Barnes & Noble to Rebrand Nook Press as B&N Press

Barnes & Noble to Rebrand Nook Press as B&N Press Barnes & Noble Self-Pub

You can't see any sign of it online yet, but B&N is in the middle of slapping a new coat of paint on its publishing portal.

Several authors over at KBoards have reported receiving the following email:

Dear Publisher,

We are thrilled to announce the re-launch of our self-publishing platform branded under the new name, Barnes & Noble Press. You will note that we have combined our eBook and print on demand platforms into a single experience and incorporated the brand change to reflect our close alignment with our retail stores.

With the new Barnes & Noble Press platform you will be able to sign in to a single website to create and manage your eBook and print books all in one place. Other highlights include: an increase in the royalty rate (65%) for eBooks priced $10 and above on all copies sold, and the ability for authors to set eBook pre-orders 12 months in advance. On the print side, we have added additional trim sizes, glossy cover options (in addition to matte), and less expensive color printing options.

Starting today, we will begin migrating accounts to the new platform. There will be a staggered rollout of the new site over the next three days, so you may not see all of your projects on the new platform until the migration is complete. Users who login to the current NOOK Press site will be automatically redirected to the new B&N Press website once their account and projects have been fully migrated. Books available for sale on and NOOK will not be affected and will remain on sale throughout the process.

We will be releasing new features over the next few months, and would love to hear what you think of the new site by emailing BNPressSupport (at) Thank you for your continued support, and for publishing with Barnes & Noble and NOOK!


The Barnes & Noble Press Team

This email must have come from someone who is very new at B&N, because B&N merged its print and digital portals fifteen months ago.

On the plus side, B&N is bumping the royalty rate on titles priced over $10 from 40% to 65%, and they are extending pre-orders out to a full year in advance of the publication date.

As for their POD service, it's just not worth the bother. B&N Press only sells print books through the B&N website, and no place else. Createspace can also get your print book there as part of its expanded distribution option, so there is really no reason to bother with B&n's POD service - unless they are significantly cheaper than the competition.

Are they?

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5 Comments on Barnes & Noble to Rebrand Nook Press as B&N Press

  1. I guess they thought it was a chance to beat Amazon at something, as they still have two platforms even thought they clearly plan to merge them. I’m debating even bothering with Nook Press Print. It’s much pickier than CreateSpace is.

  2. Interesting that they seem to want to give some encouragement to price ebooks above $10. Seems ridiculous and out of touch to me. I can’t remember when I last payed $10 or more for an ebook. It is quite rare for me to even pay as much as $6.

  3. B&N is facing enormously long odds at simply surviving and THAT is probably the only thing which is important.

    In the face of a booming economy, their stock price is collapsing, their books seem to be swimming in red ink and nobody wants to buy them. When the economic downturn comes, it’ll likely be curtains for this company

  4. maybe they have a buyer for the nook brand finally so they’re making sure to get what’s to remain out from under that brand…..

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