Cregle Penbook clears the FCC

A few weeks back I posted about the Penbook - an unique 10" Win7 tablet from Cregle, a new tech company.  I thought it was pretty nifty at the time and now that it's cleared the FCC I can see that it truly is as innovative as I thought.

It's a 10" tablet with a Wacom touchscreen, Wifi/BT, SD card slot, 16GB SSD, USB, speaker/microphone (and jacks), and it weighs in at a rather hefty 2.3 pounds. The user manual confirms that it's running Win7 on a 1.6GHz Atom CPU.

There's also a pair of swipe bars, one on each long edge. Cregle have put a fair amount of thought into all the things you might do with them. There's no camera but the battery is replaceable.

And as of yesterday there was no word on release date or price, but Cregle are lending some samples at the moment. (I missed my chance to snag one last month.) Update: Cregle reported that the first shipment should go out in September, but not all details have been finalized.

Trust me, it's cooler than the specs would have you believe. If it lives up to the demo video then the Penbook will be one heck of a tablet.

via FCC

3 thoughts on “Cregle Penbook clears the FCC

  1. Maybe its just me but I’m not seeing what’s cool about this tablet..other then it has Wacom, which it isn’t the first windows tablet to do that. Maybe I’m missing something you see that I don’t Nate.

    I have a HP TC1100 with Wacom.. I hardly use it anymore but I still love wacom for handwriting. Other then the big stylized icons (which I didn’t care for) I’m not seeing much I haven’t seen already.

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