to have a problem with the DRM of manga ebooks I bought on Amazon Japan. They are in AZW3 format; I can add them to calibre with no error message coming up, but then only the cover shows up and cannot access the content at all?
    I was hoping to read these on a different ereader.

  172. Plop4 October, 2015

    Has the site closed? It looks like the site is permanently unavailable. If so, can someone share a link to download the plugins for Calibre?

    1. Nate Hoffelder4 October, 2015

      It’s still working for me.

      Can you try again? Maybe someone got a court order and had your ISP block access.

      Edit: If you can’t access the site, you can still find the files here:

  173. Foty5 October, 2015

    SUPEEEEEEEEEEEER! Thank you very much!!

    1. Nate Hoffelder5 October, 2015


  174. Palibe Presley17 October, 2015

    Still works on 10-15 using this processed mentioned:

    Download manually from my Amazon account in awz format
    Install calibre pluging per the article.
    Drag and drop awz file onto Calibred.

    Only issue to note is that if I try to use the Odom plugin menu selection I get the error below, but overall I have a process to import my Amazon awz files with drm into calibre. Good post!

    error is:

    calibre, version 2.40.0
    ERROR: Unhandled exception: OperationalError:unable to open database file

    calibre 2.40 isfrozen: True is64bit: False
    Windows-7-6.1.7601-SP1 Windows (’32bit’, ‘WindowsPE’)
    32bit process running on 64bit windows
    (‘Windows’, ‘7’, ‘6.1.7601’)
    Python 2.7.9
    Windows: (‘7’, ‘6.1.7601’, ‘SP1’, ‘Multiprocessor Free’)
    Successfully initialized third party plugins: Obok DeDRM
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “calibre_plugins.obok_dedrm.action”, line 117, in launchObok
    File “calibre_plugins.obok_dedrm.obok.obok”, line 288, in __init__
    OperationalError: unable to open database file

  175. PhilS6 November, 2015

    Thanks so much, your instructions were easy to follow, and it worked first time.

    1. Nate Hoffelder7 November, 2015


  176. Joris26 December, 2015

    Great! Thanks. This helped me a lot!

  177. Colin14 January, 2016

    Thanks for sharing this.
    But it’s too difficult for me,and I use a Kindle drm Removal tool,only three step.
    1.Open the tool on your Computer.
    2.Add or Drag the books to the tool.
    3.Click the “remove” button.
    Jobs Done.

  178. Elishabenabbuyah20 January, 2016

    Hi, I’m having a problem I wondered if someone could help…
    I have managed to remove DRM from a book using DeDRM plugin on Calibre, but on the other computer it is still there. How do I get the other computer to use the book that now has no DRM?
    Or…Colin, what tool are you using?!

    1. Nate Hoffelder20 January, 2016

      I’m not sure I understand your problem.

      Can’t you just use a Flash drive to copy the ebook from one computer to another?

  179. john1233 July, 2016


  180. mario5 August, 2016

    Dear, I downloaded the latest version of tools but is not working to convert Amazon Books with PRC format, can you help me?
    thank you

    1. Nate Hoffelder5 August, 2016

      I’m pretty sure that an Amazon book in the PRC format has no DRM (unless you bought it a log oong time ago as a Mobipocket ebook). You should be able to just copy it into calibre and use it as is.

  181. Joe20 August, 2016

    > I have long been on the side of removing DRM (it’s the best way
    > to protect your purchases)

    No it’s not. That’s an excuse to steal content. You ONLY purchases a license for that product ON THAT DEVICE. FFS grow up.

  182. Joe20 August, 2016

    > I have long been on the side of removing DRM (it’s the best way
    > to protect your purchases)

    No it’s not. That’s an excuse to steal content. You ONLY purchased a license for that product ON THAT DEVICE. FFS grow up.

  183. BDR1 September, 2016

    There was such an unbelievable amount of nonsense at the top of this thread that it hurt my head to continue. Perhaps someone inserted the following sanity in that which I skipped but I kinda doubt it so I’ll take the time to do it.

