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First official photos of the Pocket Edge

The picture is from my most recent visit with Entourage.  And yes, it is the Pocket Edge.

You might recall that I found a video last week. Well, after a lot of begging, pleading, and whining, Entourage let me take some pictures. The cat was out of the bag, after all.

Due to a tight schedule I only had a few minutes with it, though.

I was right. The Pocket Edge does have a 6″ Eink screen ( Vizplex, not Pearl) and a 7″ LCD (800×480). The touchscreens, speakers, and buttons are all in the same place as on the original Edge.

The 2 major changes to the face of the device is they moved the camera (it’s over the Eink screen now), and they replaced the nubbin with an optical mouse (the little black square). The general specs are similar  (CPU, OS, apps), with a couple exceptions. The pocket Edge has a microSDHC card slot and only 1 USB host port. Also, the battery is not removable (as on the original Edge).

There are going to be 2 Pocket Edge models. One only has Wifi, and the other will be tied in to Verizon. They should be available late next month.

I didn’t catch the price, but I was told that it weighs around a pound. You know, if they sell this for $300 then it will be a serious competition to the name brand Android tablets coming this fall. Even at $400 it will still cut into the tablet  market.

BTW, I got a couple pictures that show the ports:

And here’s one last photo to show the size difference between the Pocket and original Edge.

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George September 22, 2010 um 8:49 am

Good job man! And good thinking from the company to shrink the device. Only thing left now is to sexy it up a little bit as it still looks like Frankestein but…..can’t have it all I guess. I’m still getting this!

Kurt September 22, 2010 um 11:55 am

i want the big one

here’s hoping for an updated version for christmas

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Lawrence Rembert November 10, 2010 um 11:33 pm

How do I download printer drivers on the Pocket Edge to use the print option?

Nate the great November 10, 2010 um 11:44 pm

I’m not sure. This is a question better asked over on the Edge support forums.

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