Draft2Digital Now Distributes to Google Play Books

Draft2Digital announced on Tuesday that they’re beta-testing a new distribution channel that will help authors reach more readers. According to the email going out to authors, D2D now supports selling your ebooks in Google Play Books.

Google Play Books sells ebooks in 70 countries around the world, and thanks to their previous problem with piracy they are notoriously difficult to get into. It is good to have another way in.

D2D will be making this channel available to authors gradually over the next few weeks. Authors will need to wait for an email informing them they have the option, and then log in to their D2D account and set the pricing and availability of their books for the new channel.

A few important details:

  • No minimum price—There is no minimum price at Google Play Books. You can list your book for free, if you like! Otherwise, you’ll price at 99-cents or above.
  • Wholesale pricing—Google Play Books uses a wholesale pricing model, meaning that authors can set a recommended list price and Google may discount it at their discretion.
  • Price matching—Some retailers, such as Amazon, may choose to price-match against the Google Play price for your book.
  • Royalty—D2D pays 44% of the wholesale price of your book made on Google Play, when you distribute through their  service. If you use their Recommended Wholesale Price, this will generally be about the same as the royalty you’d expect with standard pricing.
  • No assetless pre-orders—Google Play will not accept assetless pre-orders. You’ll need your book’s manuscript and cover.

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  1. Mike Hall27 February, 2019

    Wholesale pricing sounds a bit dangerous. What if you have a book up for pre-order when Google decides to discount it, Amazon price matches and all your Amazon pre-order sales have their price slashed?

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