    First — assuming that you don’t share the converted book openly (and, likely, even if you do) — the Amazon Police Department is probably not gonna break down your door, nor will they do so if you happen to tell others how to de-drm … what kind of idiot would suppose that they would?

    Second — for Amazon — the de-drm plug-in requires that you have a legitimate copy of the book to begin with and it checks this by comparing the serial number of the device that’s doing the conversion against the serial number of the device that’s associated with the retail sale. Enter that serial number for your device into the plug-in and you can download the book you purchased from Amazon, drag the file into Calibre and it will automatically convert. It’s the same process for Kindle for PC; it’s just that the PC is already associated with the drm-protected ebook so you don’t have to enter that information into the plug-in.

    BTW, the conversion removes the serial number of your device from the ebook so if someone should steal your pc with the Calibre library and distribute that library of ebooks to the world, the world would never know that they came from you (at least, they wouldn’t from the ebook itself)

    Third — if Amazon really gave a shit about any of this, they’d change the protection scheme. Clearly, they know that drm has been hacked but what they also know, I’m guessing, is that Calibre allows users to easily change the typography of the book — margins, justification, fonts, paragraph spacing — in ways that Amazon can’t AND THAT keeps users from fleeing to Kobo which does all of those things. Those changes require that drm be disabled. That’s maybe why Amazon doesn’t care a whole lot about it.

    Fourth, what Amazon probably ALSO knows is that Usenet — that giant untraceable, anonymous black hat library in the sky — has just about every book ever written residing on it and — if one is so inclined — any and all of it can be downloaded; far easier than Overdrive, in fact. The way it’s set up, it is completely untraceable for content coming into it and going out of it, thus making it unstoppable. Getting nasty with drm won’t accomplish anything except for driving folks to that Usenet and away from legitimate Internet bookstores.

    1. poiboy1 September, 2016


  184. Gary5 September, 2016

    I have used Alf’s DeDRM and followed the instructions to the letter including deleting other DRM plugins. There doesn’t seen to be anything to configure, but it doesn’t work for me trying to convert an AZW book that is already in Calibre to a MOBI format.
    I also tried saving the file to the desktop then reimporting it but this doesn’t seem to make a difference.
    Am I doing something wrong or is the DRM updated?

    1. Nate Hoffelder5 September, 2016

      I’m not sure what the problem is here.

      Tell me about the ebook in question. What is the title/listing page? What is inside?

      Can you read the ebook in calibre’s ebook viewer?

      1. Eva8 February, 2017

        I also have a problem with loading/viewing an AZW file. I am able to import/view/convert .mobi files but get stuck with a 2015 .azw file. I recently updated to Calibre 2.78 and the v6.5.3 release plugin. No viewing, no converting the .azw file. Tried to remove all books and then load the .azw file into Calibre, no luck. I do see the file listed in the Calibre Library, can see its preview and metadata, but I can’t open/read the book or convert to .epub.

  185. a brogard15 October, 2016

    this scheme doesn’t work with calibre 2.7 because there is no option to load a plugin from file. not that i can find. so we have to find an old version of calibre? or it is all a no-go?

    1. Nate Hoffelder15 October, 2016

      Are you sure?

      I just installed it, and I still have that option.

  186. a brogard16 October, 2016

    You do? !! Where is it? Mine has gone now, I installed a previous version and motored on from there. Have done what I wanted to do. But I’d still like to know. I looked many times, couldn’t see it. Looked at the pics of people using previous versions and saw where the choice was – on a second line of options below the first at the bottom of the screen. I got no such line of options.
    I better install it again and take a screenshot…


    1. Nate Hoffelder16 October, 2016

      I still have that second line of options after I upgraded.

      It’s weird that you don’t; perhaps this is a bug?

  187. a brogard16 October, 2016

    I’m doing it all again now. I notice that I downloaded calibre 32 bit last time. I’m pretty sure. Wouldn’t matter though, really, would it? This is a 64 bit win10 system but it usually runs all 32 bit apps okay.

