How to install Bookerly, Ember, Roboto, and Other Fonts on Kobo eReaders

How to install Bookerly, Ember, Roboto, and Other Fonts on Kobo eReaders e-Reading Software Font Tips and Tricks Thursday's news about Amazon's new font, Ember, inspired me to go find instructions on how to install it on an ereader.

While you can't install custom fonts on a Kindle or a Fire tablet without hacking them, it's relatively easy to  install fonts on Kobo ereaders.

Sidenote: Did you know you can embed a font in a Kindle KF8 file? The short version is that you need to make an Epub file with the embedded font, and then use Kindle Previewer to convert that Epub file to a Kindle ebook.

The above Epub trick also works to get a font on to a Kobo device, if you like. But embedding a font in an ebook is a hassle, and fortunately we don't have to bother with that step to load a font on to a Kobo ereader.

The process could not be simpler.

  • Simply plug your Kobo device into your computer over USB, and then use your computer to create a new folder called fonts in the root folder of the device.
  • Note that the folder must be named fonts, with an "s", or the device won't see it.
  • Copy all the font files into that folder. A font family usually comes in sets of four, and they all have to have similar names otherwise they won't all be found by the device.

If you're looking for fonts, I have posted a copy of the Bookerly and Ember fonts (with Amazon's indifference, if not outright permission). You can also find additional fonts over at MobileRead (where I found the instructions).

Once you have installed the fonts, you should be able to select them from the font (Aa) menu from inside an ebook.

Here are a few screenshots of fonts I tested this evening:

Of the four, I think I like Bookerly the most. The Kobo Nickel font wastes too much space, and I am ambivalent to Ember and Roboto.

Which font do you like?

image by p_a_h




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17 Comments on How to install Bookerly, Ember, Roboto, and Other Fonts on Kobo eReaders

  1. There is this one, specifically designed for e-ink:

  2. Of your 4 examples, I agree that Bookerly looks best. I normally use Charis Modified, though.

    Also, via Calibre, one can embed a font in an AZW3 file, and load that right into a Kindle. No need for the previewer.

  3. Did you use the Roboto regular or medium in your screenshot? It’s much darker and easier to read than the others.

  4. I’m not sure why Kobo Nickel was chosen for comparison. Georgia is the default font on Kobo devices.

    It’s good to have instructions on how to install fonts, thanks for posting that.

    I prefer Palatino on kindle devices, Malabar on kobo and nook devices, and Baskerville in print.

  5. Ok, I admit I am a newbie to acquiring new fonts. I am writing a book and I want to use Bookerly. How would I get that font into my computer to use it to type with?
    Thank you!

    • I don’t know about macOS, but with Windows I think it is as simple as deZIPping the archive, right-clicking the font in question, and then selecting the “install” option.

    • to install in MacOS, its very simple. unzip the font download so that you see .ttf or .otf files in the folder. open up Fontbook in your applications. simple drag and drop the ttf/otf files right into fontbook’s viewer. presto.. your fonts are installed.

  6. Thanks for the install info. I will try it in Windows.

  7. I have been using OpenDyslexic ( for a long time now.
    Even though I have no disylexia, I find this font very comfortable, I recommend it to everyone.

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