CES: Bridgestone’s new screen tech was a major disappointment

vivtek bridgestone 1One of the things I was looking forward to at CES was getting a chance to look at Bridgestone's QR-LPD screens. This is a type of color epaper technology that's been under development for quite a few years and is only just beginning to hit the market.

Vivitek is the distribution partner for the ereaders with the Bridgestone screen, and they were at CES this year.They brought both devices I'd heard about before: an 8.2" eReader and a 13.1" (e-Pad as they called it).

vivtek bridgestone 2

There was a third example of Bridgestone's screen in the booth; it measured 4.1" and was designed to be shelf tags in a super market.

vivtek bridgestone 3

I only have a video of the 8" ereader because the larger device just didn't do enough to justify shooting a video. It's targeted at the professional market and the demo software running on it was designed for real estate agents and couldn't actually do much.

The colors on the Bridgestone screen would best be described as washed out. Screen refresh was slow, and the ereader couldn't actually do much besides turn the page. (If you can't see the color in the photo or video, try watching again in HD.)

As you can see from the video, the screen refresh rate was slow. But I'm told that the software is still under development, so hopefully that will improve.

The 8.2" eReader is expected to be available soon in Taiwan and they don't know when the e-Pad will be released.

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