Kobo Wifi revealed

About 3 months ago I found the FCC paperwork for a new Wifi equipped ereader. Kobo were one of the companies listed as a potential distributor, and I can now confirm this.

When I posted before, I wasn't able to show everything because Netronix had requested that some details be hidden. The confidentiality request has expired on some of the documents and I can now show you the Kobo Wifi.

It looks just like the original Kobo.

You might want to glance through the PDF. There are a number of rather pretty shells on display, including the Elonex that I just announced and one from Luarna, the Spanish ebookstore.

kobo Wifi (PDF)

7 thoughts on “Kobo Wifi revealed

  1. *head explodes* The Kobo IS the Cool-er!! Aie!!! The Cool-er was fall-apart JUNK! Seriously, post after post of the damned thing dying within the first week or even month. Now I wonder if the SQLite guts are standard for this or if it’s a Kobo customization. There’s your next mission, Phelps.

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  3. The only reason I don’t put the —- thing in the trash is because the kids gave it to me as a gift. Within 2 hours of trying in vain to get the thing to work it’s in the “HALL Closet” never to be seen again.

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