New Hack Enables Fast Refresh Mode on Nook Touch (Video)

Mike Cane turned up the following video on Youtube, and it's going to blow your mind. A hacker over at the XDA forums has figured out a way to enable a fast refresh mode on the Nook Touch.

The image at right isn't a video error, nor is it display bug. The Nook Touch is refreshing so fast that half the screen is left behind.

It's so fast that you have to see it to believe it.

If you ask me, that is faster than the Sony trick I showed you a month ago. It's even faster than anything that Bookeen has shown us.

What's even more amazing is that you're looking at a standard hacked Nook Touch.  Anyone with a hacked NT can install the code that makes it possible. You can download the install file over at XDA forums.

You know, we're almost at the point where you can watch video on a hacked Nook Touch. I cannot wait to see it.


10 thoughts on “New Hack Enables Fast Refresh Mode on Nook Touch (Video)

  1. its a nice hack. but im extremely annoyed at Tech Crunch’s cover of your article. they’re gushing as if no one has ever done scrolling on an eink device before. its been done for at least 2 years first by NExt Papyrus and now by Bookeen. I agree there are TIMES that this looks faster than bookeen but most of the time it doesnt. IT just annoys me that there are companies out there doign stuff NOW on shipping devices and they wont say boo about them but will write about a hack on this one because its “nook”

  2. Nice hack indeed, but although the video does not show very clearly, the hack turns the display into pure black/white. Texts loose anti-aliasing and images are useless. Still an interesting proof of concept.

  3. See? This is why I steer way clear of e-readers with this kind of display. Even at the blistering speeds of this hack, the quality of the navigation just plain sucks. I would go back to reading real books if this was the only other option. I know, opinions vary, but….gaaaagchtldjf!

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