    Pity I didn’t try a side by side install. I uninstalled before I installed the ‘old’ version.

    We’ll see.

  188. a brogard16 October, 2016

    Well here’s what I see, on this page:
    no options at all…

    1. G26 October, 2016

      I just figured this one out myself. You have to go to the top right where it says properties, then click ‘change calibre behavior’. After that, you’ll see plugins on the bottom with advanced, then there’s the option to load plugin from file.

      I’m trying to strip the DRM from a textbook rental. Not proud, but broke. So far no success but please let me know if you find something I don’t. Cheers.

  189. a brogard26 October, 2016

    For anyone following this thread and perhaps coming across the same problem I did the answer is there’s two ways to get to the add-ons page. I took the wrong route. Go the right way and you get the screen with ‘options’.

    I got an email about it. I thought from this thread but I see nothing there. So that’s why I’m posting this.

    I followed that instruction, got the right page up, made the changes and all’s good for me. 🙂

  190. Sheri25 January, 2017

    If I downloaded the book from Amazon to be transfered to my kindle, will it automatically strip the DMR when I upload the book into Calibre?

  191. Kindle Guide Law | BookooBeats15 February, 2017

    […] How to Add a Kindle DRM-Removal Plugin to calibre […]

  192. Roy13 March, 2017

    as of 03/17/2017
    Installed plugin, installation went smoothly, but it would seem that the new Kindle files are impervious to this remedy, as I am unable to convert the files.
    Is there an update ?

    1. Nate Hoffelder13 March, 2017

      I forgot to update this post (sorry), but I do know the problem. Kindle 4 PC has been updated so that it now supports the newer KFX format, and cannot download the older Kindle format.

      The DRM on that format has not been broken, so this hack no longer works.

      Just a second and I will find you an older version of K4PC which still works the old way.

  193. Macarena21 May, 2017

    Hello, I’m having issues with a couple of books I bought. One of them, when I go to My Kindle Content folder, appears in a weird format rather than the usual .azw. It has a .apnx extension and Calibre is not recognizing it. And I know that’s the book because it’s the only one I bought today. Do you have any ideas on how to solve this?

  194. Pdf With Drm Converter – ytulinux.com21 October, 2017

    […] How to Add a Kindle DRM-Removal Plugin to calibre | The Digital. – Jun 25, 2015. Calibre should now be able to read the ebooks and convert them to whatever format. So…thank you for the info on how to deal w/ DRM removal. For example, you might find a fixed layout ebook or a PDF inside the file. […]

  195. […] How to Add a Kindle DRM-Removal Plugin to calibre | The Digital. – Jun 25, 2015. After you copy the files into calibre, you might have some trouble getting. Calibre was still importing my books and still converting them to. […]

  196. Ben Santos30 October, 2017

    I’m doing this now in 2017 and it’s not working anymore 🙁

    1. Frank30 October, 2017

      If you cannot find the DeDRM tool, go here:

    2. Frank30 October, 2017

      You need to be using Kindle for PC 1.17 found at:
      or for Mac
      Newer versions of Kindle for PC get KFX files that calibre does not know how to handle. 1.17 will get AZW that is a good format for DeDRM.

  197. […] How to Add a Kindle DRM-Removal Plugin to calibre | The. – Nate Hoffelder is the founder and editor of The Digital Reader:"I’ve been into reading ebooks since forever, but I only got my first ereader in July 2007. […]

  198. thomas5 January, 2018

    There is no way to delete the DRM from Kindle books. So you can delete this articel.

    1. Taehoon30 March, 2019

      You can, you just need older Kindle for PC version to download the ebook files and then convert it with the latest version of deDRM with Calibre plugin. google – old kindle for pc versions. You can install the old versions -> then make sure you un-tick the ‘auto install latest versions’ in the Kindle for PC settings. – You’re welcome.

  199. Rodrigo Cesar Bagnara12 June, 2019

    It do not works anymore, folks. =((((((((((((((

    Could someone contact the programmer of the plugin and advice him?

    Thanks !!!!!!!


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