PocketBook 740 Features a 7.8″ Screen, Dual-Core CPU

PocketBook 740 Features a 7.8" Screen, Dual-Core CPU e-Reading Hardware Amazon lead the market in powerful plus-sized ereaders with the new Kindle Oasis, and now Pocketbook is following suit.

On Tuesday this Ukrainian ereader maker launched the PocketBook 740, a 7.8" ereader that features a new cloud service called PocketBook Cloud for synchronizing books and settings between the 740 and PocketBook's smartphone apps.

This ereader also has an unnamed dual-core 1GHz CPU which reportedly makes it 40% faster than previous models. It also has 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, a microSD card slot, Wifi, and a smartcover.

The 7.8" Carta E-ink screen has a resolution of 300 ppi (1404 x 1872 pixels), and the 740 is also equipped with a capacitive touchscreen and a color-changing frontlight. Weighing only 210 grams, this ereader measures 195 x 136.5 mm and has a thickness of only 8 mm.

This is a tempting ereader, especially when you consider the price. The Pocketbook 740 costs 14999 rubles, or $266 USD. That is only slightly more than the $249 price of the new Kindle Oasis.


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15 Comments on PocketBook 740 Features a 7.8″ Screen, Dual-Core CPU

  1. This looks like a winner to me.

    . The Pocketbook 740 costs 14999 rubles, or $266 USD

  2. Sounds better than boyue t80. And has micro sd, That Boyue likebook hasn’t. I am waiting for know specs of Onix Boox Nova. I expect sell it at banggod or amazon, cause this year I will be in Colombia.

  3. Does sound like an interesting device. No HZO which is a disadvantage for me.

  4. I’ve been waiting for new e-readers to launch in 2018 and this is another “almost, but not quite” reader for me. I haven’t seen any news of a 2nd edition ReMarkable coming any time soon so I think I’ll end up getting a Boox Note when it launches in February.

  5. I am eagerly awaiting your review of the device. Or at least a discussion of reviews made by first customers in Ukraine or Russia.

  6. On the PocketBook.ru site that you link they also offer PocketBook 615 – a front-lit 6″ reader WITHOUT a touch screen. I do not think you can buy that combination anywhere else.

  7. First, there’s the Ukraine thing … good luck with support for this device. Third-party support, too; pretty sure there’s nothing like the KoboExtendedTouch plug-in for PocketBook in Calibre.

    Second, there’s the price thing. Add $15 (if you live in the US) and you can get a 32GB Kobo Aura One.

    The Canadian Kobo vs the Ukrainian PocketBook? Not much of a choice, is there?

    • “The Ukraine Thing” (TM)cuts both ways.
      They have been on the market for 10 years, with numerous models. They have been on the market as long as Kindles and two years longer than Kobo.

      When they introduced the legendary PocketBook 301 it was hands-down the best e-ink reader in the world. It had a stock Netronix 6″ e-ink hardware and numerous software features that many brands lack even today. The PB360° was even better. Those Ukrainians* – PocketBook sell readers, not books. So they actively support user customizability, 17 e-book formats out-of-box and other unique features.

      * the company has since moved the headquarters to Switzerland and they have always been using Chinese factories for manufacture.

      • The 360 is one of my greatest frustrations. It was a great ereader at the time but Pocketbook never upgraded it (the Plus model was only a minor revision). If the 360 had been upgraded to 2017 tech it would be a cool little ereader.

        • Tell me about it.
          This is exactly what I have been saying for a long time.
          The only front-lit e-ink reader with screen less than 6″ was Inkphone by Boox. I have even purchased one in desperate search for PB360 replacement. I purchased it despite the IMEI debacle and knowing that the firmware is not good.

          On the PocketBook frontpage pocketbook.ru there is news about PB 625 LE. LE stands for Limited Edition and it has an integrated screen cover.

          Another big frustration is that with each successive iteration of PocketBook devices the firmware is less and less open. Even the generation that came after PB360 had some of the configuration options / features removed. They did introduce new features, but what good is a [rarely used] dropbox integration when you suddenly can’t select between left and right justification for some epubs, or when you can’t choose between various reading apps when opening a book from library.

  8. If only this had Bluetooth connectivity for keyboard input. I like, how lightweight this is at its size.

  9. Kobo lead the market in plus-sized Readers. Amazon just followed along.

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