Here are a few things our customers have been saying.

Fewer panic attacks, a vast increase in productivity, and a much happier relationship with my partners - all thanks to the help Nate provides

- Andre S

Nate is far beyond a mere tech guy. He is also a fast, clear and lively writer able to do a first-rate job at anything from technical documentation to press releases and reporting on new products. He is both diligent and knowledgeable. Nate was a godsend when I needed to move my WordPress site to new location and he recommended the VaultPress plugin. Hire Nate if you're valued-minded and looking for a versatile techie-communicator who is able to cut to the chase quickly when problems arise.

- David Rothman, TeleRead

Nate focused on details as he rebuilt my OnlinePlumbingAdvice.com website. He patiently focused on what I wanted and what I needed. He is a trustworthy expert and I am glad I found him. Theme selection, plugin selection, widgets and other design provided by Nate makes it easy for me to focus on plumbing and writing about plumbing. I agree with what the other client testimonials say. Also, if you read between the lines, I think you will see that Nate goes above and beyond what is expected of him. If you use Nate, I think you will be glad you did.

- Mike Quick

I write more due to Nate’s expertise. I don’t repair my own car or remove my own appendix. I refuse to spend hours resolving an issue with my Wordpress site when Nate can resolve it in ten minutes. He made my site slicker, smoother, and more effective. Most importantly, I traded hours of frustration for hours of productive writing. Win-Win!

- Darren Sapp

Hiring Nate has given me more time to devote to my business. For the last 5 months I’ve been running my business without ever touching the website because I have Valiant Chicken on call.

- David G

You know how you have a website designed and everything looks good at first? Then you use the site for a while and find out everything that doesn't work. Your web developer wants to charge you a ridiculous fee to make those small changes, so you decide to just live with them.That's where Nate comes in. Nate did exactly what I needed to my website. I knew I had too many plugins, but I didn't know which ones I could delete and which ones I needed. He sorted them all out, and now I only have what I need. Nate's the one to call if you just want those annoying things fixed. Or to be sure your site is safe and secure.

- Juli Monroe

My business requires some heavy duty site plugins to work at all times. Nate makes sure my business runs at top speed. There’s nothing better than peace of mind.

- Bryan Cohen, Selling for Authors

I am always pleased with the service we receive from Nate. We signed up six months ago and have requested assistance on several occasions, and we've found the service is well worth the price. I have worked in the software field for over 10 years and can appreciate the extra effort Nate puts in for my company.

- Sam S

Nate helps me with Wordpress technical work on my site, The Creative Penn. It's fantastic to have someone working with me who understands authors and self-publishing, as well as how important my website is to my business. He works quickly and has made recommendations and changes that have benefited the site and I trust him to do a great job. I recommend Nate if you struggle with Wordpress, or if you're ready to outsource to someone who actually enjoys the technical side of being an indie.

- Joanna Penn, The Creative Penn

I’ve tried managing my own website, and learned the hard way that security is incredibly important. Nate at The Digital Reader provides excellent support and explains the problem and solution in detail

- Steven R