Amazon Wants to Sell You Unlimited Cloud Storage for Your eBooks for $5

Amazon Wants to Sell You Unlimited Cloud Storage for Your eBooks for $5 Amazon Cloud Storage After stripping the DRM from your ebooks, the biggest concern for any ebook lover is how to _cheaply_ store an ebook library online so it can be accessed from anywhere.

Amazon has a solution. For a limited time, Amazon is selling a one year of unlimited cloud storage for $5 (the regular price is $60).

That is a great deal, but it comes with a couple catches.

  • It's only available to new customers; and
  • you're committed to an auto-renewal at $60 a year.

I found out about the limitations the hard way; I already got a free year if unlimited storage because I happened to buy a monitor, and then about two months later, Amazon threw in the storage as a bonus, while at the same time they committed me to that auto-renewal option. (They stuck me with a contract to which I had not agreed.)

You can find the deal over at Amazon.

But before you sign up, you should know that Amazon gives 5GB of storage to Fire tablet owners. This includes the Fire tablet that is selling for $35 this weekend at Amazon and other retailers.

Is 5GB enough storage for your ebook library? (It is for me.)


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8 Comments on Amazon Wants to Sell You Unlimited Cloud Storage for Your eBooks for $5

  1. Where is the obligation to renew spelled out? I signed up then immediately turned off auto-renew without any argument from Amazon.

    Don’t you have the same option from this page?

  2. Fiction: 30GB and growing.
    Non-Fiction: 242GB and growing.

    FIVE GB is adequate? [Walks off laughing ass off interspersed with giggles and hiccups.]

    • @ Geoffrey

      I would have a similar sized ebook library if not for the fact that I catalog my digital comics separately (amd the space problem is why).

      What’s in your non-fiction library that makes it so big, if I may ask?

  3. Why not a WD Mycloud? Starts around 130 for 2TB. It’s your, you own it so no monthly or yearly fee. It’s in your house, you can link to files you want to share like other cloud services, and it’s easy to stream from it and access files and ebooks from anywhere.

  4. Michael, Nate, But if you turn off the auto-renewal, you pay $5 for storage for 1 year, and then all you stored stuff disappears at the end of the year. What is the benefit in this?

  5. @Kevin: For me it’s redundant storage. I keep backups of some things at multiple providers, so $5 for one year of increased peace of mind is a great deal to me even if they delete the files at the end. And of course I can always renew if I choose to, I just don’t like to leave auto-renew on for anything I don’t absolutely need.

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